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Presenting Fancy Yellow Diamond Bracelets from Diamonds by Raymond Lee: In this article, we feature a few fancy yellow diamond 18k White Gold bracelets from our fancy colored diamond jewelry collection. We go over the origin or fancy yellow diamonds, the price, different diamond shapes, and how you can create your very own custom fancy colored diamond bracelet at Diamond by Raymond Lee.

If you are interested in purchasing a Fancy Yellow Diamond Bracelet as a Holiday, Anniversary or Special Milestone gift, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Just let us know your budget and we will work to provide you with the diamond bracelet of your dreams.

custom made diamond bracelets

18k White Gold 10.09ctw Fancy Yellow And Fancy Pink Diamond Halo Bracelet

Fancy diamond jewelry has been making waves in the industry for quite some time now. These intriguing diamonds, known for their captivating hues, have been breaking records in auctions like no other.

Fancy Yellow Diamond Bracelets have been a hot topic of discussion. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we have some of the best fancy yellow diamond bracelets the world has to offer. A fancy yellow diamond is one of the most beautiful options in the fancy colored diamond line up.

Yellow is the color of sunshine, making it very attention-grabbing. Additionally, it represents hope, happiness, freshness, positivity, energy, clarity, enlightenment, intellect, and loyalty.

Below we will go over everything you need to know about Fancy Yellow Diamonds. We will also go over the different shapes diamonds can be formed into, while giving you examples of uniquely designed fancy yellow diamond bracelets for sale at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Furthermore, if you are interested in a custom luxury jewelry piece, we explain our process for creating private label jewelry to wrap it all up.

Now, it’s time to enjoy and learn about one of our planets most beautiful natural phenomena – fancy yellow diamonds…

fancy yellow diamond bracelet

Diamond Bracelets at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

Fancy Yellow Diamonds

One question many people ask is, how do natural yellow diamonds come to be?

The yellow color happens by a presence of nitrogen within the structure of the diamond. As these nitrogen molecules take in blue light, the stone becomes a shade of yellow. The color ranges from light to dark yellow depending on the volume of nitrogen that is in the diamond’s composition.

Sometimes, yellow diamonds also contain a secondary hue, such as brown or orange. Therefore, the most valuable yellow diamonds are those that are pure, intense shades of yellow. These pure yellow diamonds are also known as Canary Diamonds or Canary Yellow Diamonds.

Intensity Levels of Yellow Diamonds

As you may know, white diamonds have a color scale that goes from D to Z, D being colorless and Z having a noticeable brown or yellow tint. So, a yellow diamond would be way past Z, if the scale were to go that far. However, Yellow Diamonds are unique in their own right, so they have their own scale.

So, yellow diamonds are completely saturated with yellow and they don’t have any signs of whiteness in them. This doesn’t make them worse than a white though. In fact, when they become so yellow that they are a vivid yellow, past the Z on the white diamond scale, they are considered fancy yellow and are special instead of being considered lower quality.

The GIA color grading scale of yellow diamonds is as follows:

Faint -> Very Light -> Light -> Fancy Light -> Fancy -> Fancy Intense -> Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep or Fancy Dark.

It’s not as simple as that, though. Evaluating the intensity level of yellow diamonds can be difficult. The reason is that there isn’t a distinct point for each yellow diamond color grade. For example, a yellow diamond can be in-between a Fancy and Fancy Intense. So, with that being said, a diamond expert is needed to determine the grade and price. You should only deal with trustworthy diamond experts – such as Diamonds by Raymond Lee, it’s in our name 😉 – to ensure getting the right price.

fancy yellow diamond boca raton

Yellow Diamond Prices & Rarity

Canary yellow diamonds are not uncommon. Because of this, in comparison to some other fancy color diamonds, yellow diamonds are somewhat affordable.

For example, a Fancy Light will have a similar price to a white diamond that has an I on the color scale.

However, fancy vivid is pretty pricey. A fancy vivid yellow diamond with a clean color and clarity will run you as much as a D colorless (flawless) white diamond of the same size and shape.

Furthermore, the smallest spec of brown in a yellow diamond will decrease its value. Yet, an orange or green tint can increase it. All of these small factors can make things confusing, which is why we really recommend consulting with an expert before making a purchase.

Diamond Shapes

The physical form of a diamond is considered its shape. Many people are familiar with the 4Cs – carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. As you will notice, shape is not one of them (cut is different). So, shape is an extra factor to think about when selecting a diamond.

What is the difference between a diamond cut and shape?

The difference might seem confusing, but to put it simply, the shape refers to the appearance (heart and pear being the most noticeable), and the cut refers to the power it has to reflect light.

Below we will go over the most common shapes, but first, let’s quickly touch on diamond cuts to make things super clear (or shiny, pun intended).

Diamond Cuts

The facets and angles of the diamond are what determine its cut. The number, proportions and symmetry, are all factors of the cut and will affect the way light reflects on it.

The grade for a diamond’s cut goes from excellent to poor. Excellent reflects light amazingly, poor doesn’t reflect light so well. An excellently cut diamond will reflect a lot of light at the top, which makes it look “brilliant” and “on fire”. The cut will directly affect the diamond’s value, so it is a crucial point to understand when making a purchase.

canary yellow diamonds south florida

Diamond Shapes

Everyone knows the common saying, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, which we believe rings true. But, as with real friends, who have different personalities, styles, humor and looks, diamonds have differences too. They come in different shapes, sizes, and cuts, and some diamonds are better suited to be the “best friend” than others. Every diamond has its own story…and personality, per se.

So, let’s cut into the most common shapes (with examples of those shapes used in our very own fancy yellow diamond bracelets at Diamonds by Raymond Lee).

Round Brilliant

This is by far the most popular shape, with over half the diamonds sold today taking this form. It’s clean, it’s classic, and it’s versatile. Round Brilliant diamonds produce more fire and brilliance than any other diamond shape. You really can’t go wrong with this one (hint, for the men wondering what shape they should choose to surprise their loved one with).


The Princess is another classic and sophisticated shape. It holds a more modern shape, with its sharp corners and contemporary edges. Princess cuts catch the brilliance almost as perfectly as the round, yet with a more fashionable demeanor.


It has a rectangular or square shape, and it’s a hybrid of the round, emerald and princess shapes. The Radiant cut has the most brilliance of the square shape diamonds, making it a breathtaking choice for jewelry.

canary yellow bracelet boca raton

Fancy Yellow Radiant Diamond Halo Bracelet


The name might sound fluffy, but this is a diamond shape that is as hard as the rest. As the name suggests, it is in the shape of a cushion (or sofa pillow), and it’s one of the more unique and bolder choices. The Cushion has big facets that offer amazing light scatter and shine. It’s the perfect cut for fancy colored diamonds looking for extreme scintillation. 


Representing the vintage charm and old-world prestige, the Emerald is a favorite among many stylish celebrities. Emerald cuts were one of the first shapes used in jewelry. The table top face and step-like edges of an Emerald cut offer clarity while giving it a vast and generous look. It is truly a powerful shape.


Pear, or teardrop as it is sometimes referred to, is a special and lady-like shape that has one rounded end and another slightly pointed end, which resembles a pear. It offers an elegant, soft, and stunning look.

canary diamond tennis bracelet

18k White Gold 10.66ctw Fancy Yellow Pear & Round Brilliant Diamond Halo Bracelet


Caught in the middle of the Round Brilliant and Pear Shape, the Oval cut has secured a class of its own. It’s the perfect option for those who love the shine of the round brilliant, yet prefer something bigger. For the same carat weight, it provides a bigger surface volume. It’s a somewhat rare cut, and one that we personally love for bracelets and diamonds rings.


This is a diamond shape that dates way back. In the 18th Century, King Louis XV wanted a diamond that appeared like the smile of his beloved mistress Madame de Pompadour, and that’s when the Marquise was created. A Marquise shaped diamond represents the glory of the past AND it is a fantastic shape to complement slender fingers or wrists.


This is probably the most romantic diamond shape of them all, as you would imagine since it’s in the shape of love. Heart shape diamonds are more than just a diamond; they are a symbol of love. They are also one of the most contemporary and stylish diamond shapes of them all, and they require a serious amount of skill to produce.

pear shaped diamond bracelet

Special Fancy Yellow Heart, Pear, Marquise, and Emerald Diamond Halo Bracelet

Diamond Halo Setting

All of the fancy yellow diamond bracelets in this feature have a halo setting. A halo setting creates an appearance of a much larger diamond. It takes a center diamond piece and surrounds it like a halo with smaller diamonds. Furthermore, the halo can take shape of whatever diamond it encircles.

Halo settings make for eye-catching, eye-popping, absolutely beautiful diamond jewelry. It’s one of the most popular settings for diamond tennis bracelets and fancy colored diamond bracelets. It usually combines white and fancy colored diamonds, as seen in this article, creating a very luxurious piece of jewelry.


diamonds by Raymond lee bracelets

18k White Gold 10.62ctw White And Fancy Yellow Diamond Ladies Bracelet

18k White Gold Chain

All of the fancy yellow diamond bracelets here are set in an 18k white gold chain. Not only is white gold one of the most beautiful and complementary options for diamonds, it is also extremely durable thanks to the type of alloy it is.

Why white gold trumps silver

Besides the fact that gold is a more expensive and rare precious metal, white gold specifically, is much more durable than silver and other golds too. Rhodium is an element used in white gold to give it its white color. It also is the reason for its amazing durability.

So, for jewelry that is worn on a day-to-day basis, white gold is by far the best option. It’s scratch-resistant and its shape will not alter; it will with silver.

Private Label Bracelets at Diamonds by Raymond Lee – Custom Fancy Colored Diamond Jewelry Designs

At Diamonds by Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton, we offer premium services such as custom jewelry designs. It’s been over thirty years since we started and we still remain South Florida’s number one destination for designer jewelry, diamonds, and private label jewelry/custom jewelry. Our ability to source material at an incredible price allows us to not only repair jewelry but create them as well.

If you or your loved one is interested in a custom jewelry piece, all you have to do is give us a call, shoot us an email, or come into our retail location to discuss the process. We can work with almost any budget, of course within reason, as we are talking precious metals and gems here.

To break down the process for your very own custom jewelry piece, here are the 8 steps that take you from concept to in your hands ready.

Step-1: One-on-One Consultation
Step-2: First Sketch
Step-3: Finalize the Sketch and Source Material
Step-4: 3D Design
Step-5: Create a Wax Model
Step-6: Make Your Dream Piece
Step-7: Quality Inspection
Step-8: Delivery

Time it takes

The time it takes to create a custom fancy diamond bracelet or jewelry piece really depends on the intricacy of the design. Usually, the entire process above takes 2-6 weeks.


To learn more, visit Custom Jewelry at Raymond Lee Jewelers.

yellow diamond bracelets

Fancy Yellow Diamond Bracelets at Raymond Lee Jewelers

Raymond Lee Jewelers | Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds by Raymond Lee are located in West and East Boca Raton. We select the best jewelry from designers across the world and service with unparalleled customer support. Our flagship showroom makes jewelry dreams come true. So, please do contact us today with any and all questions you have.

If any of the fancy yellow diamond bracelets featured here caught your eye, please contact us for pricing and to learn more about the piece. We also welcome you to contact us if you have a specific jewelry piece in mind that you want custom designed, fancy colored diamond or otherwise. We can run through specific pricing to meet all of your jewelry desires.

Rolex 16800 Submariner Collectible Watch Review

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The Rolex 16800 Submariner, an incredible standard setting diver’s watch. It can be a Rolex collectible dependent on the care it has received and state it is in. This week we review the Rolex 16800 Submariner black dial and black rotating bezel collectible from our curated collection. We will go into a bit of the history behind this innovative and exclusively sought after Rolex luxury time piece. Also, we will review the bracelet, clasp and automatic movements so you know everything you need to about this unique piece. From the roots to the latest this is a watch that has continued to be at the cusp of innovation and technological advancement. One of the very first watches to ever be powerful enough to reach a maximum depth of 100 meters it is a diving instrument, a tool meant to be useful in some of the harshest conditions found on Earth.

Created with the sole intent of facilitating deep water dives each and every part of this watch is considered and created specifically for divers. From the functionalities included to the design elements of the watch every piece works in unison for ease and clarity. When you are 100 meters under the sea you want the most reliable pieces of equipment available. And the Rolex Submariner is just that. Boasting unparalleled performance and precision under pressure the Submariner continues to set the standard when it comes to dive watches. The 16800 continues this commitment and tradition of high performance, powerfully precise luxury Rolex dive wrist watch. With each iteration additional tweaks and adjustments have been made to improve the Submariner collection to its highest form. These watches are impeccable and highly sought after not only for daily wear or diving but even for personal collections. More on the collectible aspect later.

rolex 16800 submariner black dial

The Rolex Submariner 16800 trajectory, a rich history over time

Originally a ground breaking innovation, the very first ever deep water wrist watch the Submariner is a refined powerful tool. It is a reference among diving watches having broken this first initial barrier. Unlike any other watches before it the Rolex Submariner handled not only a splash of water but also the incredible massive amount of crushing pressure of the deepest depths of the sea. This is not only a luxury time piece but a survival tool for the most pronounced divers around the world. Designed to be a true diver’s watch this piece it is a cutting edge piece for diver’s to survive in one of the last frontiers of mankind. Created in the 1950s it was the first waterproof wrist watch to reach a depth of 100 meters. Every part of this watch is made specially for peak performance in the darkest and deepest depths of the ocean.

At the very beginning the Rolex Submariner began with a simpler 1680 version. Throughout the years they advanced and improved each new subsequent model. They are known for their resistance and durability but there are some critical differences between earlier models and the 16800. First, the Submariner 1680 used an acrylic crystal making it less durable and resistant. Also, there were slight subtle differences in the watch’s typeface. The 16800 was an evolution for the Rolex Submariner. First the scratch resistant sapphire crystal is much more adept to the diving environment. It lasts longer and is much more resistant. Also, the date window with an augmenting magnifying lens upped the mechanical standards of this watch. This improved readability and the additional date window feature kept with the Rolex branded iconic look. The caliber in the watches were also improved in the 16800 Submariner. This meant further accuracy and improved precision.

rolex 16800 submariner

Rolex 16800 Stainless Steel Black Dial Submariner Gents Watch

This specific Rolex 16800 stainless steel black dial Submariner is an exquisite monochromatic piece with a dark touch for visibility. It features luminescent hour markers and hands as well as a large dial face to prevent any confusion while diving far below the surface. The black dial’s luminescent Chromalight functions also has a unique display that in fact improves visibility in dark environments. These features also include different shapes along the dial as hour markers to truly offer a performative clear reading. There are triangles, circles and rectangles to make it easier to read and track time during deep dives. The rotating black bezel and white numbers also make it easy to maneuver in order to make necessary calculations. At the twelve o’clock mark on the rotating bezel there is also an additional raised feature to facilitate. It is not only a gorgeous luxury piece but a powerful precise tool.

