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David Yurman Albion Amethyst Split Shank Ring

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David Yurman Albion Amethyst Split Shank Ring

Brand David Yurman
Style Albion Amethyst Split Shank Ring
Material Sterling Silver (925)
Gemstones Checkerboard Cut Amethyst (14mm x 14mm)
Measurements 1" High .75" Wide .85" Long
Total Weight 11.1dwt (17.3g)
Ring Size Size 6 (Sizable)
Box This item comes complete with a Raymond Lee Jewelers Presentation Box
  Another one of David Yurman’s famous collections includes the Albion collection, which features an assortment of gemstone earrings, necklaces, and rings. The Albion collection is characterized by a large center stone as seen in this David Yurman Albion amethyst split shank ring. The ring is composed of sterling silver and a checkerboard cut amethyst that measures 14 x 14 mm. The ring will fit a size 6 finger but it can be resized. David Yurman jewelry is absolutely beautiful. Mothers are always asked by their daughters for David Yurman bangles for special occasions like holidays or birthdays. Sometimes the mother ends up splurging on a David Yurman item herself when she should be shopping for her daughter instead. Despite its beauty, David Yurman jewelry holds its value very well. If you ever wish to resell it, you can get a price close to the retail as long as you possess the original box and papers. We at Raymond Lee Jewelers pay top dollar for David Yurman Albion jewelry that is unmatched anywhere else. Much of David Yurman’s jewelry is unique in that it is actually handcrafted. Many of the pieces you see in stores were crafted by the meticulous nature of skilled jewelry craftsmen that probably took a lot of time to put together each piece. The beautiful amethyst center stone is sure to grab the attention of people around you. This ring can be worn for cocktail parties to be appreciated by every jewelry aficionado. In ancient civilizations, it was believed that amethysts could prevent intoxication of the wearer. Wouldn’t that be a delight?

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