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David Yurman 5mm Sterling Silver Blue Topaz & Turquoise Bracelet

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David Yurman 5mm Sterling Silver Blue Topaz & Turquoise Bracelet

Description David Yurman 5mm Sterling Silver Blue Topaz & Turquoise Cable Bracelet
Metal Sterling Silver
Total Item Weight 12.5g (8.1dwt)
Gemstone Details  3 Blue Topaz Measuring 4mm x 6mm and 2 Turquoise Measuring 2.30mm in Diameter
Wrist Size 6.25"
Measurements 5mm Thick
Clasp Hidden Box and Tongue
Retail Value $550.00
Additional Details Raymond Lee Jewelers Presentation Box
  David Yurman is a skillful crafter in his jewelry designs. He commonly likes to employ a variety of gemstones into his pieces to draw attention to their beautiful, yet simple designs. This David Yurman 5mm sterling silver blue topaz & turquoise bracelet is the perfect example of that statement. The sterling silver bracelet is decorated with 3 blue topaz gemstones, along with 2 turquoise gemstones. Each stone is quite small in diameter, but it fits proportionally with the overall design of the bracelet. Topaz gemstones are beautiful specimens that date as far back as the classical era. Pliny, a Roman author and philosopher, wrote about topaz, citing that it was mined from a legendary island in the Red Sea. There are also additional references to the gemstone in Biblical as well as Hebrew texts. On the hand is the turquoise gemstone, another fine specimen. Turquoise, too, has been around for thousands of years. Finer grades of turquoise can be quite rare and can fetch high prices. Its name dates as far back as the 16th century. Pliny, the Roman philosopher, references it in his works as the mineral known as callais. The Aztecs also knew the stone. As you can see, David Yurman’s choice to incorporate these marvelous gemstone is deliberate. Not only are they attractive products of Earth’s internal processes, but they also possess historical value that should be appreciated and learned. This bracelet is very light as it weighs only 12.5 grams. It measures 5 mm in thickness and can be combined with other David Yurman jewelry on the wrist. This bracelet makes for the perfect gift as it is very inexpensive. The bracelet is protected on the wrist by a hidden box and tongue clasp that secures it safely.

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