Further, the hour, minute and seconds hand in a stunning stainless steel are also luminescent. These small but vital details are what make this uniquely powerful watch a true diving instrument. The bracelet and casing are also a super strong stainless steel. Each one of the links in the bracelet are made with the Rolex Oyster steel. This particular kind of alloy is an incredible scratch resistant and durable material. Made to withstand even the harshest conditions like the depths of the sea it is a powerful ally alloy for the machinations and movements within this time piece. Finally, this brings us to the proprietary automatic movements in the Rolex Submariner 16800. Reliability and accuracy are of course the primary concerns. The operating frequency of the balance is a 4Hz or 28,800 vibrations per hour. This along with the quick set date function make for a powerful time piece.

The Submariner deep diving impenetrable stainless steel case and backing

As stated above this monochromatic black dial Rolex 16800 Submariner is made entirely of Oyster steel. This incredible Rolex crafted stainless steel alloy is durable and made to last. Furthermore, this specially developed super alloy is one of the most commonly used in technology. It is a grade of stainless steel that is employed for aerospace and chemical industries. This means it is highly durable and strong. To handle the intense pressure and required output at depths of up to a maximum of 100 meters the Submariner requires an alloy of this level of strength. With maximum resistance to corrosion it is the ideal material for a watch that has the intended purpose of spending extra time in the sea. Undoubtedly performing at the same level of power as the Submariner the Oyster steel case and backing are ready for the deep seas. Furthermore, beyond being resistant it is beautiful.

rolex 16800 submariner backing

The Oyster steel alloy has an exceptional finish. It shines brightly and with a polish truly glimmers as a luxury men’s accessory. Also, it maintains this beauty even in the harshest environments. So you can be sure that your Rolex will continue to glint even after several dives down under. The case is steely enclosed keeping the powerful movements safe from the water. Highly resistant to corrosion and shut tight without any screws it is impermeable. Furthermore, a Rolex classic it is an easy to service and maintain watch. Although it keeps itself working freely and easily under intense pressure it is a classic Rolex easy of use watch. As we will go into with the Oyster steel bracelet and clasp the Submariner 16800 walks a fine line extremely well. It truly balances between elegance and grace, and the incredible durability and strength required to be a diving expedition instrument.

The iconic black rotating bezel for calculations and the dark black and luminescent dial for added visibility

Another aspect of the Rolex 16800 Submariner is the black rotating bezel. It is part of the iconic Rolex look. Regardless of what watch a Rolex with a rotating bezel is instantly recognizable. This is no different for the Submariner. With a monochromatic look both the bezel and dial are a deep black. For diver’s to calculate depths and times it has increased visibility. It is the distinctive face of Rolex and the Submariner. It is responsible for identity and readability. The hour markers on this watch are fashioned from 18 carat gold to prevent tarnishing. Additionally, the hour markers, hands and bezel have luminescent features. This helps with reading in the dark depths of the sea.

rolex 16800 submariner

It is not only useful for diving but also a beautiful aesthetic. Dark and mysterious it is perfect for the gentleman who prefers a darker look. While the two tone Rolexes are iconic this one is a gorgeous style in its own right. It has a more sleek and monochromatic look. The entire watch is in Oyster steel which polished is bright and has a gorgeous shine. This contrasts incredibly with the black dial and bezel features. Contrast and subtle luxury it is a refined time piece whether for sport or daily wear. It is a collectible item that can be appreciated and displayed any time and any place, even 100 meters below the sea.

The Rolex Oyster steel durable stainless steel bracelet and clasp

The Oyster steel durable bracelet is made from Rolex’s iconic alloy. As we have gone into before this is one of the world’s most durable metals. Used in aerospace and chemical industries it is resistant beyond belief. Whether in space or in the deepest of the seas it is resistant to corrosion, scratching and general wear. Also, the clasp is a classic Rolex fold over clasp. This easy to lock and release watch walks that fine line well. It is resistant and holds the bracelet safely on your wrist. Meanwhile it also has a simple release mechanism for daily wear. It is easy and resistant keeping cool under pressure.

rolex 16800 submariner clasp

What makes a Rolex 16800 Submariner Watch a collectible?

Now, amongst collectors some watches are smack bang recognized as a collectible item. Mainly limited edition watches fall into this category for obvious reasons. They are produced in very small quantities and no longer created by the brand. However, when it comes to more mass produced pieces there are still a select few that are considered to be collectible items. These include ones from high luxury brands such as Rolex. The Rolex 16800 Submariner is one of these pieces. Crafted using the latest and greatest technology it is a exquisite item. Finding a 16800 in mint condition is also not an easy feat. But, what really and truly makes a watch a collectible you might ask. Well first is the box. More importantly though are the papers. Papers for a luxury watch such as this Rolex not only validate the authenticity of the piece but also establish its serial number.

rolex 16800 submariner collectible

Diamonds by Raymond Lee your South Florida luxury limited edition and collectible watch destination

Our family has been serving the South Florida community for the last three decades. Furthermore, we intend on continuing to bring exquisite time pieces and jewelry for our clients for the next three as well. Knowledge and a commitment to superior service and quality has been passed down from one generation to another in our family. Our commitment leads us to search for and source only the finest and highest quality items available on the market. From limited edition watches produced in the hundreds to luxury collectible items we curate a collection for every gentleman. Also, our stores are where you can experience a true journey. If you are looking for a watch our watch experts and jewelry craftsmen will walk you through all of the items on the check list you should look at when purchasing a piece. We are happy to welcome you in and answer any questions.

Regardless of whether it is your very first time piece or a sought after addition to your personal collection our Diamonds by Raymond Lee family is here to help you. We also offer services for the lifetime of your luxury pieces. From cleaning and maintenance to repair and customization. Our master jewelry craftsmen have the capacity to add diamonds and gem stones to pieces, service luxury watches and even repair them if there is a need. Our stores are conveniently located in South Florida to offer you ease and peace of mind. Every single item we add to our collection is rigorously tested and inspected to ensure only the highest quality and best items make it into our customer’s hands. We hope you will join us at one of our monthly events. Finally, please feel free to give us your feedback on this week’s Rolex 16800 Submariner watch review below.

Fancy Pink Diamond Bracelets at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

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In this article, Diamonds by Raymond Lee of Boca Raton presents to you an array of Fancy Pink Diamond Bracelets, which come in an array of diamond shapes and cuts. All of the diamond bracelets featured here have a fancy pink diamond center cut with white and fancy pink diamond halo settings in an 18k white gold chain. We hope you enjoy the beauty of our Fancy Pink Diamond Bracelets.

If you are considering purchasing a Fancy Pink Diamond Bracelet as a Holiday, Anniversary or Special Milestone Gift, please contact us to receive a fantastic offer today.

fancy pink diamonds

18k White Gold 10.09ctw Fancy Yellow And Fancy Pink Diamond Halo Bracelet

Are you in the market for a fancy-colored diamond bracelet? If you are, pink is one of the best colors to choose. Pink is a gentle and tender color that induces the feeling of sweetness, niceness, playfulness, cuteness, romance, charm, and femininity. It identifies with flowers, babies, women, girls, and candy. The color is universally known for love of oneself and others. No other color represents “ladylike” as well as Pink. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then fancy pink diamonds are a girl’s best friend forever.

In this article, we will discuss things like fancy pink diamond colors, diamond cuts and shapes, the 4C’s, why white gold is the best precious metal to set diamonds in, halo diamond settings, and we are going to show you a few of the fancy pink diamond bracelets we sell at Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.

Fancy Pink Diamonds

Premium pink diamonds are the most expensive natural-diamond color available…besides red diamonds that is. This gorgeous gemstone is quite rare as there are few produced on a yearly basis.

Furthermore, pink diamond’s value increases drastically as its size and color intensity rises.

Pink diamond color scale

Pink diamonds are graded by the intensity and strength of color. Additionally, apart from the main hue, some pink diamonds have a secondary color or undertone, like purple, orange or brown (which decrease its value as pure pink is better).

This is the scale GIA uses to grade pink diamonds:

Faint -> Very Light -> Light -> Fancy Light -> Fancy -> Fancy Intense -> Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep or Fancy Dark.

It’s not that simple, though. To actually evaluate and determine the intensity level of a pink diamond can be difficult. That’s because there isn’t a clear point for each fancy pink color grade. A diamond expert is needed to determine the grade. And, since each grade will change the value of the diamond, if you plan on buying a fancy pink diamond jewelry piece, you should only deal with trustworthy experts to ensure you are paying the right amount.

FYI – some pink diamond sellers use a point scale of 1-9. This is called the Argyle Color Grading System. Nonetheless, a GIA grade is the standard across the board.

Pink diamond prices

The biggest factors for pricing a pink diamond are color (as discussed above), and carat weight, of course. In terms of color, the purer, and stronger the pink color is, the more it will cost. Conversely, if the pink diamond bears another kind of color, known as a modifier, like purple, the diamond will likely be priced lower.

Now, in regards to carat weight, the bigger the carat the more it will cost. Furthermore, it’s not about the total weight of all the diamonds. Meaning, a 1-carat single pink diamond will be worth more than 2 pink diamonds that equal to 1 carat. So, keep that in mind too.

Diamond Halo setting

There are different settings (how the diamond is set into the precious metal chain). A popular setting is the “halo”. This is when a diamond cut is surrounded by smaller round brilliant diamond stones, which not only makes the diamond appear larger, it highlights the center diamond even more.

fancy vivid pink diamond

Diamond Bracelets at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

How are Pink Diamonds formed?

No one, including Gemologists, is sure of how pink diamonds achieve their color. Nevertheless, it is a natural effect, unlike some other type of fancy colored diamonds.

There are some theories of how pink diamonds obtain their unique hue. One is that under serious pressure at the time of the diamond’s formation, it becomes pink. Another is that a seismic shock impacts the gems’ molecular structure, therefore granting it its pink color.

In any case, fancy pink diamonds are one of the world’s most beautiful stones for engagement rings, earrings, and BRACELETS.

Diamond Shapes and Cuts

Although diamonds have been on earth for billions of years, it was only a few centuries ago that people figured out how to turn an uncut diamond into a faceted gem. By cutting diamonds, more light was able to pass through, which made the diamonds shine brighter, and it released even more beauty. From then on, all types of diamond cuts and shapes were created.

Here are the most popular kinds of diamond cuts and shapes, with a few examples of our fancy pink diamond bracelets that have those specific cuts and shapes.

Round Brilliant Cut 

A round brilliant cut is the standard and most popular type of diamond cut. It is polished and has 57 facets that shape it into its perfectly round structure. The Round Brilliant cut produces a marvelous brilliance (as the name suggests) and scintillation. Furthermore, it has become the reference point for the quest to create the perfect light behavior within a diamond.

pink diamond tennis bracelet

Top: Round Brilliant cut center pink diamond surrounded by a pink and white diamond halo set in a contemporary 18k white gold bracelet design, secured with a safety clasp.

Princess Cut

Out of all the fancy cut diamond shapes, the Princess cut is the most prominent. It has a square shape with pointed corners. Due to its brilliant beauty and square shape, it is extremely popular for engagement rings. Princess cut diamonds are usually polished and have either 50 or 58 facets, which all depends on how the pavilion is cut. The princess cut may also be referred to as a Square Modified Brilliant Cut (technical name).

Radiant Cut

The Radiant cut has a square or rectangular shape with trimmed edges. It takes the grace of an Emerald cut and blends it with the effulgence of a Round Brilliant cut. 70 facets are created to make a Radiant cut diamond, and the general shape fluctuates in the scale of rectangularity.

Marquise Cut

The Marquise cut is characterized by its slender, oval shape, which comes to two sharp points on both ends. They generally have 58 facets. As with the Oval cut, Marquise cuts complement slender fingers and have a bigger surface area. This type of cut was coined “Marquise” by King Louis XIV because he wanted a diamond that represented the smile of Marquise de Pompadour.

fancy diamond jewellery

18k White Gold 3.94ctw Pink & White Diamond Multi Shape Ladies Bracelet

Emerald Cut

An Emerald cut diamond has a very charming shape. Emerald Cuts’ stair-like facets, rectangular shape, and trimmed edges are what define them. Because this style of cut has a larger, “open table” center, it is usually only used on diamonds with top color and clarity. Emerald cuts are polished with 44 facets.

Oval Cut 

An Oval cut diamond is a lengthened version of the Round Brilliant cut. Oval cut diamonds are mostly polished with 56 facets. As long as it in good proportion, an oval cut offers amazing brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Oval diamonds have become super popular for their ability to complement slender fingers (which many women have) so well. Additionally, due to the greater surface area, an Oval cut has over a round brilliant cut of the same carat weight, it’s the perfect choice for people who place a greater importance on size.

Heart Shape

One of the most romantic and playful diamond cuts is the heart shape diamond cut. It requires extreme competence to create a Heart Shape cut that perfectly harmonizes its shape. Heart Shape diamond cuts are polished with 59 facets, and we love them as much as the shape they represent.

18k white gold bracelet with pink diamonds

18k White Gold 3.94ctw Pink & White Diamond Multi Shape Ladies Bracelet

Cushion Cut

The Cushion cut indicates soft edges and round corners, like that of a cushion or sofa pillow, hence its name. Cushion cuts have around, and popular, since the dawn of diamond cutting. They can range from a squarer shape to a more rectangular one.

Asscher Cut

Asscher cuts are quite unique. They are very much alike to Emerald cuts, with their stair/step-like facets and trimmed corners, but they are square shaped instead of rectangular. Joseph Asscher created the Asscher cut in 1902. He took inspiration from the way tables were cut and shaped in the Renaissance era.

Pear Shape

Pear Shape diamond cuts are very special. They combine the cuts of a marquise and a round brilliant, which give them a teardrop, pear shape. This cut is often seen in rings, earrings and pendants. They are generally polished with 58 facets, proportioned beautifully, and they give amazing depth brightness to the tip of the diamond.

fancy pink diamond halo bracelet

Top: Pear Shape cut center pink diamond with pear-shaped pink and white diamond halo set in a contemporary 18k white gold bracelet design with teardrop shaped diamond links, secured with a safety clasp.

