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White Gold Diamond and Rose Quartz Cocktail Ring

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White Gold Diamond and Rose Quartz Cocktail Ring

Style White Gold Diamond and Rose Quartz Cocktail Ring
Gemstone Details Rose Quartz
Diamond Carat Weight Approx. 0.35 ctw
Diamond Color H/I
Diamond Clarity SI
Mounting Details Stones are set in 10K White Gold
Mounting Size Size 5(can be sized)
Measurements 1/2" at its widest .85" Long and 1" High
Total Weight 3.2dwt (5.0g)
Additional Details Comes With Raymond Lee Jewelers Presentation Box
  This is a marvelous white gold diamond and pink moon stone cocktail ring. There is approximately 0.35 carats of diamonds of H/I color and SI clarity. The stones are set in a 10 karat white gold setting. The ring is only a size 5 but it can be sized, so don’t let that be a deciding factor for your purchase. As you may have noticed, this pink moon stone ring is a cocktail ring. Cocktail rings are purposely-oversized ladies’ rings with a large center stone that are often surrounded by tiny stones. In this case, the center stone is the pink moon stone and precious diamonds surround it. However, nearly any oversized ring can be known as a cocktail ring. Cocktail rings are the most common type of costume jewelry ring but they have two separate names too – cluster ring and dinner ring. The white gold material of the ring perfectly complements the pink moonstone in the center. The name ‘moonstone’ is derived from a visual effect in which light diffracts with a microstructure consisting of a regular succession of feldspar layers. Moonstones have been use historically for many years – even as far back as the Romans. Romans believed that moonstones were solidified rays of the moon and thought they were extremely rare. As you can guess, the moonstone was often associated with lunar gods. In more recent times, the moonstone was quite popular during the Art Nouveau period. Moonstone deposits are found in many parts of the world including Australia, United States, Mexico, Burma, Sri Lanka, India, and others.  

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