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The Platinum Rolex Daytona Pops Up in Edinburgh

Rolex has been one of the key designer watch manufacturers for a long period of time. Rolex is known for producing top of the line exquisite watches.The Rolex Daytona has been one of Rolex’s prominent watches for the last fifty years. In order to commemorate its creation, Rolex has released a special Rolex Daytona Platinum edition in order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the watch. The excitement around the watch’s reveal at Baselworld 2013. The watch itself is exquisite as the previous models of the Rolex Daytona, but at the same time takes on some striking differences that set it out from the previous models that exist.

The 50th anniversary of the Rolex Daytona makes for an exciting time for watch fans. Rolex sought to create something engaging and eye catching in their 2013 version of the model. The new current model utilizes a color scheme that is described by article on the watch as being, “an ice blue dial contrasting with a chocolate brown paletted monobloc Cerachrom bezel.” The watch takes on the challenge of incorporating a sleek pattern with strong colors that can be recognized instantly in order to help the fifty-year-old model stand out in the crowd from all of the past Rolex Daytonas. The color is exquiste and modern, taking the watch away from its typical roots of being silver or gold in color. Through utilizing its new color scheme, Daytona fans are able to take the watch into the new era with features and designs that are relevant now on a watch styled with fifty years of luxury.

All of the old features are still there met with new levels of excitement that only Rolex can deliver. The watch itself is encased in platinum now, allowing its wearer to stand out in a crowd as a fashion fanatic with a taste of excitement and flair. The watch itself still operates on the self-winding perpetual system that allows the watch to be winded as the wearer moves and goes about their day to day routing. The new brown and blue style does not change or alter the overall design of the watch itself, which manages to keep the same traditional look that watch fans are so used to.

Our personal favorite Daytona, the Everose 116505

Rolex’s own website shows the watch’s exquisite build and presents the watch as a masterpiece of time, something that accompanied Paul Newman throughout his life and many others around the world. The watch’s solid clasps and overall build make the watch something of a timepiece that goes unaltered in the bellowing changes of time and technology. It’s interesting how exciting and relevant the watch continues to be even five decades after its initial creation. As one of the staple watches for Rolex, the Daytona 2013 model provides lavish businessmen and watch enthusiasts with something they can enjoy for fifty more years. The Daytona is something suited for a lavish lifestyle that has a strong male figure at its head. It’s a men’s watch through and through and the new 2013 model just puts an exclamation mark at the end and beginning of a new era of Daytonas.

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