Diamond Halo Bracelets

All of the bracelets featured in this article have a halo setting. A halo setting is a style that contains a larger centerpiece diamond encircled by a “halo” of smaller diamonds.

The halo creates such a beautiful, eye-catching look, and is a fantastic way to get the most bling for your buck. Halo settings give the appearance of a bigger center stone.

Even if you have a somewhat smaller center diamond, the halo effect will make the piece as a whole pop.

pink diamond bracelets

The 4C’s of Diamonds

We’ve talked about diamond color, more specifically fancy pink diamond color, and we’ve talked about different cuts. Now, let’s briefly go over the 4C’s so we can get an idea for how diamonds are priced in their entirety.

Here are the qualities the most crucial characteristics when pricing a diamond, starting with the most important. 


The number one factor of the 4Cs is the cut. It is the most important because it has the greatest effect on a diamond’s shine.


The next factor to consider is the color. In terms of regular, non-colored diamonds, the less color (the clearer), the higher the grade, and therefore the price. How a diamond is cut will make a big difference on the color.

In terms of fancy diamond color, there are many different kinds of colors: Pink, Canary Yellow, Argyle Red, Chameleon Purple, Orange, Green, Blue, and Black.

Each color has a grading system, just like we mentioned above for Fancy Pink and just like White Diamonds scale from D-Z. The biggest thing to consider is, natural vs treated. It’s pretty easy to see the difference from natural fancy colored and treated colored diamonds. The saturation in the color of treated diamonds is very noticeable, and most will look like semi-precious colored gems. Of course, as you probably already assumed, treated colored diamonds are cheaper than the superior natural colored diamonds.

fancy color diamond jewelry

Fancy Pink Diamond Bracelets at Diamonds by Raymond Lee


Carat is the term used to determine the diamond’s total weight, not its size. As we mentioned already in this article, many diamonds which equal to the same total carat weight as a single, larger diamond, is not worth the same amount. As bigger diamonds are more rare, the single, larger diamond of the same weight will be worth significantly more.


Another factor which you’ve seen a few examples of with our fancy pink diamond bracelets is the shape. Diamond shapes have unique attributes, which therefore affect the price and quality grade.


Not technically part of the 4Cs, which is why you will hear many say it’s not 4 its 5Cs, is the certification. A diamond that is certified will fetch a higher price, as it is a clear representation of its authenticity. The best way to put this 5th C concern to rest is to only deal with reputable jewelry and diamond dealers.

18k White Gold

All of the bracelets featured have diamonds set in a white gold chain, and for good reason, besides the simple fact that white gold is absolutely beautiful.

Why we use white gold instead of a metal like silver

White gold is more durable than silver. It is a much better option for jewelry that you wear frequently or day-to-day, as white gold will ensure little damage can be done to your piece over time. It is scratch-resistant and the shape will not alter, as it will with silver.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Diamonds by Raymond Lee is Boca Raton’s number one diamond and jewelry boutique. We have been serving Boca Raton and South Florida’s insatiable need for diamonds for over 30 years. Our team of diamond advisers dedicates themselves to assisting you in selecting your perfect, dream diamond jewelry.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee is Sunny Florida’s best engagement ring retailer since 2016.

Our vision has always aimed to forge a unique, professional, intimate vibe. We want our shopping experience to work for all generations. We know what the modern jewelry buyer wants; yet we keep traditions that never fade intact, such as sensibility, artistry, and craftsmanship.

If you’re looking for the best diamond bracelet for your money, then please contact us and let us know your budget and what you’re looking for. We will comb through our selection or even create a new piece just for you, to meet your highest expectation.

fancy diamond cuts

“We’re the new generation of jewelers, perfected. We’re diamonds, perfected.”

How to Get Your Engagement Ring Appraised

Posted on by Jennica Janae

Looking to get your engagement ring appraised? Here’s what you need to know.

What is an engagement ring appraisal?

If you’re unfamiliar with appraisals, an appraisal is just a piece of paper that verifies information about the item you own. It shows you how much that item might be of value if you chose to put it up for sale. Just like an appraisal you would get on your house or car. An engagement ring appraisal is no different than that.

But it is different from a certificate of authentication or a diamond grading report. A diamond grading report is a report that tells you everything you need to know about your diamond from the size to the setting. It does not assign you a market value to your piece, which is what an appraisal does.

Why should you get your engagement ring appraised?

One of the main reasons you should get your engagement ring appraised is for your insurance. Yes, you should have insurance on your engagement ring. Think of it as a receipt of sorts. You need an appraisal to obtain insurance and you’ll want one to have in case anything goes wrong. If your ring were to be lost or stolen you’d need to have proof for a claim if you file one.

How to get your engagement ring appraised

You want to get your engagement ring appraised as soon as possible. We recommend that you get it done when you purchase the ring just in case something were to happen to it. And the sooner you get it done, the less you have to worry about if something does accidentally happen.

When it comes time for the actual diamond appraisal, ideally, this is something that should happen right in front of you. It should not be done by a drop-off or mail-in service. You want to ensure that your stone is staying protected. However, this isn’t always the case. So you’ll want to make yourself familiar with the plot diagram of jeweler appraisals and ask as many questions as you can before handing over your precious gem.

Because your ring may be out of your hands for some time, you’ll want to inspect it thoroughly before you drop it off and after you pick it up. Take pictures if you need to so that you know what your ring looked like when you left it. You’ll also want to get a ballpark price point before you leave. Though it won’t be a final appraisal, it will give you an idea of what to expect in the end.

Now there will be a fee to get your engagement ring appraised but that will vary from place to place. It all depends on the experience and expertise of the appraiser you choose. Engagement ring appraisals can range anywhere from $50 to $150 per hour. Some charge a flat rate while some work by the hour. Make sure you ask them before you commit. 

RLJ jewelry appraisals

Here at Raymond Lee Jewelers, we can help you get your engagement ring appraised with confidence. Our experienced gemologist is dedicating to providing you with proper engagement ring appraisals every time. 

Here we understand that knowing the value of your engagement ring in the current market is the only way you can be adequately covered by your insurance against jewelry damage, loss or theft. Update your ring appraisals today to find out the real value of it. Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds by Raymond Lee will provide you with an accurate appraisal based on current market values to ensure that you will get sufficient insurance coverage.

Verragio Engagement Rings

Areas we serve

We are located in southern Florida in the city of Boca Raton. We proudly serve Boca Raton and the surrounding following areas: Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Broward, and Miami-Dade. Stop by and talk to one of our experts and get your engagement ring appraised today. 

Ladies Rolex Presidential White Gold versus Platinum Presidential Watch Comparison

Posted on by Yuri

A ladies Rolex Presidential watch, white gold or platinum? We reviewed ladies Rolex President  watches in white gold and platinum to find out what the unique features of each one have. These Rolex Date just ladies watches have all of the unique and distinguishing President watch features. From the three piece links of semi circular bracelet details to the date just date window it’s a true refined Rolex iconic look. However, the unique and distinguishing features of each one make them stellar. For one with a diamond jeweled bezel and diamond hour markers. Further accentuated with a lovely mother of pearl dial with a guilloche border pattern feature the white gold version of the ladies Rolex Presidential watch is stunning. On the other hand the ultra resistant platinum version uses one of the world’s toughest and most durable and resistant metals available. Not only the case but also the dial.

Furthermore the Platinum version of the ladies Rolex date just presidential watch also has diamond features. Each one of the exquisite diamond gems are placed around the dial face. All of this to create a spectacular after market diamond hour marker dial. Refined and comfortable both of these watches feature the gorgeous President bracelet with semi circular triple links. These comfortably sit along your wrist for an exquisite jewelry touch bracelet. More than a watch it is truly a refined piece for those in power. As we have seen from the fine men and women who donned them these watches are exquisitely crafted with every detail thought through. For the influential a watch that carries with it all of the influence of a world renowned brand. First we will take a look at the style of these two watches. Then we will go into details about each one of them.

Ladies Rolex President Date Just Watches

Ladies white gold presidential and platinum presidential

The ultimate prestigious watch the Rolex President Date Just is one that takes several unique Rolex features. First the date just functionality. Rolex was the very first to bring this Date Just function to the world from Europe. It was debuted as the instantly recognizable waterproof and self winding chronometer wrist watch with a modern calendar. This calendar feature is displayed instantaneously on the dial as the numerals showed in a date window. Known for their exceptional level of precision, readability, legibility and presence make it one of the most prestigious and well worn watches in the world. It is the ultimate style and presence watch having been one of the very first to feature a date window. The bespoke date display that distinguishes this watch is sitting at the 3 o’clock hour marker. Further it has an augmented glass to improve readability. Aesthetics and function this watch transcends fashion.

Furthermore, the Presidential Rolex watch, brought to the world from Europe, gained its name President as Presidents such as Eisenhower, and LBJ, the first of the U.S. Presidents to sport the Rolex timepiece, donned them while in office. It became the iconic watch of powerful men and women around the globe. This is where true detailed feats of jewelry came into play. For example the bezels. These are available in fluted, smooth or gem set arrayed in precious stones like round brilliant white accent diamonds. Also distinct is the Rolesor a combination of fine gold and steel that make this Rolex an iconically durable watch. Known for its strength and durability it is a refined jewelry piece that can withstand time. Further enriching this watch’s history and stellar distinction is the Oyster Presidents bracelet. A durable and resistant band it also comes in a three piece semi circular links.

Ladies Rolex Oyster white gold and platinum Presidential Bands

Ladies white gold presidential and platinum presidential

A true magic touch on both of these watches. One that elevates them to true pieces of jewelry are the Presidential bands. These are watches that any bride regardless of how traditional or how modern her big day will be can complement her wedding gown with. They are powerful prestigious designs that influence and announce a presence. Not only carrying the iconic Rolex name and weight behind the craftsmanship of the brand. But also of the exquisite fine metals and jewels in use with it. Furthermore the diamonds and jewels on either one of these watches make them a bridal wear perfection. Undoubtedly a jewel that can span entire life times these Rolexes are inimitable and precious. Graceful and thinner with more added texture than the original Rolex Oyster steel bracelet band the Presidential bands are instantly recognizable. Furthermore the smaller links strike a more jewelry like sentiment as well.

First the white gold watch has a white gold bracelet that matches the case and bezel material. Second is the platinum Rolex presidential band that in turn matches the case material of that watch as well. There is only a slight 0.5” difference in length between both of these bands. While the white gold band will fit a 6.5” wrist the platinum bracelet is long enough for a 7”. Both of these lovely graceful bands have the inimitable crown clasp. This gorgeous Rolex clasp holds down the bracelet safely, securely and comfortably. It does not interrupt the jewelry look of the bracelet with a large or separate looking clasp. The crown clasp sits delicately and petite at the center of the bracelet. Finally, the three link bracelet has a smooth center style link while the two other links that flank it on either side are a brushed style.

After market intricate diamond dials

Ladies white gold presidential and platinum presidential

Another added touch that brings these watches to the height of a wedding present are the diamond dials. Unlike a more traditional and base range Rolex these have bespoke diamond dials. Each one has a single round brilliant white diamond at the hour markers of the dial pointing to the time. The fined quality of the gems and expert inlay are an added touch to an already stunning watch. Furthermore the white gold version further enhances the diamonds with an accent diamond studded bezel. All around the watch dial there are a series of diamonds one next to the other.  

Rolex 69166 Platinum Diamond Dial Presidential Ladies Watch

Ladies Rolex presidential platinum

Finally the watch itself. The platinum diamond dial presidential ladies watch. This Rolex 69166 is a fine jewelry piece worthy of any refined ladies wedding day. While watches are not the most commonly thought of piece of jewelry for that grand day, a true milestone in one persons life. Fine luxury time pieces are an incredible and impeccable addition for a gown. No matter how modern or timelessly classic the theme and style of the wedding or dress. This watch is one for a lifetime and the platinum case and gorgeous Presidential bracelet further accentuate this fact. Also the after market diamonds on the dial bring it further into the realm of jewelry pieces.

Ladies Rolex Presidential platinum

As you can see above the Presidential bracelet is a refined and lovely lady like look. It has the smaller triple links and the semi circular design sit perfectly next to one another. More than a refined wristwatch it is really a unique piece of jewelry. Intricate and patterned it shows incredible craftsmanship from the movements and machinations to the actual working of the platinum bracelet and fine watch case. It is nothing less than what you would expect from a leading brand like Rolex. They have been setting the standard for fine watches for far longer than many other luxury brands have been around.

Rolex 6917 18k White Gold Mother Of Pearl Presidential Ladies Watch

Ladies Rolex Presidential white gold

Another incredible piece of course is the white gold version that we have been discussing. It has a white gold presidential bracelet as well as amazing diamond features. These of course include both the after market diamond bezel that surrounds the dial. And the diamond hour markers on the dial itself. Similar to the watch above the diamonds mark each hour. However, this watch has a further unique feature which is the mother of pearl dial style. It has a lovely guilloche border which then visually leads into the diamond white gold bezel. More on the incredible jewelled bezel below but the guilloche is an incredible intricate pattern. The mother of pearl is a slight delicate touch that truly sets this watch apart. Beyond the marine feel and exquisite traditional look it enhances the shine and glimmer of this time piece. All while also offsetting the lovely white gold hour minute and seconds hands that reflect off the face of the dial. 

Ladies Rolex Presidential white gold

Finally the white gold version of the Presidential three link bracelet and Rolex crown clasp finalize this amazing watch’s look. It is enhanced by the gentle moving and sloping links. They have additional movement and slack in order to fit you perfectly and comfortably. There is nothing limiting their moveability and therefore adjustments to your wrist. The patterned intermittent brushed and smooth polishing of the links also gives them an additional jewelry style look. Overall this watch is an incredible piece that is inimitable. Beyond all of the features that we have showcased and discussed here there is also the incredible accent diamond white gold bezel. More on this lovely after market feature below. But this watch is truly one of our Diamonds by Raymond Lee favorite with its bespoke details.

Accent diamond white gold bezel

Another unique feature of this incredible white gold diamond Rolex presidential date just watch is the after market diamond bezel. Further accentuating the mother of pearl glinting and glimmering dial face is the bezel surrounding it. A still smooth bezel originally this one has been ramped up with the addition of more than just a few ultra high quality brilliant white round accent diamonds. These have been expertly set all around the watch and add a further jewelled shine to the watch. It pairs well with the after market diamond dial that the watch has. For each one of the diamonds at the hour markers are further accentuated with the diamond dial. It is unquestionably a gorgeous piece that goes further beyond a wrist watch or even luxury time piece. It truly is elevated to a fine jewelry piece. The watch style is also unique however its an exquisite Rolex.

