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14K White Gold Diamond Dangle Hearts Lariat Necklace

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14K White Gold Diamond Dangle Hearts Lariat Necklace

Style 14K White Gold Diamond Dangle Hearts Lariat Necklace
Metal 14K White Gold
Diamond Details Approx. 0.30ctw of Diamonds. H in Color and I1 in Clarity.
Total Item Weight 10.0dwt (15.5g)
Lariat Measurements Hearts Dangle approx. 1.5" from Lariat
Chain 19"
Clasp Lobster Clasp
Comes With A Raymond Lee Jewelers Presentation Box
This 14k white gold diamond hearts lariat necklace is a stunning piece of jewelry that you could add to your collection. The necklace contains approximately 0.30 carats of diamonds that are H in color and I1 in clarity. The lariat measures 9.85 mm  7.75 mm. The necklace is secured safely around your neck with a lobster claw. Lariat necklaces are a type of necklace that is a very long variation on a rope that often worn draped multiple times around the neck. The ends can be crossed over, looped, or knotted in a variety of ways. Commonly people glance over jewelry without giving a second thought to its significance or historical value. It’s unbelievable to think that people once wore the necklace that you commonly see around women’s necks in times of ancient civilizations. Necklaces date as far back as 40,000 years and some of the first necklaces were created simply out of natural materials like bones, teeth, feathers, or wood. Metalworking greatly expanded the range of jewelry available to humans. Next time you wear a piece of jewelry, appreciate it for its historical value. This white gold lariat necklace can be the perfect gift for the woman you love. She will have a smile on her face the moment she opens the jewelry box to view it. She will also be talking to her friends about it for weeks. Here at Raymond Lee Jewelers we want to make you happy. If you aren’t able to afford a piece of jewelry, we also considered trade ins. Perhaps you have an old heirloom sitting around or a ring that your significant other no longer wears. You can bring it and trade up to another piece of jewelry. We accommodate all of your requests and can work with you to find the perfect necklace, ring, watch, or bracelet.

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