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Miley Cyrus Engagement Ring Etiquette Violation

So, we all know that the rumors swirled (and unswirled via Miley’s twitter) that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth broke up. Supposedly Miley’s partying ways drove a wedge between this match made in heaven, but had nothing to do with the photos of Liam leaving an Oscars party with January Jones. Regardless of the reason for the split, one large and lovely engagement ring is still a part of the mix.

We’ve talked before about who keeps the engagement ring in the case of a breakup, and while the legal issue will be determined by who officially called things off, engagement ring etiquette dictates that Ms. Cryus return the Neil Lane rock. It’s up Liam if he’d rather hold onto it or sell the engagement ring. But it appears that hasn’t happened.

Disregard the elephant onesie – it’s not the elephant in the room. Miley posted these pics on twitter of her “casually” lounging around with a left hand sparkler on major display. It looks like not only did she hold onto her rose gold and old mine cut diamond ring, she added a few bands to the party! Regardless, this picture does exactly what Miley meant it to – shows everyone she’s still got the ring, whether she’s got Liam or not.

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