White Gold Mother Of Pearl Presidential Ladies Watch

Diamonds by Raymond Lee your watch and fine bridal jewelry South Florida destination

We at Diamonds by Raymond Lee pride ourselves in helping brides find the ideal jewelry for their engagement, wedding and beyond. For the past 30 years we have been the premier diamond, watch and jewelry destination for South Florida, and look forward to providing the same caliber of excellence for the next three decades to come.  As a family business based on tradition and commitment to exclusive fine jewelry and watches we pride ourselves in offering brands like these Rolex creations. All of our product offerings and raw materials are rigorously provenanced and tested for quality assurance. For the past thirty years we have served our community in South Florida to help them make their dreams come true. Whether you are searching for a unique piece for yourself, or for your loved one we are here to help. Our diamond experts and jewelry assistants can walk you through every step.

We look forward to hearing from our customers and guiding them on the journey to their big day. It is why we have a dedicated bridal collection. Our curated selection of engagement rings, wedding bands, jewelry and fine watches are on display at our gorgeous and convenient locations. You can visit us at any time that is convenient for you to try on watches like the Rolex President white gold or platinum ones above. Or to see the rest of our unique Rolex and other fine watch brand offerings. A watch is a lovely accent for the bride’s wrist and we have an entire series for you to look at or even try on. From bespoke diamond additions to services for you to add your very own jewels Diamonds by Raymond Lee can help you get the watch of your dreams. Visit us to explore the possibilities for your nuptials.

Tudor Big Block Review | Tudor 79170 Black Dial & 12 Hour Bi-Directional Bezel

Posted on by Samuel Coleman

Featuring the Tudor 79170 Big Block – Read below to learn about Tudor’s History, the Tudor Big Block 79100 series, and see the Tudor 79170 for sale at Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton.

tudor 79170

Anyone who loves Rolex watches would love to have a Rolex Daytona. The Daytona has shaped a league of its own over the years. It’s expensive, but not over-the-top; unique, but not distasteful; flashy, but not obnoxious. And for most people, it’s highly coveted…but not obtainable. The discontinued Daytona 116520 goes for anywhere from $12,000 and up. So, unfortunately, for many, a price like that for a watch is out of reach.

BUT, what if you could have the very next best thing for only $4,000?

That’s where the Tudor Oysterdate Big Block comes into play. It resembles the Daytona beautifully, but it sells for a fraction of the price. There is a reason why it is so similar to the Daytona, and it’s not because it’s a copycat. Below we will explain the history of Tudor, which will help you understand why.

History of the Tudor Brand

It is crucial to understand that the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, was able to make Rolex watches so prominent by creating niches for every model. Other luxury watch brands made watches, Hans Wilsdorf and his company made tools. There is a Rolex watch for deep-sea divers, pilots, scientist, and race car drivers.

All of these Rolex models are high-end in terms of pricing and quality. They are made for people with big incomes. However, they are loved by everyone.

So, in 1946, Wilsdorf made a move to expand his audience. At the time, he did something that probably seemed crazy. He made a new brand of watches that underpriced the Rolex brand.

Nowadays, multi-brand strategies like this are common practice (for example, Volkswagen Group has a range of brands for cars to meet different price points – VW, Audi, Lamborghini). However, back then, it was far from the norm.

Wilsdorf managed this brand division in a genius way, as to not risk ruining the Rolex name. He removed the most expensive element of the Rolex watch, the movement, and replaced it with a less expensive one (yet still extremely reliable). This allowed for a practical alternative for those whom Rolex was out of reach.

Beyond the movement, other components – such as the case, dial, crystal, bracelet – were communal. This made for a fluid transition and it meant that the product quality was still superb.

An interesting fact many people don’t know is, Hans Wilsdorf had actually pursued this multi-brand strategy for a less expensive brand much earlier in his own name. However, this time, he gave it a name of its own, TUDOR.

tudor chronograph vintage


As Tudor used many of the same pieces as Rolex, some of the older Tudor models, like the one featured in this article, had the Rolex Crown stampings (on the crown and caseback).

This has made Tudor watches with the Rolex Crown on some of the pieces even more collectible as of late.

Today, Tudor is still a sister company to the parent company, of which both are owned by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. It wasn’t until 2010 that Tudor found really great success, though. They achieved this with their Heritage line, which helped them gain respect as a unique brand.

Since then, some of their vintage watches have become sought after by watch collectors, furthering the brand’s popularity. Many collectors consider Tudor watches as a hidden gem due to the fine quality and very reasonable price point. So, many people are now taking a closer look.

The Tudor Big Block is one of the watches collectors have their eye on, especially.

Tudor Big Block History

1976 was an important year for Tudor because they launched their Big Block Chronograph. It was a very significant development for Tudor, as it was the FIRST automatic self-winding chronograph that Hans Wilsdorf released, ever. This includes Rolex watches…

Yes, Tudor was the first. It was twelve years before Rolex released their first automatic chronograph, the Daytona.

This makes the Tudor brand more innovative than many would give credit.

Collectors gave the Tudor Chronograph Vintage watch the nickname “Big Block” because of the great depth the watch’s case has. The case is big, hence the name. In fact, it was the deepest watch that Rolex or Tudor had ever put out, that is until Rolex introduced the Deep Sea Dweller.

The reason the case was made so thick was so it could fit the automatic winding mechanism. Also, the Tudor Big Block features a modified Valjoux calibre 7750 movement, which is less compact than the 4130 movement which you will find in most Rolex watches.

Like many of the Tudor Chronographs, the Big Block watches are differentiated by the bezel type. There is the steel tachymeter, the plastic tachymeter, and the 12-hour graduated bi-directional bezel.

The Big Block has become highly sought after among collectors over the last few years.

Furthermore, the fact of the matter is, they simply represent great value for money spent. It’s truly a high-quality wristwatch.

On a side note, the Tudor Oysterdate Big Block watches are waterproof. They have a Triplock Screw-down Winding Crown, just like Rolex watches.

tudor oysterdate big block

Tudor Daytona

The resemblance of the Big Block with the Daytona is remarkable. Parts like the crown, pushers, and bracelet are nearly the same. Although the shield logo makes it obviously a Tudor, it doesn’t take a watch expert to see that the components of the two watches share the same history.

For example, parts like the bracelet have similar product numbers, which means that they are from the same production family.

In fact, the earliest productions of the Big Block had come from the same factory, which is why they have the Rolex crown engraved on some of the same parts as the Daytona.

The Big Block saw the introduction of an achromatic dial, which gives it an even more Rolex-esque feel. Other Tudor Chronographs, such as the Monte Carlos and Homeplate, have multi-colored dials, with very bright colored accents. Comparing to the Monte Carlos and Homeplate, the Big Block carries a minimal dial design. The Big Block 79170 comes in either white with black subdials or black with white/silver subdials. We love how it emphasizes a significant dial-counter contrast.

Main differences of the Rolex Daytona and the Tudor Big Block 79100 series

As mentioned above, the biggest difference is at the heart of the watch, the movement. The Daytona uses Rolex’s famous calibre 4130, while the Tudor Oysterdate Chrono 79170 Big Block has the workhorse Valjoux 7750.

Any watch that utilizes an automatic chrono and is under $5,000 will likely have a 7750 movement. The 7750’s obvious feature is the 12, 6 and 9 layout on the dial, and a date window at the 3. Additionally, the Tudor Big Block has a cyclops eye on the crystal, which the Daytona doesn’t have.

The pushers also require slightly more pressure than a 4130 movement, due to the cam-actuated mechanism the 7750 uses, rather than the higher priced column wheel the 4130 uses. Another easy way to spot the difference is the wobble you feel inside the watch with the 7750 when you rotate the watch on your wrist during the period when the rotor weight is in full spin.

The 7750 might not be as elegant looking (if you were to open up the watch). And it isn’t the most compact. Nonetheless, it is a movement that will last a lifetime.

In terms of price, it is very economical when comparing to the Daytona. It really is a bargain as it offers incredible quality. Nevertheless, it isn’t quite a Daytona. However, for someone who can’t cough up the price a Daytona requires, the Tudor is truly the next best thing. It shares the same heritage and has become the best-kept secret in the luxury watch community. But…not for long.

tudor oysterdate chronograph

The Tudor Big Block CASE

The Tudor 79170’s case diameter is 40mm and as its nickname “Big Block” suggests, it is quite thick at 14.5mm. The larger size isn’t at all cumbersome, though. Plus, for those who like bigger watches, it is actually a graceful difference from the Daytona. Many people prefer the larger size over Daytona’s slightly delicate (in comparison) case.

The Tudor Big Block has an Oyster case and is water resistant down to 100m/330ft. It has a Triplock screw-down Oyster crown (with the Rolex Crown symbol) and pushers, and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal covering the dial.


Our Tudor Big Block 79170 bears the engraved “Original Oyster Case By Rolex Geneva” and Rolex crown on the caseback, making it even more collectible.

tudor big block 79170

Tudor 79170 Black DIAL with White Sub Dials

The 79100 Tudor Big Block series features a neutral colored dial. The dials are either black with silver or white subdials, or white with black subdials. Our Big Block has the reverse panda color scheme.

The applied indices are easily observable at any angle or lighting condition thanks to the beveled edges. Due to the reverse-panda dial color design, the chronograph seconds hand and the rest of the functions are well defined.

The applied faceted steel baton hands and pip indices are luminous, allowing you to check the time with ease at night.

Most Big Blocks have the Oysterdate name below the Tudor symbol, and this one is no exception. Additionally, it bears the “Automatic Chrono Time” arched over the bottom chronograph register at the 6.

As for the chrono registers, they are raised at their inner, giving the dial a 3D appearance.

tudor chronograph

Tudor Big Block 79170 Black graduated 12-hour bi-directional BEZEL

There are three references for the 79100 series; each model is individualized by the type of bezel apart from the color variations of the dial mentioned above).

  • 79160 with black plastic tachymeter bezel;
  • 79170 with black graduated 12-hour bi-directional bezel;
  • 79180 with steel tachymeter bezel.

As you already know, we have the Tudor 79170 on display in this post.

The bi-direction bezel on the Tudor 79170 adds to the functionality when timekeeping. The bezel is used for measuring elapsed time and can easily track a second time zone or other activities while not needing to engage the chronograph. This is a classic bezel that you won’t easily find elsewhere. It is quite rare actually, especially on a watch in this condition.

Tudor Big Block BRACELET & CLASP

This Tudor 79170 has the classic Oyster bracelet. It compliments the large case amazingly. It’s made of stainless steel with 589 end links and a lug width of 20mm. The bracelet, like the rest of the watch, is in perfect condition.

The clasp is a double folding deployment clasp and it bears the Tudor logo.

tudor big block review

Tudor 79170 for sale

If you have been looking to purchase a Tudor Big Block 79170 in amazing condition, you have found the one. Our Tudor 79170 Big Block is like new and it comes with the original box, booklet, and papers.

It has a reassuring heft to it and when you put it on your wrist, you will see it is a marvelously built timepiece. Finding a well-preserved Tudor Big Block with the Rolex Crown symbols on the crown and caseback is rare. So, if this is something that you want to get your hands on, we suggest pulling the trigger quickly before someone else does. We are confident when we say…you won’t be disappointed.

tudor daytona

Contact us below with any questions and to receive pricing.

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Raymond Lee Jewelers takes pride and continues to be active in our community of Boca Raton and South Florida.

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Rolex Two Tone Submariner (16613) versus Rolex GMT Two Tone (16713) Watch Review

Posted on by Yuri

Want to know the differences between a Rolex Two Tone Submariner and Rolex GMT two tone watch? This week for our Masculine Monday feature we will be comparing both of these unique Rolex watches. The first, Rolex Submariner is a diver’s tool of trade. An impeccable design with extensive functionality particularly for deep sea adventures. This watch features a classic Oyster steel two tone bracelet. Meanwhile, the other Rolex is a GMT traveller’s dream time piece. It has extensive functionalities for those who are always on the move. Appropriately named the GMT it has global time abilities and a durable feel like the Submariner. On the other hand this watch has a celebratory Jubilee bracelet. One of the most coveted and prized Rolex bracelets around. It really truly sets this watch even further apart. Here we will go over not just what sets these two watches apart from each other.

Further, we will go into the similarities of these two iconic watches. For a renowned brand like Rolex, known world wide for their quality, precision and innovation, a master piece is no easy feat. However, both of these embody the tradition of Rolex. The Rolex watches use some of the world’s most complex and of course uniquely patented machinations. Also, they have the unique functionalities and features that classic modern gentlemen look for in a time piece. Nevertheless, the watches are timeless and a part  of any refined collections of luxury watches. They are for the connoisseur and the collector, those involved in these arenas or deeply involved with the Rolex craftsmanship. Rolex is the timeless brand of bold, powerful and committed men. In the same way that they are deeply committed to their craftsmanship, bold in their designs and housing powerful movements and machinations they are committed to classics.

The Rolex Brand: a luxury and fine watch industry leader

Rolex Two Tone Submariner and Rolex GMT

A Rolex is a marker of reaching a certain point in your life. It is a classic and capable machine from a world famous leader. A landmark brand in innovations and novelty features for watches. From the very beginning Rolex has always been at the cusp of innovation and acceleration. Rolex, the decidedly most well known and efficient luxury timepiece there is. They are eponymous with speed, precision and unparalleled performance. They introduced to the world the very first waterproof wristwatch which then launched them further into the luxury durable sports watches. A brand renowned all around the world for its impeccable quality and inimitable design Rolex has lead the craft of Horlogerie from the beginnings of wristwatches. Furthermore as a Swiss made machine you can be sure some of the world’s best craftsmen are developing each and every piece. It is synonymous with power, precision, glamour and refined aesthetics.

There is undoubtedly an extremely high level of expectation when it comes to a Rolex time piece. For the two watches we are showcasing and comparing today it is no different. Both of them employ highly advanced Rolex capacities. For example the Oyster steel, a superalloy extremely strong. This is what the Rolex Submariner’s bracelet is made of. Another, impeccable and collectible grade feature bracelet is the Rolex GMT’s jubilee bracelet. This is a Rolex commemoratory bracelet. Two tone like the Submariner’s Oyster steel one. Below you can see all of these details and further intricacies of each one of these watches including their bands. From the very beginnings when Rolex began producing time pieces exclusively for pilots to when they elevated their tools of the trade to items of precious jewelry. These two particular watches bring together all of this tradition and celebration along with modern and unique touches.  

