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Everything looks better in pink – especially diamonds.

No diamond sparks excitement and admiration like the pink diamond. As the creme de la creme of gems, it bestows an aura of wealth, luxury and status to its owner. It should come as no surprise, then, that some pink diamonds have fetched the biggest dollar figures in the history of jewelry sales. Are you ready to be blown away? Meet the top five most expensive pink diamonds ever sold at auction.

The Pink Star

Talk about stealing the show! This diamond brings more bling than anyone has ever seen. While pink diamonds are infamous for their rarity, one of this size and clarity is unheard of. The stunning 59.6-carat, type IIA jewel sold for $83.2 million at Sotheby’s in November of 2013. The oval cut, flawless form and top-grade vivid pink coloring only add to its star appeal.

The Graff Pink

The last title holder of the most expensive pink diamond purchased at auction, the Graff Pink doesn’t disappoint. Originally, this treasure weighed in at 24.78 carats, but was cut down to 23.88 by millionaire and buyer, Lawrence Graff. By doing so, Graff enhanced its hue to a fancy pink and improved its clarity to internally flawless. Now known as the “King of Bling,” Graff has every reason to brag about this wow-worthy rock – especially since he paid millions more than the anticipated sale price of $27 to $38 million in 2010.

The Princie Diamond

Oh, what tales this diamond could tell. Discovered over 300 years ago, the 34.65-carat Princie Diamond is grandiose in more ways than one. The royal family of Hyderabad likely owned the precious stone for centuries, giving it a truly noble history. In the 1960’s, the Princie was auctioned off in England and changed hands again in 2013 for $39.3 million. Its cushion cut, fancy intense pink coloring and type IIA rating make it a true jewel among jewels.

The Perfect Pink

What makes a diamond perfect? Clarity, color and cut. The Perfect Pink boasts of all these elements with its type IIA grade, fancy intense pink hue and rectangular fancy cut. At 14.23 carats, it falls short on size when compared to the Pink Star – yet it still eclipses most known pink diamonds in the industry. Purchased for $23.2 million in 2012 by an anonymous buyer, this stone’s top-level quality gives it equal footing with its larger rose counterparts.

Belle Epoque

This exquisite legacy of the Gilded Age certainly does the era justice. Believed to be locked away and unseen for almost 70 years, Belle Epoque simply exudes the characteristics of vintage affluence and prosperity. This diamond is far from dated, though – its cushion cut and fancy vivid purplish-pink coloring offer a real treat for even unexperienced eyes. Sold from the estate of heiress Huguette M. Clark, this 9-carat gem fetched $15.7 million at auction in 2012.

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