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Are you a die-hard romantic in search of an engagement ring with a noble aura? Then, marquise-shaped diamond engagement rings make an option you must consider. These marquise diamonds are not only attractive, but they also bear a royal pedigree.  More so, these marquise-shaped rings serve that fabulous look on the finger of whoever is the wearer. However, before you go out to get one, you need enough knowledge about the intricacies of these pieces of jewelry. To start with, check out these tips:
  • The right way to pronounce the word Marquise is “mar-kees.”
  • When you shop for any of these rings, ensure the diamond is well polished. That is your surest way to get that perfect sparkle.
  • Pay more attention to the clarity and spend more on that. On the other hand, spend less on the carat weight.
In all, marquise is a diamond cut for brides who want something slightly distinct. This shape can appear ultra-modern and again, give a quaintly antique look. It all depends on what style it takes. Plus, it is best for women who possess a specific and unique style.

Chronology Of Marquise-shaped Diamond

According to history, this cut got its name from the Marquise de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV. This naming event reportedly took place at the time the marquise came in 1740s France.  Meanwhile, history reports that Madame de Pompadour herself was a trained person in gem engraving. She received her training from the engraver to the king. The chronology also tells that the earliest marquise-shaped diamonds took the form of her mouth. Furthermore, the marquise is again known as a “navette.” That is the French word for a “small ship.” This is following its ship shape.  More so, this ship shape may have something to do with the cut’s fame especially in Edwardian times. That was a time when yacht racing was a beloved activity amongst the elite.  Marquise-shaped diamonds took on the stunning faceting refined in that period. It continues to be one of the most fascinating diamond shapes. In addition, the marquise shape also looks like petals and leaves. Therefore, marquise-shaped diamonds frequently appear in rings bearing a stylized floral motif.  Simply put, this is a shape that carries numerous distinct appearances. The look it takes depends on how you set it. This diamond shape is not one of the most popular choices for engagement rings. Yet, you will discover an impressive variety of rings modeled after the shape.

Popular Marquise-Shaped Diamond Rings

There is something common to Ashlee Simpson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Portia de Rossi. That is that they all wear marquise-shaped diamond engagement rings. Although the varieties they had are somewhat varied.  For instance, Zeta-Jones and de Rossi both rock their rings facing sideways. And, Michael Douglas’s bride rocks an elegant 10-carat solitaire. Moreover, De Rossi sports a simple 3 carats on a knotted band featuring small pink diamonds. Lastly, Simpson’s marquise-shaped diamond ring comes with an old-school mounting. The ring presents a vintage-style ruby together with a diamond halo. Let’s now take them one after the other.
  • Zeta-Jones’ Sideways East-West Marquise Ring

For Zeta-Jones’ east-west mounted marquise ring, it received a ton of paparazzi interest. These interests followed her engagement to Douglas declared openly in 1999. From that time, the sideways marquise became as popular as the regular mount.
  • Ashlee Simpson’s Vintage Marquise-Cut Diamonds

Ashlee Simpson got her marquise diamond ring from her husband, Evan Ross. The design of this ring in 2014 was thanks to Neil Lane. Neil Lane is a Beverly Hills jeweler to the stars and a collector of relic gems.  Ashlee’s 5-carat marquise diamond sits pretty in the heart of a ruby halo. The ruby halo again has 140 diamonds circling it up.
  • Luana Coonen’s Alternative Marquise-Cut Diamonds

Luana Coonen employs antique marquise diamonds in the making of her Fleur de Marquis rings. These rings start at a price tag of $825. Again, they feature hammered petals of recycled 14K gold. At a price tag of $3,125, you can buy a convertible marquise. For this, you can either choose a 5mm or 7mm long diamond.

The Anatomy Of Marquise-Shaped Diamonds

Marquise-shaped diamonds are very fancy-shaped diamonds. Aside from round cuts, this is another fanciful one. And to select gorgeous marquise-shaped diamonds, you need knowledge of all its parts. Check them out 
  • The Belly

This is the middle part where the flanks curve out the most. For these diamonds, this is a critical area. This area is where the measurement of the width of a marquise diamond takes place.
  • The Point

The exact area where the two angled flanks meet at each edge.
  • The Wing

The hollow area touching both the belly and the point areas
  • The Girdle

The crossing section of the crown at the top of the diamond and the pavilion at the bottom facets. This area establishes the perimeter of the diamond.
  • The Keel Line

The base portion of a striking shape. This is the area where the pavilion facets intersect. The keel line stretches out the length of the diamond. Also, it occasionally comprises or passes through the culet facet at the heart of the diamond. In all, the parts that make up the anatomy of marquise-shaped diamonds are the belly, wing, point, girdle, and keel line. Good knowledge of all these parts will come in handy. It will benefit the discussion of the important features of this ring as we proceed.