Two of a kind: Two tone Rolex Submariner 16613 and GMT 16713 watches

First in our review is the two tone Rolex Submariner 16613. This one has the Rolex developed Oyster steel links bracelet.This unique high technology model feature that is actually used in the aerospace and chemical industries is highly durable and strong. The Submariner itself as you will see below has an incredible diver’s tool functionality. With luminous hour markers and hands and a 40 mm face this watch is easy to read no matter what depth you find yourself at. It is a fine piece for the sportive, elegantly refined gentlemen.

Rolex Two Tone Submariner and Rolex GMT

Second, is the two tone Rolex GMT 16713. It is a pilot’s watch for the gentleman who finds himself going across time zones more frequently than not. A GMT Master II it can handle two time zones so you are always on the right time without too much effort. This one also has a very special bracelet. It is an 18 carat gold and stainless steel celebratory Jubilee band. As you will see below the band itself is truly a fine piece of jewelry. A collectors preferred band it elevates this Rolex to the ultimate range.

Rolex Two Tone Submariner and Rolex GMT

Both of these Rolex time pieces are 18 carat and stainless steel two tone watches. Also, they both have the iconic Rolex automatic movements, bi-directional black and gold rotating bezel, fold over clasps, date windows at the 3 o’clock hour mark, 40 mm cases and dark black dials. This gives the watches a unique look, increased visibility and sleek aesthetic. Also they both have a fine touch of gold on the crown sitting neatly between the crown bridges. Each one of the watches also have unique bands as stated above. We will go deeper into each watches unique features next. Luxurious and powerful men’s accessories the two tone watches are refined timepieces.

The Rolex fold over clasp

An important feature of any watch is of course the bracelet clasp. Now this is a particularly sensitive and important touch when it comes to power sport watches or those used as a tool of a trade. Furthermore when it comes to fine luxury watches such as Rolex the clasp is actually an underrepresented important feature. You cannot trust that a simple basic clasp will hold the watch. It is necessary to truly have a strong and resistant clasp that does not compromise the watches ability to function well. As a leading wristwatch craftsman Rolex has a very unique proprietary clasp, the fold over clasp function. This is one that is easy to open with one hand. However, it is also highly resistant and locks tight.

Made from Rolex’s unique Oyster steel alloy it truly sets your mind at ease whether you are flying high with your Rolex GMT with a Jubilee band or diving deep with your Rolex Submariner.

Rolex Two Tone Submariner and Rolex GMT

The Rolex Two Tone Submariner 16613 watch

A diver’s refined tool

The reference among diver’s watches the Submariner unlocked the deepest depths to man. This 1990s watch was first released in 1953 when it became the very first watch in the world to reach a wistwatch waterproof depth of 100 meters. A historic turning point the Submariner is designed for depths. It continues to be one of the most cutting edge and innovative watches for diving around. The latest and greatest it features luminescent hour markers and hands as well as a large dial face to prevent any confusion down under. The dial’s luminescent Chromalight also has a unique display that actually improves visibility in dark environments including different shapes along the dial. There are triangles, circles and rectangles to keep you clear during your dives.

Rolex Two Tone Submariner oyster steel bracelet


Two tone Oyster steel and 18 carat yellow band

This watch also has one of the most worn and well received luxury watch bracelets world wide, the Oyster band. This notable and quite honestly legendary feature band sets Rolex apart for their timeless and universal classic style brands. The band’s durable Oyster steel alloy is high grade durability and easily adjusted as well. Any adjustments that are required on this bracelet can easily be made right on the spot. That is because it features the ingenious patented Rolex easy link rapid extension attachment feature. This amazing feat of craftsmanship allows you to easily increase the watch bracelet length by approximately 5 mm for additional comfort no matter the circumstance every single time. The fact that you are able to do this makes it a versatile comfort watch bracelet. You can simply regulate the band for additional comfort in any situation.

Rolex Two Tone Submariner oyster steel bracelet

The Rolex two tone GMT 16713 watch

A two time zone pilot’s watch

This watch was truly made for intercontinental travel. It is not a time piece for any time. It is the time piece no matter what time you are in or going to be in. The distinctive black dial is the face of this Rolex with increased visibility and readability. Each of the hour markers are crafted from 18 carat gold to prevent any tarnishing. The winding crown of this gorgeous watch allows you to set the local time by jumping hour to hour. All without affecting the home time already set into your watch. Without affecting the precision of time keeping and never missing a beat this ingenious craftsmanship keeps pilots and world travellers going on time all of the time. Undoubtedly one of the more advanced of Rolex watches this one also features 3186 calibre movement. The self winding mechanical movement that truly sets the Rolex GMT watch apart.

Rolex GMT jubilee bracelet


Two tone Jubilee 18 carat yellow gold and stainless steel bracelet

Over time the coveted Oyster bracelet renowned for its comfort and aesthetic beauty has had many a celebration. Its durable alloy and bright sparkling features made it one of the preferred band types. To mark the Rolex brand’s 40th anniversary they released the commemorative Jubilee bracelet. This particular watch bracelet is one of these commemoratory Oyster bracelets. The Jubilee is much like the Oyster steel bracelet but with finer links and much added comfort. Each one of the links on the Jubilee bracelets are a semi circular link. It was meant to be more of a dress bracelet for a watch. However, it is still a robust and sturdy bracelet overall. Originally the Jubilee bracelet was only released as a solid gold bracelet feature. However, over time several other metal types were also released including this two tone beauty. The iconic three link design continues to impress collectors world wide.

Rolex GMT jubilee bracelet

Diamonds by Raymond Lee your South Florida destination for fine and luxury Rolex watches

Overall the Rolex luxury timepieces are an accessory for life. As a true standing statement of refined style and personal lifestyle each one of these watches embodies power, sport and a life well lived. Our curated collection is a combination of our favorite classic pieces and some of the world’s most difficult to find limited edition pieces. Iconically renowned and timeless timepieces that are dependable and sought after like these Rolexes. We source fine luxury watches and unique limited edition timepieces of the utmost quality. All of our product offerings, including the Rolexes mentioned here are carefully inspected and tested to ensure authenticity and quality. There is nothing quite like a fine piece of jewelry or a luxury watch as a gift or occasion marking present. We know that. It is why we are continuously sourcing and curating our offerings. We strive to carry the best world pieces of Horlogerie.

Rolex Two Tone Submariner and Rolex GMT

We have been serving South Florida offering diamonds, jewelry and fine timepieces for the past three decades. And look forward to continuing this tradition for the next three decades to come too. Overall our commitment is to offer superior service and the ultimate quality pieces. We pride ourselves in our collection and our customers. It is why we have served the South Florida community, hosting events, launching luxury brand collections and helping fine gentleman discover their true fine luxury accessory. From our events and interactions with you, we know you deserve nothing but the absolute best. This is why we work on always providing you with the best items and the most unique experiences possible. Each and every single time you are with us. Keep an eye on our complete collection of offerings and events; browse our site or visit us at one of our conveniently located and exquisite showrooms.

Diamonds and Donuts Boca Raton Car Show | November 18th Recap

Posted on by Samuel Coleman
The best car show in Palm Beach County, Diamonds and Donuts Boca Raton, had another successful turnout this past Sunday. We had free breakfast (coffee and donuts!), live music, jewelry giveaway, and a BBQ lunch for $10 where all the proceeds go to a good cause (the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County). Oh, and of course, cars, cars, and more cars (Lamborghinis, McLarens, Porsches, and many more)…plus, motorbikes like the 1300cc Suzuki Hayabusa too. In this article, we recap our November 18, 2018 Diamonds and Donuts Car Show and feature just a few noteworthy cars and people who attended.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee’s retail jewelry store in Boca Raton was invaded by a profusion of exotics, muscle, sports, luxury, 4×4, custom, and classic cars, superbikes, and auto nuts. The Diamonds and Donuts Boca Raton car show kicked off at 9am and went into the afternoon, with music, food, donuts, giveaways, pictures, donations, laughs and all the good things that come with a car meet – reminding everyone why Diamonds and Donuts is the premier car show in South Florida.

cars and coffee palm beach

What is the Diamonds and Donuts Boca Raton Car Show all about?

If you aren’t familiar, Diamonds and Donuts is a monthly car show in Boca Raton, held at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Our car show is more than just a place where amazing cars gather; it is a charity event, raising money and goods for local causes.

The first Diamonds and Donuts car show was April of 2017, and we have been growing month-over-month ever since. We now get a TON of cars and attendees, and we are recognized as one of the hottest car shows in South Florida.

Diamonds and Donuts has luxury cars and jewelry, live music, delicious foods and exclusive giveaways, gorgeous “Diamond Girls” and awesome Floridians, and it is a great chance for local businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with their community.

We are so grateful to all that show up every month. You are truly making our car show a South Florida hit. Diamonds and Supercars have striking similarities. Both attract a lot of attention. So, it is no wonder it has been so successful. Also, we just know how to put on a good show 😉

car show miami


Our charitable efforts were a success with the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County again.

Apart from raising money for the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County, we also had a food drive just in time for Thanksgiving. This also ended up being a big success.

The fact that we have created an incredible event that sees some of the most exquisite cars in the world and combined that successfully with giving back to causes that touch home for us makes Diamonds and Donuts such a pleasure to host each and every month.

car shows south florida 2018

Here are some of the Diamonds by Raymond Lee team with the Boys and Girls Club in the photo in front of their bus. (@bgcofbroward)

Victory Lap:

Now, it’s time for a victory lap. Let’s have a look at some of the cars and people who joined us this past Sunday at DIAMONDS AND DONUTS.

Our parking lot was full of nice cars of all kinds, as per usual.

Xbox Lamborghini

xbox lamborghini

Fabio came with his X-Box Lamborghini Huracán Performante (his personal IG handle is @fabio_icg and his car’s account is @xboxlambo).

The 2018 Huracán Performante has a V10 engine with 640HP, and it is faster and livelier than ever.

Originally, Fabio’s car is of Verde Mantis color (green), but he recently gave his Lambo a temporary makeover in support of Xbox’s 17th Birthday. It took some of the most exclusive car wrap technology to make this happen, and it was done in collaboration with @metrowrapz.

Fabio wrote:
“Wrap is on the last lap, soon the green will be back. #xboxlambo will take a vacation. I’m so proud of everything I did with this car. I never thought a car could represent so much on my life.”

For us, his car is the epitome of sophistication, technology, refinement, and fun. This is what a massive, boisterous engine should sound and drive like.

@sarachristine____ came out with 3 of her cars.

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

car shows in miami

First, let’s go over her Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

Stephan Winkelmann, Lambo’s charismatic chairman, stated that the Roadster is the most extraordinary car in the company’s illustrious history at the car’s launch down in Miami.

This is a bold statement, but it is hard to argue with.

The Roadster has 729bhp ready and willing, which is more than the already insane 680bhp that has been bestowed to the standard Aventador.

What’s even more impressive is the claim Lamborghini makes on how the Roadster reaches an astonishing top speed of 217mph with or without the roof in place. It really doesn’t get any better.

Sara’s Roadster is all white with orange calibers for a touch of extra spice.

Lamborghini Gallardo

car show miami

Sara also blessed us with her white Lambo Gallardo (pictured left). 

The Gallardo is a household name, as it is Lamborghini’s first top-selling model, produced from 2003 to 2013, at which time the Huracán took over (2014). There were only 14,022 Gallardos produced during its production run. It was named after the great breed of fighting bull and it has a V10 engine with a maximum output of 493hp.

1970 Plymouth Barracuda

muscle car shows florida

The Barracuda, or “‘Cuda” for short, emerged as an all-out muscle car in 1970. It was built on an E-body chassis platform, the same as Dodge’s Challenger. It is very similar in that regards, except that the body-panels were not interchangeable.

Sara’s ‘Cuda features heavy duty suspension and drive trains that can handle all the extra power that come equipped in this muscle car. Furthermore, it has a torsion bar suspension layout at the front with semi-elliptical lead springs and a live axle at the rear.

The 1970 Barracuda had a production of only 18,800 coupes and 635 Convertibles. As you can see, she has the convertible, which makes it a highly sought after, rare classic. Yet, the rarest 1970 ‘Cuda is the Hemi convertible, as there was only eight built in total.

Lamborghini Aventador

car shows in south florida

The other white Lamborghini Aventador, first one on the right, belongs to Sean Flood (@954_mr_xi). Sean always supports Diamonds and Donuts and the causes we raise awareness and contributions for. We are very grateful for him…and his Aventador.

By the way, the car’s name is Bella – a beautiful name for a beautiful car. She has an in-house Lambo V12 engine, produces 690 bhp, goes 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds, and has a base price of US$393,695 (baller alert!).

Huracán Performante

florida car shows swap meets

Sitting in a Lamborghini Huracán Performante wearing a rose gold iced out AP Royal Oak Offshore. The owner of the car is Tony Cabrera (@tnismo).

Tony is a great guy. This is our first time featuring him, so we want to give a quick tidbit on him. He’s a member of @gentlemenz_florida_ and @rotiform. He is just an overall gentleman.

florida classic car shows

The Huracán isn’t the only car you will catch him in. He has a 2015 Nissan 370Z Nismo too (seen below).

Nissan 370Z Nismo

palm beach car show 2018

Janeece Sinclair

Pictured here in front of Rolls Royce is Janeece Sinclair (@squatqueenjaneece).

car show fort lauderdale

Photo was shot and edited by @CKSoFLy

Janeece is an American fitness model and athlete known for having a super lean and toned physique. She is absolutely gorgeous and her glutes are something to envy AND aspire to. Janeece is a competitive fitness model, taking part in competitions such as Fitness Universe Miss Bikini (which she took 1st place in 2013).

As amazing as she is, she is the perfect example of overcoming adversity. In 2017, she was in and out of the hospital, sick for 11 months due to a tough condition we all know called Crohn’s. Although Crohn’s is a lifelong condition and a constant battle, she is proof that you can overpower any struggle and still be the most amazing you. I mean, just look at her, she is gorgeous, strong, hard working (I mean you have to be to have a body like that!), a complete badass, and her achievements are continually piling up. She is very inspirational. It was a pleasure to have her at the show.

Be sure to check out her Instagram (she has 100k followers on Instagram…and counting). Not only is she amazing, but she also has impeccable photographs.

