Jewelry Repair Boca Raton

Jewelry Repair Services Boca Raton

The jewelry repair services Boca Raton needs are both highly skilled and exceptional. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, our jewelry repair services meet both criteria.

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Boca jewelry lovers are as diverse as our selection of luxury cars, but they all have one thing in common: they love the very best of fine jewelry. And when that jewelry needs a little TLC, there’s no better option in East Boca than Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

Our gorgeous, state-of-the-art showroom boasts a cutting edge on site jewelry workshop. Our favorite piece of equipment is our Laserstar iWeld 990. It allows us to perform the most intricate of repairs and services, working with the finest materials no matter ho2 tiny the details. It also lets us “operate” on your pieces that contain heat sensitive precious gemstones without compromising their beauty or condition.

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But even a precision-built machine like the Lasterstar is meaningless without a skilled operator. That’s where our jewelers come in. They combine generations of knowledge and passion with highly skilled tricks of the trade. And they’re as invaluable to us as your jewelry is to you – so we understand completely how important it is that we take good care of your jewelry.

At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we pride ourselves on giving our discerning clientele the very best service. When you need jewelry repair in Boca Raton, simply stop by our showroom for an estimate. As soon as you arrive you’ll consult with one of our jewelry experts and describe the issue with your jewelry. We’ll ask what repairs your seeking and give you our professional opinion as well. If you agree to entrust your jewelry to us, we’ll have one of our jewelers give you a crystal clear description of repair along with a fair and honest estimate.

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From that point, we treat your jewelry as we would our own. Under lock and key by night and under the loupe, being inspected and carefully treated by day. Before you leave your jewels with us, we’re happy to give you a tour of our impressive jewelry workshop and you can meet the jeweler who will be repairing your piece.

The jewelry repair services Boca Raton relies on Diamonds by Raymond Lee for include:

  • Restoration
  • Refinishing
  • Redesign
  • Ring resizing (women’s and men’s rings)
  • Pearl restringing
  • Prong re-tipping
  • Claw repairs
  • Shanks replacement on rings
  • Chain or bracelet soldering and repairs
  • New clasp fitting
  • Safety chain repair
  • Charms soldering
  • Stone re-setting or replacement
  • Gemstone cleaning
  • Jewelry polishing
  • Rhodium plating

But we’re willing to accept any challenge not listed. Like mathematicians or architects (and sometimes using elements of both trades), our jewelers love to complete a complicated repair that no one else has been able to perform. The satisfaction of solving a puzzle combined with the joy of our client being able to finally wear that treasured piece again is priceless.

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When you’re ready to free your beloved bracelet with the broken clasp from the confines of your jewelry box, we’re here. When you know that you won’t wear that antique ring again until you’ve got every prong secure, we’re here. When your favorite necklace loses a piece of pave (ahem, that’d be a diamond) we’re here. When you simply don’t know who else you can trust to perform a repair that you can’t quite identify, we’re here. The experts at Diamonds by Raymond Lee are ready to meet your jewelry repair needs.

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