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David Yurman Two Tone Pave Metro Yellow Sapphire Ring

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David Yurman Two Tone Pave Metro Yellow Sapphire Ring

Brand David Yurman
Style Two Tone Pave Metro Yellow Sapphire Ring
Material 18K Yellow Gold/Sterling Silver
Gemstone Pave Metro Yellow Sapphire
Measurements .92" High .85" Long and .37" Wide
Total Weight 5.6dwt (8.6g)
Size Size 7.25
Comes with Item comes with a Raymond Lee Jewelers Presentation Box
  David Yurman is known for using different gemstones as part of his jewelry designs. Many of his bangles are fitted with amethysts, topazes, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and more. This David Yurman two tone pave metro yellow sapphire ring is no exception to his beautiful designs. The ring is comprised of sterling silver and 18kt yellow gold. The size of the ring is 7.25. Normally, when the word “sapphire” is heard, people tend to associate it with the color blue, but sapphires can take on a variety of colors, one of which is yellow. Yellow sapphires are said to be symbols of wisdom of prosperity. In ancient times, it was believed that yellow sapphire gave the bearer an energy to succeed, to move, and to constantly take direction in his or her life. Symbolically, many people adorn their homes with yellow sapphires because it said that the gemstone brings wealth. Sapphires also come in second to diamonds for their hardness. Thus, they have a lot of industrial applicability. Sapphire is used as a component for watch crystals, movement bearings, scientific instruments, windows, and insulating substrates. It’s incredible to think that a gemstone found in the center of your jewelry can also have so much use in daily life. The yellow sapphires in this ring are arranged in a pave fashion, meaning that they are clustered together with very little space in between. The signature cable design fashioned by David Yurman can easily be spotted in the sterling silver material. This ring can be worn to match any other David Yurman jewelry like a bangle or Albion necklace. The possibilities are endless and it is up to you to decide how you like to wear your jewelry. Some people like to mix and match, which is perfectly fine by us!        

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