Lily Lindquist

boca car show

@lilylindquist posing in front of an antique Porsche Carrera. Photo was shot and edited by @CKSoFLy

Lily is another popular and beautiful influencer. She works in, and has a passion for, the auto industry. Lily is an automotive digital marketing & event planning specialist. Check out her Instagram, there are so many great shots of exotics and luxury vehicles. It was absolutely fantastic to have her join us at Diamonds and Donuts.

Porsche GT3 RS

diamonds and donuts boca raton

@squatqueenjaneece @lilylindquist posing behind a Porsche GT3 RS.

The Porsche 911 GT3 RS is mainly used for racing. It is a high-performance adaption of the Porsche 911 sports car. The GT3 RS has a 4.0 liter flat-six engine, which is the biggest engine allowed in a street-legal 911). It goes 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 193mph. The RS’s design is high-tech, with carbon fiber as a crucial component. The carbon-fiber fixed rear wing has continually become more discernible with each new generation. Overall, the GT3 RS is a track slayer with cornering grip that is one of the best in the major leagues.

McLaren 650s


Betty Boop” showed up again with her McLaren 650s. Her McLaren 650S is an IMRA 1 Mile World Record Holder.

We didn’t get a shot of Betty’s McLaren this month, so this picture is from last month’s car show. You can see a video of her on our Instagram going full force in her McLaren (with “the sound of the police” right behind her).

Dodge Challenger – aka SHAKER

pompano beach car show

@Shaker rolled through with his Dodge Challenger (aka Shaker). His Challenger is pure muscle and power.

There was quite a larger presence of motorcycles of all kinds this time around.

Suzuki Hayabusa

south florida classic car shows

On the motorcycle is @squatqueenjaneece

@Joker_nsx usually comes out with his 2017 Acura NSX or his 2018 Dodge Hellcat, but with the amazing weather we’ve been having this fall in South Florida, he decided to bring out his 2016 1300cc Suzuki Hayabusa. This is a sick bike, but in fact, it is quite affordable at around $15,000 USD. It has an inline-4 engine and hits a top speed of 186mph. On or off the clock you can’t run from this guy…he’s also a West Palm Beach County Sheriff 😉

Ducati 848 Evo

motorcycle show south florida

Sean Mcgregor (@seanhmcgregor) zoomed in with his Arctic White Ducati 848 Evo. It’s an 849 cc sports bike with a V-twin engine manufactured by the famous Ducati. The 848 Evo has amazing control and it hits a top speed of 159mph.

Von Wraps

Our friend @von_wraps, a custom wrap company focusing on premium color change & commercial wraps, clear shield, & ceramic coating for exotics and daily drivers, was in attendance as well. Check out his Instagram for all the awesome work they do.

Appreciation & Accolades:

We want to give our deepest gratitude to everyone who brought their car to the show. You are truly what makes this show so fantastic. There were so many amazing cars that we can’t feature them all here. For those reading this who didn’t come, we highly recommend coming to the next one if you are a car enthusiast.

We also want to thank all the attendees for coming out to Diamonds and Donuts. We couldn’t do this without you all.

It’s such an honor to meet everyone…and the fact of the matter is, we raised a lot of money for a cause that means so much to us. As it was Thanksgiving week, the food drive was a huge accomplishment as well. The city of Boca Raton is full of so many great, caring people and this couldn’t be more apparent than on a day like this.

We want to give a special thanks to Tri-County Mopars, who always come out to support. The Dodge lineup was too sexy.

To anyone not mentioned in this article, just know we appreciate you and hope you will join us every month!

Boca Raton Police Foundation

We want to give special recognition to the Boca Raton Police Foundation (BRPF). BRPF is a charitable organization that was founded to assist the Boca Raton Police Department in acceptance, management and disbursement of tax-deductible contributions in order to further protect our community and the strength of our Police Department.

The Boca Police Department is acknowledged nationally as a forerunner in law enforcement. Both the city and its government have made a substantial investment to maintain this responsibility for excellent safety in the community. The Boca Raton Police Foundation has proven to significantly enhance the Police Department’s capacity to progress quickly and effectively. Our team at Diamonds by Raymond Lee would like to express our full support for both the BRPF and Boca Raton Police Department as a whole.

boca raton car show

History of the Diamonds and Donuts Car Show:

Diamonds and Donuts first event was in April of 2017. The idea was to create a car show that connected the grandeur of collector and exotic vehicles with luxury diamond jewelry while supporting and raising awareness for local causes.

Since then, the plan has been riding smoothly, with Diamonds and Donuts growing every month, becoming one of the best car shows in Palm Beach County. More than that, every month we have been able to contribute to the charitable causes that we put forth. We have raised contributions for the Boys and Girls Club on numerous occasions, a local high school, a non-profit organization named Military Heroes, and more.

The cars we see at the event are easily the best the world has to offer – everything ranging from American-made muscle to exotic imports such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and McLaren.

Here are some recaps of past events:

October 21st Diamonds and Donuts

September 2nd Diamonds and Donuts

July 29th Diamonds and Donuts


Feedback from the community

Feedback from the community has been excellent. Many of our guests stay in touch and post about the event via Diamonds and Donuts Instagram.

“Great event , will be coming again. Lots of fun and lots of cool ass cars ??”

“It was an amazing day! Thank you for having us!”

“Thank you for having us!”

“We had a blast! ??”

“This is one of the coolest events @diamonds_donuts see you guys soon ?. Don’t forget to mingle with Palm Beaches favorite insurance guy @evan_eisenberg ?”

@diamonds_donuts had an amazing time today ! What a great team”

“Great pics and thanks for another great car show”

“So many beautiful cars!!!$”

“amazing show cant wait for the next one”

import car shows florida

#diamondsanddonuts on Instagram

Reasons why you should join the next car show:

  1. One-stop Shopping – If you are in the market for a new vehicle, Diamonds and Donuts is a great chance to experience a plethora of cars firsthand without the pressure you would get at a dealership. Also, the owners of the cars are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about said vehicle.
  2. Latest Models – Diamonds and Donuts sees some of the latest and greatest models on the market, so you can be among the first to see these vehicles up close and personal.
  3. New Technology – With the latest vehicles come new technologies, at our car show you can see the newest technology in makes like McLaren, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Rolls Royce.
  4. Rare Automobiles – Car enthusiasts can experience vehicles that may otherwise only be seen in magazines. Some of the rarest cars on the planet make their way to Diamonds and Donuts.
  5. Dream Cars – As you’ve probably noticed above, our car show in Boca Raton is likely to have everyone’s dream car in attendance. Some notable vehicles from our past events are: Ferrari 458 Speciale, Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren 650S, Ford GT Twin Turbo V6, McLaren 720S, 718 Cayman GTS, Porsche GT3 RS, Huracan Performante Spyder, Rolls Royce Wraith, Ghost and Black Badge, Aston Martin Vantage, and so many others, including some of the best American-made cars ever built.
  6. Networking – This is a great opportunity to network and meet new people in our wonderful community. Everyone is very open and friendly and you never know who you might meet.
  7. Giving Back – There is no greater pleasure than to help others in need. By attending Diamonds and Donuts Boca Raton Car Show, you will be doing just that by simply enjoying a delicious, savory BBQ for $10.

How to Join the Next Car Show:

Diamonds and Donuts Car Show is completely free for spectators AND for anyone who wants to display their vehicle. Furthermore, we accept any make and model to join us at our car show. It’s not all about exotics and classics.

If you just want to attend, without displaying a vehicle on our lot, then you can show up whenever you like during the event.

For those who want to have a spot on our lot for your car(s), we ask that you contact us in advance so we can secure your space.

Also, we would love local businesses to get involved, so please do reach out if you think that you have something to offer that would be perfect for our car show.

RSVP for next Diamonds & Donuts car show here.

diamonds and donuts car showigh

Next Diamonds and Donuts Car Show:

The next Diamonds and Donuts is on Sunday, December 16th, 2018.

Come to Diamonds by Raymond Lee on Sunday, December 16th from 9am to 2pm for the next Diamonds & Donuts Boca Raton exotic car show. Enjoy breakfast, Charity BBQ, a jewelry giveaway, a live DJ, and all the amazing cars.

The BBQ runs from 11am to 2pm and all of the proceeds will be going to the charity we are working with for the month. We are also running a Toy Drive, so please do bring a new, unwrapped gift if you can!

RSVP – If you plan on joining, please sign up here.

About Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Although the Diamonds by Raymond Lee retail store is only a few years old, it all started back in 1983 when Jeff Josephson opened Raymond Lee Jewelers. We have been in the luxury jewelry, diamond, and watch business for well over 3 decades now. Both of our jewelry stores are located in Boca Raton, one on the west side and the other on the east. Diamonds by Raymond Lee is our new commercial building, and it has a stunning showroom.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee is cultivated from strong family principles, unwavering professionalism, and traditions that will never diminish. Even though tradition is strong here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee, our perceptiveness for how the market evolves has allowed us to understand and cater to new generations. We pride ourselves on understanding the wants and needs of all generations, from Baby Boomers to Millennials.  Furthermore, we are committed to providing unparalleled service and an authentic, intimate experience for all of our customers.

At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we sell and buy fine jewelry, precious metals and gems, diamonds, and luxury watches. We also do verbal and written appraisals, jewelry and watch repairs, jewelry trades, collateral loans, and custom jewelry.

Our well-rounded business model and positive, philanthropic attitude have enabled Diamonds by Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers to remain fruitful and trustworthy throughout the years. We have an A+ Rating with BBB and we our recognized as the leading jeweler for diamond engagement and wedding rings in all of South Florida. None of this would have been possible without the support of our community.

100 Years of Engagement Rings

Posted on by Jennica Janae

No matter whether it’s a ring that’s been passed down from generation to generation or a ring that was customized for you, the style of an engagement ring is important. It’s something you’ll wear every day for the rest of your life. It’s a symbol of one’s love, honor, and commitment for one another. An engagement ring should look just as good as it feels. 

Throughout the years, there have been countless styles of engagement rings to hit the market. Rings with various metals, shapes, tones, and stones. So today we’re taking you back throughout the years to look at decades of engagement ring styles so you can find the ring that speaks directly to you.

Without further or do, here are 100 breathtaking years of engagement rings:


From 1910-1915 the Edwardian engagement ring was very popular. It was a crossover from the Victorian era where the design became more delicate. They were becoming more symbolic with symbols like hearts and hands to represent love and unity. And they were becoming bolder. This was also the time when jewelry makers began using platinum metal for their pieces which later became a common element to the engagement ring as a whole.


If you’re familiar with the 1920s at all then you’ll know this is the Art Deco era. Art Deco engagement rings are uniquely characterized by their sharp lines and geometric designs. They are typically made up of multiple little-accented diamonds rather than having one huge center stone.


The Art Deco style continues throughout the late 30s now with geometric, gemstone rings. This is also the time when ring styles started to become simpler. Instead of blingy accent stones all around the setting, the center stone became more of a focus. 


Enter the 1940s where we see a complete shift in the style of the ring with floral-inspired center stones and platinum settings. This the decade when diamond engagement rings became more exclusive. It’s also the decade that the saying, “A diamond is forever,” was born.


Diamonds became more and more accessible during the 50s. And with more access to diamonds, there was more room to play with and grow. So many of the rings from the 1950s started to feature engravings or braided settings.


Now we’re in the 1960s where the “classic” engagement ring became widely known and accepted and in fact, it still remains a popular style today. A classic ring is one that features a large center stone so that it is the center of attention. Think a simpler version of Elizabeth Taylor’s ring or even Jackie Kennedy’s. 


The 70s was a great decade for engagement rings. These were the years of new stone cuts. Cuts like princess, cushion cut, oval, and emerald were born during this era. More modern designed shapes opened the door for new setting styles and the idea of matching wedding band sets.


During the 80s fancy diamonds became more popular than ever. Fancy diamonds are without a doubt the engagement rings on the century. This is the decade when everything really starts to come together as one. We’ve evolved our diamonds, settings, cuts, and now colors. 


If you read up to this point then congratulations! We made it to the 90s! Engagement rings in the 90s started becoming more diverse with their designs. Couples were speaking and jewelers were listening. This was the time when ring customization became really popular. 


Ah, 2005 a new millennium. This is the time when engagement rings became a thing of tradition. With their platinum metal settings and classic solitaire centers combined with accented stones. It’s when three-stone rings became a thing of the future. Take Mrs. Meghan Markle’s ring from Prince Harry as an example.


Today, you literally have the option to do whatever you want with your engagement ring. Thanks to all the people who came before us and made engagement rings the gems we know them as today.

Check out our list of 2018 engagement ring trends for more options to choose from.

Raymond Lee Jewelers

These are just some of the amazing engagement rings you’ll find here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. If you’re having a hard time choosing the perfect ring for yourself or for your partner, consider making a trip to the store and having one of our experts help you. Our team of diamond advisers is dedicated to assisting you in choosing the perfect engagement ring with ease and confidence. 

For commonly asked questions, please visit our FAQ page. During regular business hours, we can be reached by phone, email, or live chat. For after hour inquiries, please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you next business day.

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Gabriel & Co. engagement ring feature

Posted on by Yuri

This week we’re featuring Gabriel & Co. engagement rings and stackable diamond wedding bands. From diamond halos to layers of bands we cover some of the finest of the Gabriel & Co. collection. Each design is unique. Also, all of the special features you can find in a Gabriel & Co. ring. The engagement rings come in all of the available diamond cuts. From some of the most unique like a marquise cut diamond. To the traditional round cut solitaire engagement ring. Further, the bands on these engagement rings have accent diamonds. These add sparkle and shine. Also, there are rings with halo features. Additionally, the wedding bands are stackable styles. This means whether it is a single wedding band or several they fit just right with your Gabriel & Co. engagement ring. The wedding and anniversary bands have patterns. Further, these textures can be worn mixed and matched. It gives an additional detail.

Whether you have just started looking for an engagement ring. Or you are already well into your wedding planning. Take a look at the absolutely incredible offerings from Gabriel & Co. Their engagement ring styles include everything from the most traditional rings to innovative diamond features. Also, their wedding band collection has a series of different designs. Each one has a special pattern or flare that fits with the romantic and classic look of the brand. Further, the stackable offerings of wedding bands they offer are stunning. Each one fits snugly against the engagement rings no matter the center stone’s cut. Also, they can be paired together either as anniversary bands or a whole wedding set. The thought and detail that goes into each one is apparent. For your special day and your happily ever after there is no brand more concerned with the love that goes in to each one.

