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Patek Philippe and Tiffany Team up for Luxury Watch Collaboration

Two luxury powerhouses are getting together for the 2012-1013 winter season. Tiffany and Company is collaborating with Patek Phillipe for a luxury set of watches that are sure to catch the eye of collectors. The watches are to commemorate the five year working relationship between these two legendary companies.

Both have long and storied histories.

Tiffany was started in New York City in 1837, but didn’t discover its jewelry focus until 1853. Since then they have been a premier name in jewelry, and their name is synonymous with style. They designed everything from the Medal of Honor to a Presidential china set.

Patek Phillipe can trace its beginnings to 1839, when Polish watchmaker Antoni Patek began making pocket watches in Geneva. 6 years later Patek teamed with another watchmaker, Frenchmen Antoni Phillipe. In 1851, about the time Tiffany was getting its focus on jewelry, Patek Phillipe & Company was founded. Patek Phillipe has built its reputation on high quality, complicated watch movements, and watches made of extraordinary materials. Patek Phillipe watches have been worn by at least 3 Popes, and various kings, queens and princes.

This collaboration is getting lots of talk, and brings the classic Tiffany’s style to Patek Phillipe’s unparalleled precision. Demand seems to already be exceeding the supply. This is in spite of an eye- popping price. The men’s version has a retail price of $51,500 with the women’s topping out at $29,200.

Does it seem odd that two companies with over 350 years of combined luxury experience, and such deep rooted histories would celebrate a minimal 5 year collaboration with such extravagance? For Tiffany and Patek Phillipe the answer apparently is absolutely not

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