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18K White Gold Cuff Earrings

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18K White Gold Cuff Earrings

Style 18K White Gold Cuff Earrings
Material 18k White Gold
Total Weight 11.5g (7.4dwt)
Measurements 1.25" in Length and 0.75" in Width
Fastening Omega Backs with Posts
Box Comes with a Raymond Lee Jewelers Presentation Box
  These 18k white gold earrings are the perfect gift for a young couple that has a limited financial budget. The earrings retail for $1,395 but you can buy them for only $1,195 from us. These earrings are perfect because of how light they feel on the ears and how simple they look. Huggie earrings are quite popular. They don’t contain a variety of gemstones that are over the top. They are simple, round white gold earrings that will be sure to put a smile on your girlfriend’s face. They weigh in at only 11.5 grams or roughly 5.75 grams per ear. They are 1.25 inches in length and only ¾ of an inch in width. The omega backs with posts make them very comfortable to wear. They will fit tightly enough to be comfortable but not too tight to the point that there is any discomfort. In recent times, white gold has experienced a surge in popularity. Yellow gold is still quite common, white rose gold less so. However, there is a certain element to white gold that provides jewelry with a “newer” feel. These earrings would make the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or her birthday. Just imagine the look on her face when she opens up the jewelry box to find a dazzling display of little white gold huggie earrings that she can wear for any occasion. The 18 karat white gold esteems the earrings with a higher quality, but just be careful because gold becomes more malleable as the karat increases. Last but not least, find out if your girlfriend or significant other prefers wearing huggie earrings. Some women prefer to wear diamond studs over other types of earrings. Make sure that you know her style before you purchase any jewelry as this can make or break the occasion.

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