A rich history at Gabriel & Co. the designer wedding jeweler

The Gabriel & Co. brand was founded in 1989 by the Gabriel brothers Jack and Dominick. Their dive into the world of jewelry making was not a randomly selected one. As a family passion their father Elias Gabriel was a master jeweler who taught them the art of the craft. It is a family affair. Where they take love, friendship and the incredible moments that mark our lives to the next level. They took their personal vision of the value, both material but more importantly emotional, that jewelry carries and established their brand. Behind each item there is a story. Also, behind their brand is a unique account as well. According to their official site their story is one of passion, family, service and love. Always in consideration of not just the industry innovations, and superior production methods. However, also the couple, the wearer and the final ring bearer in mind.

They do not leave these things as an after thought but it is rather ingrained into their process. Imbued with inspiration and determined to detail. This ideology is imbued within each and every piece they design. Commitment to showcasing love and passion in every one of their pieces they design. You can see it in their campaigns and their romantic flare. Their deep awareness of the real meaning behind jewelry, a commemoration, whether of love, an occasion or incredible accomplishments, is translated into gorgeous designs. Every detail is thought through. They take into account all of the brightness and glamour. More than a decorative sparkle their designs are crafted with a deep emotional connection to each piece. They speak of the day you are celebrating. The connection and love you share with each other. It is not just the symbol but the embodiment of your special connection made for you.

Gabriel & Co. unique diamond engagement rings

The beginning of the rest of your life starts here, with a stunning engagement ring and a single question. Will you? Gabriel & Co. with their focus on the emotional and spiritual elements embodied in pieces of wedding jewelry are ideal craftsmen for engagement rings. Every item is considered and calculated to be the very best that they can possibly offer you. Each creation is romantic, imbued with the emotion of a person ready to wind their lives with yours. They offer a range of rings from the classical traditional single stone ring to intricate modern rings with in a variety of colors, cuts and arrangements. Particularly modern features like the diamond halo feature.

Here are two of our favorite designs in some differing styles. The top one is a 14 carat white gold ring. Meanwhile the bottom one is the same design in a 14 carat rose gold. Featuring the diamond halo and accent diamonds all along the band itself give an additional glint that most other engagement rings like the solitaire do not have. You can find our full range of Gabriel & Co. offerings as well as other iconic designer wedding jewelers on our site or at one of our convenient locations.

Gabriel & Co. Engagement ring

Gabriel & Co. ER14103K44JJ 14k Rose Gold 0.49ctw Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

First is the top rose gold engagement ring. It is an absolutely stunning Gabriel & Co. piece with a gorgeous diamond halo feature. It has approximately 0.50 carats of accent diamonds. These are G/H in color and SI in quality. The large center stone is a unique Oval cut cubic zirconia. The ring setting itself can actually accommodate a 1.86 carat stone. If you would like to swap out the cubic zirconia for another type of stone you can up to the 1.86 carat size! This lovely ring also has accent diamonds all along the band. These add sparkle to the rings central stone and halo feature. As they wrap around your finger giving the central stone continuity they shine in every direction. As you will see below this stunning ring is also available in different metals including yellow gold, rose gold and even the strongest platinum.  

Gabriel & Co. ER14103W44JJ 14k White Gold 0.50ctw Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Second is the bottom white gold engagement ring.This one is the same design as the ring above with approximately 0.50 carats of accent diamonds. These are G/H in color and SI in quality. It also has a large center stone. It is a unique Oval cut cubic zirconia. The ring setting itself is the same as the one above. It can actually accommodate a 1.86 carat stone. If you would like to swap out the cubic zirconia for another type of stone you can up to the 1.86 carat size! The other options for this ring are yellow gold, white gold, or even platinum. It is a beautiful ring that really can be optimized and altered to your preferences. It has the more traditional modern design. 

Another incredible piece is this marquise cut engagement ring.

Gabriel & Co. Engagement ring

Gabriel & Co. ER11757M6W44JJ 14k White Gold 0.72ctw Diamond Ring

Here it is, this incredible 14 carat white gold diamond engagement ring. This one features a stunning 0.72 carat of round brilliant white accent diamonds and a central marquise cut cubic zirconia. The setting can accommodate up to a 1.50 carat stone. This unique cut and shape with the scaling accent diamonds give such a unique touch to this singular piece. It sits tall along your finger and catches light in a stunningly singular way. Unlike the traditional round cut or cushion cut stones this one sparkles its very own way striking light up and down along the length of the stone.

Diamond Gabriel & Co. wedding and anniversary bands

Finally, the wedding and anniversary bands. It is the big day and the absolute moment of commemoration of your commitment to one another. For this unique milestone in your lives as they come together Gabriel & Co. has throughout the years designed and crafted some of the most delicate, modern and gorgeous wedding bands available. From simple classic diamond looks to more modern stackable designs. They go ahead and take advantage of every possible available material. Creating some of the most unique wedding bands out there, Gabriel & Co. has made some of our very favorite bands for that special day. They are romantic and have that special flare that comes from a touch of jewelry masterfulness. Their sizing is ideal for the Gabriel & Co. engagement rings. They fit snugly against one another and comfortably along your finger even with several rings stacked together. Here are a few of our favorite bands.

Stackable designed diamond bands

Gabriel & Co. Engagement ring

Gabriel & Co. has created some absolutely beautiful stackable diamond bands. Some are highly detailed with French beading and alternating settings. Others are the more classic and traditional look. These feature a single row of round brilliant white diamonds in a single row along the band. We are featuring a few here paired with the stunning halo diamond feature engagement rings we showcased above. However, there are many many more unique styles of stackable wedding and anniversary bands. Check out all of the Gabriel & Co. stackable wedding and anniversary bands available at our stores and online.

Below are the two featured diamond halo engagement rings in 14 carat white and rose gold. These are paired with a stackable diamond wedding band. As you can see they fit snugly and perfectly with each of the engagement rings. The height on the engagement rings themselves allows the wedding band to slip beneath the central stone for a perfect fit. Further down you can see a whole set of stackable wedding and anniversary bands paired with the rose gold diamond halo engagment ring.

Gabriel & Co. Engagement ring

Diamond halo engagement ring and stackable wedding and anniversary band set

Here is one of the most stunning pairings of all. You can see the 14 carat diamond halo engagement ring is paired with a similar design rose gold diamond wedding band as the one above however this one has a slightly different setting. It sits snugly beneath the engagement ring’s center stone. Also, the large central stone covers the next stackable diamond rose gold band. A classic and traditional style of anniversary band. This one is a single row of round brilliant white diamonds similar to the engagement ring’s band. Finally, there is another stylized pattern rose gold diamond band to finish the set. Their delicate and fine design along with masterful craftsmanship mean they all sit comfortably along your finger paired together. You could even add one or even two more stackable bands to this set depending on personal preference.

Gabriel & Co. Engagement ring

Diamonds by Raymond Lee your South Florida engagement and wedding ring destination

When you think of a special occasion there are a million little things that made that day happen. The things that made in incredible. There are also of course the one or two things that remind you of that day forever more to come. Particularly with a milestone like your engagement or wedding that piece is one you treasure forever more. Further, some families even carry those symbols on. Passing down from one generation to the next the token of their love. We at Diamonds by Raymond Lee know this. And this is why we know how important it is to be able to choose your precious engagement rings and wedding bands. It is why we offer such a wide ranging collection of fine rings from the very best brands. Our collection features all styles and designs of rings. To make it easy for you to find the perfect ring.

All in one place you and your significant other can peruse a ton of styles. Go through all of the very best brands. And finally find your forever truly. Gabriel & Co. is one of the few brands we choose to include in our collection. This is because of their commitment to quality and continuous creation of beautiful designs. A Gabriel & Co ring is one that you can be certain will stay with you throughout the years. You can see the full range of Gabriel & Co. engagement rings and wedding bands on our site. Otherwise we would love to welcome you to one of our stores. Our conveniently located and expertly designed stores are here for you any time. There our jewelry masters and diamond experts can walk you through each piece. Helping you find that ring that speaks to you is our joy and we cannot wait to see you.

Rosè All Day – Networking Event in Boca Raton | Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Posted on by Samuel Coleman
Diamonds by Raymond Lee, a luxury boutique jewelry store in South Florida, presents you the most dashing jewelry and networking event in Boca Raton – Rosè All Day!

networking events boca raton

ROSÈ ALL DAY – Networking Event in Boca Raton.

Rose All Day is a jewelry-inspired networking event for local businesses in Boca Raton where Rosè is on free-flow and jewelry (and giveaways) that sparkle shine the room.

Our aim with the Rosè All Day networking event is to give the people and local businesses of South Florida what they deserve – an enjoyable morning and afternoon surrounded by like-minded people, beautiful jewelry, and Rosè! We have many offerings that will meet all of your jewelry and networking needs.

Rosè All Day is a networking event for small-to-medium size businesses in South Florida.

Hosted by Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton, the networking event includes: Free-flow Rosè (All Day!) Light Snacks, VIP Networking, Sneak Peeks at Upcoming/New Releases of Fine Jewelry from Top Designers, Mingling With World Renowned Jewelry Designers, Jewelry Services, Swag Bags, and Shiny Gifts.

In this article, we recap the November 17th, 2018 Rosè All Day networking event in Boca Raton. We hope this encourages you to join the next one!
networking events palm beach county

At Rose All Day, free-flow Rosè plus light snacks and other delectables from local vendors are served throughout the duration of the networking event. The local vendors who came had some truly mouthwatering, gourmet goodies to share and we are really blessed for their support.

Why Rosè?

Now, you may be wondering, “Why did you choose Rosè?” We actually have a very good and interesting reason. Here is why…

We chose to have a bubblicious bar full of Rosè because of the striking similarities between fine jewelry and Rosè. Rosè sparkles, and it has a sharpness and spiritedness just like fine jewelry does.

Rosè is the epitome of “vintage.” It is one of the oldest kinds of wine. Yet, without knowing that, you’d think of Rosè as being very contemporary. To us, this makes Rosè very special, and similar to a timeless vintage jewelry piece. Some things, like Rosè and luxury jewelry, never go out of style.

Rosè has sophistication and elegance with a fun, luxurious appearance. Plus…it’s so tasty.

Networking in Boca Raton

The aim for our Rosè All Day event was to promote relationship building among businesses and people in the area. There really are a great number of first-rate businesses and hard-working people in Boca Raton, so our goal, as always, is to connect everyone on a higher level. Our Rosè All Day networking event provides a very sociable environment, to help the members of our community uncover all the great things that South Florida offers.

Boca Raton & South Floridians

As a local, attendees find ideal companies to work for or with. Our event always makes for the perfect opportunity to create friendships with people of like mind and boost networks. Every event sees remarkable attendees, and everyone is very open to getting to know one another and making beneficial ties. Having good connections is a crucial factor to being successful, and nothing can compare to the type of relationship building that happens over a few drinks at a networking event. Moreover, everyone has a shared interest in jewelry and timepieces, so all those that attend fit right in with the next.

Business owners & Entrepreneurs

For those who are entrepreneurs and local small business owners, this networking event is a great opportunity to meet new customers, receive invaluable feedback on products or services, and start fresh collaborations with other businesses. As we all know, this is the best way to expand your network and customers, which is essential for maintaining and growing a business.

This, and past, Rosè All Day events have fortunately been a hit, with many connections being made by successful businesses and prudent entrepreneurs. It’s amazing how many like-minded people are in the area ready to take action on new opportunities.

Additionally, with Rosè in hand, chatting and sharing ideas comes very naturally. This is the atmosphere that we strive to bring to every Rosè All Day event.

networking event in boca raton

Why Local Businesses Should Get Involved

Rosè All Day has been noted in Boca Raton’s Chamber of Commerce calendar on multiple occasions for being one of the best networking events in town. Local companies love our networking event, as it is a great opportunity to pick the brains of potential customers and successful entrepreneurs.

We offer local businesses spots across the showroom to set up shop. As people are enjoying drinks and eyeballing fine jewelry and watches, they can also learn about other businesses in the area and experience the wonderful things and/or skills they have to offer.

If you are interested in a pop-up table or booth at our next event, be sure to get in touch with us and we will set you up perfectly.

Here are some local businesses and entrepreneurs who could benefit from this exclusive event full of elegant, successful people and well-respected entrepreneurs:
  • Salons, hairstylists, makeup artists, spas and bath & body shops that want to show their skills with live demonstrations and makeovers.
  • Artisan bakeries, chocolatiers and other businesses that offer gourmet treats.
  • Craft breweries that have the tastiest beer in town.
  • Cold brew coffee and tea shops.
  • Fashion designers and stylists with the latest trends and accessories.
  • Health and wellness companies or advocates such as aromatherapists, oxygen bars, yoga instructors, personal trainers, nutritionists, massage therapists.
  • Food truck vendors that tantalize our taste buds.
  • Artists of all kinds.
  • Accountants and bookkeepers
  • Consultants
  • Marketers
  • Website Developers/Designers
  • Photographers
  • Event Planners
  • And, any other business that believes this event is perfect for their target market.

Furthermore, we’d love to hear from social media influencers as well, as we want help to continue promoting our event on social media so it can grow. Please contact us so we can get you involved. Rosè All Day can be the perfect time for a meet and greet.

Benefits of joining our networking event in Boca Raton:

One of the main benefits of networking is that you get the chance to meet people who can become key contacts for improving your business. At Rose All Day, you never know whom you might meet and what opportunities will be thrown at you. Many highly successful people join our events.

Our networking event can be good for:

  • Receiving referrals for your business.
  • Getting to know people in a more relaxed environment – when people are networking and having a few drinks, they feel more comfortable and are glad to open up to talk about themselves.
  • Connecting with a range of business people in South Florida.
  • Making a good name for yourself in the area – attending networking events shows that you want to be a part of your community, which can reflect well on your business.
  • Making your company more visible to local South Floridians.
  • Great for direct customer leads and client opportunities.

south florida networking groups

Services We Offer at The Event:

Diamonds by Raymond Lee offers an array of jewelry services at Rosè All Day. Here are the services we provide:

  • Jewelry and watch repair.
  • On-spot appraisals of used jewelry, gold, diamonds, and watches.
  • On-spot purchases of used jewelry, gold, diamonds, and watches (we buy gold, jewelry, handbags and more!)
  • Trades of unwanted jewelry, gold, diamonds, and watches.

All of the services we offer are handled as attendees sip on some flavorful Rosè. We provide top-notch service and the most competitive pricing in the area. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we pride ourselves on fair, pressure-free dealings and customer satisfaction. Rosè All Day is the perfect time to handle your jewelry needs.

