Masculine Monday

Man Crush Monday: Primer Magazine

How did we not know about this website?! Primer Magazine is a fantastic lifestyle site for young men between 23-30. It’s not your average men’s magazine – and it’s pretty unabashedly proud of that. So you won’t be reading bro-talk here, or be encouraged to buy $80 shaving cream. Their “Getup” fashion feature is our new favorite thing – it features great outfits that appeal to a vast variety of guys, not just the edgiest or dandiest. Take this outfit suggestion for Thanksgiving, for example. So great, right? We Pinned it the second we saw it. And the accessories are spot on. The Timex watch is a great entry level fashion watch, and is casual and rugged – but refined -like the rest of this outfit. We also love that the outfit ideas are meant to use what guys already have in their closet. And if they don’t, then the shopping list is well within reason and not a Goop-level budget shopping spree with 8 or so organic unicorn hair sweaters handmade by the unicorns themselves. We like looking great for a lot less. It’s why we’re all about pre-owned watches. So on that note, if the guy who wants to rock this outfit doesn’t own a Timex there are other options. Of course, the most important thing to remember is that a watch should be an investment – and luxury watches are made to last a life time. They should at least retain value if you’d ever entertain the idea of a trade. And purchasing them pre-owned – in great condition from a reputable dealer – is a smart way to shave hundreds or thousands off the retail price and avoid that first big depreciation that comes with purchasing a brand new watch. And if you’re still saving, it can be tempting to eye those “replica” Rolexes – but save yourself the money and embarrassment and buy a great, fashionable placeholder watch like the Timex above. We’ve chosen a few of our favorite watches, definitely an investment, but still within the realm of possibility for the first time luxury watch buyer.

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