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When you think of luxury jewelry that is only available to those who are exclusive and elite in society, you have a certain image in your mind. You’re thinking of huge diamonds, necklaces dripping with gemstones and watches that you will only see on the likes of Brad Pitt. The last thing you probably will think of is a cardboard bracelet. But Keariene Muizz feels that her upcycled jewelry is different — especially the cardboard bracelet she designed and priced at $20,000.

However, if you saw the bracelet you might not realize that it is made of industrial cardboard. The cuff-style bracelet is complete with a large piece of glass cut to look like a gemstone. Its colors include ivory, black and a turquoise blue. Muizz, the designer, creates upcycled jewelry on a regular basis to show people the importance of recycling and saving our environment. This bracelet is her most expensive piece yet. Typically, a Muizz piece would range anywhere from $60 to $350 — a much more affordable range for most people looking for jewelry, especially jewelry made out of recycled objects.

Muizz states though that this bracelet in particular is less like a bracelet and more like a work of art. She claims that its unique base product and ultimate design make it something that can never be reproduced, therefore more than worth what it is priced at. And just because it’s cardboard doesn’t mean it won’t last you an eternity. This bracelet is covered and protected with a special glaze that Muizz puts on all of her specialty upcycled pieces. This ensures you have a piece of jewelry that is not only eco-friendly but sturdy, hardy and designed to be worn day after day. Crazy as it may seem, this cardboard bracelet is worth its hefty price tag.

Catherine C for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.

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