More about Diamond by Raymond Lee and the services we offer year-round and at our Rose All Day event.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee is known for having the largest selection of high-end engagement rings and luxury jewelry in Boca Raton. We buy and sell brands such as Tacori, Cartier, Rolex, Omega, and Verragio.

If you are looking for high quality, world-renowned designer, timeless, new or pre-owned luxury jewelry (rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants and more) and timepieces, Diamonds by Raymond Lee should be your go-to jeweler.

Other than selling gorgeous jewelry and wristwatches, we also offer other services: We Buy, We Do Appraisals, Trades, Collateral Loans, Repairs, and Private Label (we help you create your own brand/designs!).

b2b networking events

Try on any jewelry that catches your eye!

Sell Us Your Luxury Wristwatches & Estate Jewelry and Used Jewelry & Precious Metals and Gems.

Whether you inherited, no longer want, or simply just need the cash, you can sell us your unwanted luxury and estate jewelry. We also buy gold, platinum, and silver, and precious and semi-precious gems. We offer our clients the highest price possible, as we have no middleman (we buy then sell all in one place). Our customers are treated as top priority, so you can be sure that our dealings are fair and secure.

Design Your Own Jewelry (custom designs) – Private label

We all for working with entrepreneurs and designers who would like to get into the jewelry business. If you have creations of your own that you want to bring to life, you can work with us to make that happen. We’d love to help you establish your own jewelry brand.

Even if you just want to create a one-off custom piece for yourself or your loved one, we are happy to oblige. Furthermore, we can add aftermarket diamonds to wristwatches and other jewelry as requested. Expert jewelers make up our team, so we can turn your dream jewelry or timepiece into reality.

Collateral Loans For Jewelry

If you need a quick cash influx, we can help you out financially by giving you a collateral loan for any luxury jewelry. We have very low-interest rates and offer an extremely fair loan.

Jewelry, Watch, Gold Appraisals

Come for an appraisal of your luxury or estate jewelry. At Rosè All Day, it is completely free of charge. Our experts will tell you everything about your piece, and we have a full-time GIA-graduate gemologist on staff so you can be sure you are getting correct information. You can get an appraisal for insurance purposes or just to see how much you can sell it. We also provide you with a written appraisal document, which is required if you want to get it insured. Lastly, if you like the price we tell you for what it is worth, you can sell it to us right there on the spot.

Watch and Jewelry Repairs

If you have a piece of jewelry or watch that needs to be repaired, bring it on in. We take care of minor and complicated repairs, thanks to our professional watchmakers who are on staff at all hours that we are open. If it is a complicated fix, we will let you know how long it will take to repair so there are no surprises. Once it is in our possession, it is completely safe as we have top-notch security in place and a vault that we leave it in during closing hours.

What else can you expect at Rose All Day?

Professional Networking Meetups in Boca Raton


Attendees got sneak peeks at the latest jewelry soon to reach the market.

Furthermore, important history, tips and fun facts were shared about the jewelry industry, which made for a lot of interesting conversations. Not only did it make for great conversation, but it also helps for future jewelry dealings. We always love to equip our friends, family, clients and customers with the knowledge of luxury jewelry.

Some of the brands that were on display:

Cartier – “The jeweler of kings and the KING of jewelers.” This quote by King Edward VII truly says it all. Louis-Francoise Cartier, who studied under a master jeweler, founded Cartier in Paris in 1847. The famous brand is known for wristwatches and jewelry and is worn by the elite and even royalty, such as the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Tacori – Tacori is a very unique brand with their distinctive designs and exceptional creations. Their jewelry comes in lively and bold colors, which has helped them soar in popularity since first launching the company in 1969.

Henri Daussi – Over 6 decades ago, Henri Daussi was founded in the world’s diamond capital, Antwerp, Belgium. They are the premier engagement ring and diamond manufacturer in Europe.

Rolex – One of, if not the, most iconic luxury watch brands in history. Rolex was founded in 1905 in London, England and is now the biggest brand of high-end watches on the planet. They produce over 2,000 luxury watches each day. That’s right, day. The demand for Rolex watches is outstanding. Now headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, Rolex continues to make waves in the watch industry for being more than just a perfectly designed luxury timepiece, but also a tool for elite adventurers.

Verragio – Originating in New York City, Verragio is pure quality. They have some of the best engagement rings and wedding bands ever created. They allow people to have the ring of their dreams. At Verragio, you can choose from one of their capacious collections: Couture, Parisian, Insignia, Venetia or Renaissance.

Plus more, of course…Diamonds by Raymond Lee has only the best and finest jewelry on the market.

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Everyone who comes to Rosè All Day gets a carefully curated Swag Bag. Our swag bag was full of trendy and personal items from local businesses and us.

Additionally, we ran a diamond jewelry giveaway that everyone had a chance to win. Trust us, this is a giveaway that you won’t see the likes of elsewhere. Everything we do, we do well.

But guess what? That’s not all! However, we want to keep some things a surprise. So, you’ll just have to come to the next Rosè All Day to find out.

Join us for our next Rosé All Day event on Saturday, December 15th from 10am – 5pm!

Sign up here to join us at the next Rosè All Day 🙂

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Diamonds by Raymond Lee specializes in exclusive, high-end, yet affordable, engagement rings, diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, and luxury watches. We are a family owned business with a BBB A+ Rating. We serve all of South Florida (Broward County, Palm Beach County, Miami, Fort Lauderdale), and we are located in Boca Raton.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee is noted as Sunny Florida’s best engagement ring retailer since 2016.

Our vision has always aimed to forge a unique, professional, intimate vibe. We want our shopping experience to work for all generations. We know what the modern jewelry buyer wants; yet we keep traditions that never fade intact, such as sensibility, artistry, and craftsmanship. Just come in for a visit to experience first-hand what we have to offer. We look forward to meeting you.

Panerai Pam 104 Luminor Marina Review

Posted on by Yuri

There are many a style of luxury and exquisite watches on the market. For every type of man and every different kind of personal style. Whether you prefer a large or prominent watch. Otherwise, if you prefer a more subtle look there is one ideal for you as well. Of course you have your classic styles and more modern designs. Although, you have quite a few vintage pieces there are also extraordinary vintage look and design inspired watches. These pack in all of the classic aesthetics while carrying the absolute latest in technological innovations and modern movements and machinations. It is one of these incredible vintage inspired luxe watches we are reviewing today for this week’s edition of Diamonds by Raymond Lee’s Masculine Monday. The Panerai Pam 104 Luminor Marina is an exquisite watch. It matches perfectly all of these features. An absolutely stunning piece of haute horlogerie in time.

Composed of some of the top of the range materials and features with vintage inspired design and a classic twist this Panerai is emblematic of the brand. Further, it has all of the incredible features that set Panerai apart. Attitude and a singular unique personal branded style. The Panerai watches are one that can be immediately identified. We will go into all the details that truly make this brand an Italian classic. Made in Italy never looked so good. Further, we will review for you the watch itself. From the large open dial face to the genuine leather bracelet nad unique case design. Another, unique feature on this watch is the crown and bezel. For this and a little something more please see below our review of the Panerai Pam 104 Luminor Marina at our conveniently located and expertly designed store in Boca Raton, South Florida, Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

The Panerai brand, a history of Italian roots

From the very beginning the Panerai watch brand has had a deep rooted culture in their tradition and unique personality. It is evident in each and every one of their pieces. They craft unique pieces that have the Made in Italy look like no other. First established in Florence, Italy in 1860 by Giovanni Panerai the Panerai brand has produced singular watches over the years. The very first shop was set up on the iconic Ponte alle Grazie. Furthermore, the shop became the city’s very first watch making school. Officine Panerai expanded into more than a shop. Also, furthering the Italian watch making industry. At the turn of the twentieth century the Officine Panerai switched over to being called Orologeria Svizzera. This is when they began to create some of their most iconic pieces. For example the luxury time pieces they created for the Royal Italian Navy in the 1950s.

This was the natural evolution of the Italian brand. Additionally, from their original Radiomir patent there was so much effort in refining and perfecting their look and feel. The watch itself also improved of course with more advanced technological features and unique shape. Overall the Panerai brand itself grew with it. Developing a tradition of large sized watches with a significant weight to them. These resistant and durable watches are made to withstand strenuous conditions. As the designs were intended to be for watches used as tools of a trade they are not just a time keeping machine. Rather, each of these watches is a rustic representation of the strong Italian blood and honor. For all of the tradition and commitment imbued into bringing them to the world is exemplified across every one of the designs. They are a major player in the fine watch making market now a days.

The Panerai Pam 104 Luminor Marina

First, when it comes to the Panerai Pam 104 Luminor Marina we need to look at the sheer size of the watch itself. It does have a large case and therefore dial face. Further, this makes the watch an extremely readable one. It offers this masculine and rustic feel to the watch. Overall it echoes the founder and the Royal Navy appointment that set apart the Panerai watches. The Luminor series is one of the most famous of the Panerai collections. It actually includes a range of two models. The first is the Luminor and the second is the Luminor Marina. The fine differences can really be seen in the watch’s functionalities more than the visual aesthetic. Although, the most defining feature on a Panerai Luminor after the large case and dial is the protected watch crown. This detail is not found in very many watches it a unique feature.

panerai pam luminor marina

The Panerai Pam 104 Luminor Marina

The unique look of this watch as you can see above makes it an instantly recognizable accessory. First the feature numbers for the hour markers in their very unique vintage style script numbering. Next of course the cushion shape case itself. This one is unlike any of the other watch cases in the world. Additionally the rounded bezel and raised dial give it a curvature and sleek look. Even the leads that attach the bracelet to this watch’s case are unique and quite large but open. It is a definitively unique and masculine look. The design brings together classic old school elements like the brown leather strap and unique lettering with the modernized stainless steel and clear face. Each of the hour markers in their simplistic design balance out the main dial features. Below we go into each one of these unique Panerai Luminor Marina details reviewing the watch overall.

The stainless steel case, bezel and crown

This watch is a fine time piece in stainless steel metal. For durability and superior resistance to the elements the case is and bezel are fully solid stainless steel. Since Panerai began creating this watch protecting the functions was top priority. Almost more than anything else they had a strong focus on strength and visibility for this watch. The bezel is simple and smooth. While it is raised and angled the large size of the watch is an additional benefit. Also, the cushion shaped case is a very unique design. Most watches are still the traditional circle shape. Meanwhile the Panerai takes on this cushion shape. They created this design for the Royal Italian Navy. A unique watch for unique men who served and protected. The uniform crown case and bezel all form a perfect backdrop surrounding the flat black dial face. But more on the dial later on here.

panerai pam luminor marina

Another unique feature is of course the crown. The protected crown on this watch is one of the singular details that really make it different from any other watch including the Panerais. It has an additional stainless steel bridge protecting the crown from movements or impact. While the large case and this additional bridge are large it does not really affect the wear of the watch. It fits a bit snug against the wrist. However, the rounded smooth bridge are comfortable even when writing while wearing the watch. Furthermore, this unique look characterizes the watch. Made during an era of World War technical research and resistant technological innovations were in vogue. This crown protecting bridge has got additional reinforced wire lugs created from the exact same block of steel as the case. It gives the watch a stronger yet uniform look while also adding resistance and durability to the watch.

The black and luminescent large dial

A unique and stunning feature is of course also the flat matte black dial on this watch. It is a classic dark and eye catching dial. First let us start with the prominent features on this piece. The hour markers as we have said above are simple minimalistic luminescent stick designs. Except for the twelve o’clock and six o’clock. Those two are written out in Arabic numerals in a flourished vintage inspired lettering. Furthermore there is a small sub dial at the central nine o’clock space. Also, at the central three o’clock space there is an open date window. This one also has an augmented feature for improved visibility and readability. The hour and minute hands themselves are also luminescent and feature a traditional arrow point end. Also at the center they are held with a normal pin. The sub dial also has luminescent hand cut in a marquise shape.

panerai pam luminor marina

The watch also has a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. It is made in the highest precision to fit over the unique cushion cut watch case. While for visibility the round bezel and crystal features improve readability these are not actually the most comfortable shape to wear. This is why the round features are placed onto the cushion cut case. It fits snugly along the wrist without gaps and follows the natural shape of your wrist. An incredible success in fine watch making and design. This watch is. just another example of the quality design and production of its Italian roots. The singular style and inimitable design make this watch one of the most unique for collectors and men who do not adhere to the status quo. It is for the gentleman who has a refined personal style and is not following any of the fads. 

The genuine brown leather bracelet and stainless steel clasp

Finally the genuine brown leather strap with detailed stitching. Like all of the very best things Made in Italy. A genuine fine leather is used for this watch bracelet. It has a patterned texture and bright white stitching all along the bracelet. Furthermore the the texture is a more classic look. It is what keeps this vintage inspired modern closer to a more traditional style of watch. Also the stainless steel Panerai brushed style clasp. While it may not appear to be one this is a double fold over clasp not a traditional buckle clasp that it appears to be. This imitation of the classic design ties together the traditional look of the watch overall while using the modern and much more resistant closure. This stainless steel buckle shuts tightly. To keep safe a watch that is unlike any other. Overall this watch is a piece for the modern gentleman. Inspired by the classics but always true to their very own. 

panerai pam luminor marina

A Diamonds by Raymond Lee favorite, your luxury watch experts in South Florida

We truly delight in reviewing unique pieces like this one from our curated collection. A lot of our time is spent actually sourcing these incredible pieces. All of the fine watches in our curated collection bring together what there is of the very best. Both in design and in technological functionality. We source the finest brands in watch making and of course always test the specific pieces. Our master jewelers and diamond experts inspect the pieces to ensure that they are operating at the exact precision they are intended to. Also, all of our pieces are carefully considered and curated together for an incredible selection. Our stores here in South Florida are easy to find and a wonder to enjoy. We have done our very absolute best to make sure all of our locations are places you will want to come and to spend some time at with our team!

We are a family owned and run business and have been serving South Florida community for the past three decades. Our commitment and purpose are geared to continuing to serve all of you for the next three decades too. We believe there is no better way to make a fine jewelry or luxury watch purchase than trying it on yourself. So we are here to show you through our collection, answer any and all questions and help you build up your own personal collection. We are always on the look out for new pieces. Particularly those that are limited edition or just some of the most unique fine watches around. We offer all of the luxury watch brands at our shop and are constantly adding new ones. For reviews like this you can take a look through blog where we have gone into detail about several of our favorite watches.

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