Important Aspects To Consider In Marquise-Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Several factors contribute to how attractive a diamond shape will be. This is the same story with marquise-shaped rings. All of these factors are what you consider when you select your ideal marquise-shaped diamond engagement rings. In all, marquise-shaped diamonds are grand picks for an engagement ring. These diamonds provide that striking and flattering air. Consider these tips when you want to choose. 
  • Girdle Thickness

The girdle serves as the edge of the diamond’s setting. In a case where the girdle is thick enough, it lessens the chances of defects. We evaluate the girdle thickness of a diamond ring by assessing all the parts of this narrow compartment. That is the area that merges the top and bottom of the diamond. Meanwhile, the girdle of a diamond shaped in the brilliant style appears scalloped. Additionally, it contains both “valley” and “hill” positions. These positions exist where the upper and lower half facets converge.  However, an excessively thick girdle can add to the weight of a diamond. That can make it weigh more than its face-up appearance permits. More so, a tiny girdle can heighten the chances of defects like chipping. Note that, to calculate girdle thickness, you follow the same process as in fancy shapes and rounds. Yet, some fancy shapes, like the marquise, need unusual allowances.  In addition, keep in mind that the most exposed parts of marquise-shaped diamond rings are its points. Hence, it’s reasonable to have a narrowly bigger girdle thickness there.
  • French Tips

Since a marquise’s pointed edges get damaged easily, several cutters utilize French tips. The aim is to improve the durability of these rings. What this process contains is a replacement in place of a huge bezel facet at each edge. The process adjusts the star and upper girdle facets.
  • Length-to-Width Ratio

The length-to-width ratio of marquise-shaped diamond engagement rings is a crucial measurement. This ratio is a representation of the length (end to end) described in relation to the width (across the belly).  Simply put, a common length for marquise-shaped rings is twice its width. One can describe the length-to-width ratio of these rings to be 2:1. For instance, 1.75 carat marquise-shaped diamond rings are “long.” They come at a length-to-width ratio of 2.7:1.  However, there is a suitable length-to-width ratio for marquise-shaped diamond rings. Check out the length-to-width ratios for marquise-shaped diamonds provided by the GIA laboratory. They generally vary between 1.6:1 to 2.2:1.  Furthermore, for lengthy marquise-shaped diamonds, the situation is tougher. Cutters find it tough to facet the diamonds in a style that keeps the face-up image. The kind of image that conveys radiance and structure is as beautiful as in the shorter type.  Overall, very short marquise-shaped rings may look “stubby.” But either of these two sizes might be the diamond that strikes your interest. Conclusively, what strikes your interest is what should matter to you.
  • Symmetry

Symmetry is a crucial element of a promising design. When it is combined with the shape appeal, it becomes a crucial reference. This combination helps to define the general appeal of marquise-shaped diamond engagement rings. Particularly, GIA examines a diamond’s symmetry judging by its observable features. Additionally, the GIA diamond grading reports give a symmetry examination judging by a five-point scale. The scale features grades from Excellent to Poor.  Below are some indicators you can consider when examining the symmetry of marquise-shaped diamond engagement rings.
  • Check out the curve of the wings. From that, you can decide whether they’re symmetrical or not. It is best when the wings possess an equal amount of curve.
  • Carve out an imagined horizontal line through the diamond at the belly part. Then, examine whether or not the two halves are symmetrical in the sketch. 
Also, find out if they have an equal length. Rightfully, one half of the diamond should not be lesser or more than the other half.
  • Additionally, the symmetry quality of the facets again helps in getting the elegance of the shape. Sketch out an imagined line all through the length of the diamond. Ensure the facets of the diamond on the right and left halves are of exact shapes and sizes
They should also be at the same relative areas along with the wings. Again, sketch out an imagined horizontal line through the diamond.  Find out the facets on the base and top halves. Are they also symmetrical? The better the symmetry of the facets, the more attractive the diamond will appear.
    • Search for any lost or additional facets.
  • Shape Appeal

That your marquise-shaped diamond engagement rings are symmetrical is not enough. Ensure it is also appealing and lovely. We assess symmetry and shape appeal contrarily.  Each of these diamonds gets individual assessments. Compare its parts with its entirety. Whenever jewelry experts assess shape appeal, they evaluate the appearance of the diamond. This is then compared with other diamonds that have the same cutting design and shape. Below are a few of the most familiar shape issues. All of these issues hinder the diamond’s appeal:
  • Flat wings: This happens when the wings are flatter than usual. They get fewer curves than they should.
  • Bulged wings: in this situation, the wings appear ”plumper,” having additional excess curves.
  • Uneven wings: Here, you will have at least one wing with a varied proportion of curve compared to the others.
  • Undefined points: Either one or both edges appear a little bit circular or edged.

Marquise-Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings And Its Bow-Tie

Essentially, marquise-shaped diamond engagement rings present a stunning style. You get a dark shadow that looks like a bow tie. This appears along the width of the diamond in the middle of the table.   Typically, the bow tie can appear as light gray or black. Furthermore, the darker and larger it is, the more it can adversely impact the diamond’s look. More so, marquise-shaped rings normally possess some degree of a bow tie. On the other hand, those without a bow tie usually don’t have brightness. They are dull most times.  Keep in mind that a little bow tie can be visually inviting in a marquise. In fact, the presence of bow-ties in some of these rings is not obvious because of how lovely they look. You get to see these bow-ties mostly in diamond rings that are either simple or have very subtle pavilions.


Rocking marquise-shaped diamond engagement rings is the same as wearing royalty on your finger. At this point, you have an idea of what to consider. Therefore, if your bride-to-be is in love with these marquise-shaped rings, it is easier. Are you having doubts whether or not marquise-shaped diamond rings are right for you? Then, consider all the elegance, intricacies and uniqueness of these marquise-shaped diamond engagement rings. 

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