14K Yellow Gold Large Cameo Pin and Pendant


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14K Yellow Gold Large Cameo Pin and Pendant

Style 14K Yellow Gold Large Cameo Pin & Pendant
Gemstone Carved Shell
Mounting Details Cameo Shell is set in a 14K White Gold Setting
Measurements L: 2.5” x W: 2” x H: 1/2”
Total Weight 15.7g (10.1dwt)
Comes with a Raymond Lee Jewelers Presentation Box
The Cameo pin is one of the oldest jewelry styles nationally. The tradition started in the 19th century when artists would carve intricate designs into shells and other semi-precious gemstones. This particular Cameo is not only a pin, but slide pendant. It can be put through a necklace to give it the ultimate trendy vintage look! We have numerous other Cameo styles here at Raymond Lee Jewelers, some of those styles include diamond cameos, pure pendant cameos, etc. More contemporary Cameo’s are made with an ultrasonic machine. This does all the hard labor for you, it is a type of carving machine. Centuries back artists would hand craft cameos, some people would even hire to have portraits carved. Even though ultrasonic machines are used the shell gemstone used is completely authentic. Raymond Lee Jewelers especially prides itself on having genuine jewelry pieces usually of high quality.

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