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Tiffany & Co Schlumberger Chalcedony Cabochon Ruby Star Earrings

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Tiffany & Co Schlumberger Chalcedony Cabochon Ruby Star Earrings

Brand Tiffany & Co.
Style Clip-On Studs
Material 18k Yellow Gold
Semi-Precious Gemstones Star Shape Chalcedony, approx. 26.20mm in Diameter. Three of the star tips on one of the earrings have very small chips. Please see pictures.
Precious Gemstones 6 Cabochon Rubies approx. 2.60mm in Diameter
Total Weight 12.0dwt (18.7g)
Measurement 1" in Length x 1" in Height x 0.40" Width
Earring Backing Clip On (Omega Non-Pierced)
Box This item comes complete with a Tiffany & Co Box.
Be the "Belle of the Ball" with these absolutely gorgeous Tiffany & Co Schlumberger Chalcedony Cabochon Ruby Star Earrings! These fascinating earrings come with a Tiffany & Co box! These earrings are 18k yellow gold and their unique star-burst like style make these earrings something you've never seen before! The star is white Chalcedony and does show some chips at the points of the star. The star is approximately 26.20mm in diameter. The rubies, six of them, are approximately 2.60mm in diameter. These earrings are a great size of 1" in length by 1" in height by a width of 0.40". The total weight for these earrings comes to 12.0 pennyweight and 18.7grams, so these earrings have some weight to them! No longer being manufactured, these gorgeous earrings are hard to find so be the one who impresses all with these Tiffany & Co. earrings!

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