Wedding Wednesday

Non-Cheesy Wedding Reception Games

Wedding reception games have a 50/50 split in the world of wedding planning. One camp is wholeheartedly for them, the other is “meh.” Which is not to say that there’s really anyone who’s totally anti-wedding reception games (admittedly, that would be an odd cause to hitch your wagon to.) But we can all agree that everyone is against cheesy wedding reception games. And cheesy wedding receptions in general. Luckily, with the entire world of the wide web at your finger tips, inspiration for throwing the wedding of your dreams is never more than a click away. And since it’s Wedding Wednesday, it’s definitely time to share a few of our favorite wedding games and reception ideas!

This adorable I Spy scavenger hunt print out is only $15 for the printable, but it would also be an easy and fun DIY. Why not combine your wedding hashtag with an interactive challenge to get your guests clicking away and sharing?

Why settle for an unending din of clinking glasses when you can make your guests work for your newlywed displays of affection! These are all fun suggestions to have your guests up, participating in the reception, and having a blast. All while enabling you two to kiss even more than you already were.

Another idea for guests to have a little fun in any location: mad libs! You’ll crack up reading them when you return from your honeymoon, and your guests will outdo themselves trying to come up with creative answers.

Another guest book idea that guests will love also keeps them entertained – have them give you date ideas for each of your anniversaries! You can also save this to do just your milestone anniversaries.

Or, if you think your guests would like a little more prompting, give them specific questions and set a different question on each table. Encourage your guests to go mix and mingle with the other tables to fill out those books too! Protip: put these guest books on the tables, not out during cocktail hour. Your guests will be at their tables longer, and giving them an extra nudge by placing cute pens (maybe even personalized pens) on their plates will give them the right idea.

If your guests are more into games than floral centerpieces, give them some classic childhood memories to reenact with all the major games – jenga, connect four, rock em sock em robots, etc.

If your cocktail hour or reception is outside your guests will go wild for lawn games. Giant Jenga is a happy hour favorite and will be a hit with your guests.

An adorable and easy DIY ring toss is so easy to customize with your wedding colors and themes. You could even take it one step further and make it a wedding ring toss complete with his and hers embroidery hoop “wedding bands.”

How gorgeous would this idea for “bowling between the bales” be at a fall wedding?

No lawn games can stand up to corn hole. Why not make it an early wedding gift to yourself and have them painted with your beautiful new monogram? You’ll use them to entertain your guests for backyard barbecues for years to come.

And, of course, your guests will need a sign directing them to all these adorable games – this idea from Etsy is perfect.

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