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Mitt Romney Watch Brand – a Strategic Accessory?

Here’s something even that the “47 percent” can agree on – Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has swag. As his wife dons the patented pearl necklace on campaign stops, Romney has been found donning his own somewhat signature piece of jewelry fashion – the watch. Just take a look at some of the photos below and keep a keen eye on Romney’s wrist.

Not too shabby, eh?

But despite the bling that the Massachusetts governor and presidential hopeful has been sporting at campaign stops, it might be only a taste of what the multimillionaire has tucked away in a safe jewelry cabinet back home. Why? Well it’s because that collection of Pateks won’t exactly appeal to middle class voters, should they be cognizant enough to sniff out the specific type of watch and what exactly it stands for. And let’s face it, if the voters can’t see it for themselves, somebody is likely more than happy to point it out to them [ed. note – we are running a story dedicated to any Mitt Romney watch brand we can spot!] Plus – anyone paying attention to the presidential election at all already is well aware that Romney is financially successful. Why rub it in by showing off something that most Americans could never dream to afford as an everyday accessory?

While nobody is certain, fashion gurus hypothesize that the brand of watch Romney has been spotted with on his campaign trail include the likes of Seiko Windward and Anomino. Even TAG Heuer, perhaps? These brands are well respected, trusted, and familiar to most Americans. Will he pull out the big gun watches to show off in future debates and campaign stops? Maybe, but most likely not. At least not until the 2012 election has come and gone and the polls have closed. Voters and political analysts analyze everything these days, even watches.

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