Cartier Yellow Gold Love Bangle Bracelet Size 18


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Cartier Yellow Gold Love Bangle Bracelet Size 18

Style Cartier Love Bangle
Material 18K Yellow Gold
Total Weight 25.4dwt (39.5g)
Measurements 2.56″ Diameter and 0.24″ in Width
Size Size 18
Clasp Cartier Exclusive Screw Closure
Comes With This item comes complete with Original Cartier Screwdriver and Raymond Lee Jewelers Presentation Box.
When we think of Cartier one of the most iconic jewelry pieces come to mind. The Love Collection. This is an astounding piece of jewelry that has odd techniques that are a Cartier exclusive. The Love Bangle has a special 18k yellow gold Flathead screwdriver that opens and shuts the bracelet. This piece is 100% 18k yellow gold and is a size 18. Cartier is a one of a kind company that has been around for centuries! The company started out as the right hand jeweler for the King in England. Cartier made 27 tiaras, countless precious gemstone rings and more. Now, Cartier has different collections including the Love Collection. This collection includes wedding band rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The sentimental value this collection is beautiful, these pieces signify eternal love and happiness which is why the jewelry has to be screw-driven on. Raymond Lee Jewelers offers the most competitive prices for our LOVE jewelry! If you are located in Boca Raton come give us a visit!

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