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I Don't: Destination Weddings

We share why the wedding dessert table is an I DON’T in our series: I Do/ I Don’t, where we split the pros and cons between the hottest wedding trends.

Time for a heart-to-heart for our local brides. Why, when we live in paradise, would you burden yourself and your nearest and dearest with the expense and commitment of traveling to another gorgeous locale? Unless you’d like to marry in softly falling snow on a mountain (which is asking something completely different of your guests), there’s no reason to!

Destination weddings can be stunning, and they’re a wonderful option for many couples. But so often, the thought of a destination wedding conjures images of toes in the sand, sunny skies, and a tropical atmosphere. We have all of that here in our own backyard.

A destination wedding requires a financial commitment from your guests. They’re paying for travel, accommodations, time off of work, and your gift. Yes, it’s your wedding, and yes, anyone who truly cares about you and your fiance will be there – no matter what – but one of the biggest elements of throwing an enjoyable wedding is taking your guests into consideration. You wouldn’t dream of asking them to pay their way at the bar (right?) why ask them to pony up for plane tickets?

Of course, perhaps you’re counting on guests RSVP-ing ‘no’ in order to cut the guest list. But ideally, your invitations should be sent to people who you love and cherish and want to spend this day with you. When guests RSVP yes, you want to be happy, and when you get those unfortunate no’s, it shouldn’t be cause for celebration. That scenario is a sign you need to trim your guest list; yes there will always be the guests you’d rather not, but simply must invite (think eccentric uncles). But the majority of the rest should be your closest friends – now is not the time to include high school friends, couples who invited you to their wedding, and your occasional lunch buddy.

If you’re still having issues narrowing down the list, choose a local location with strict capacity. One local venue that comes to mine – and is steeped in tropical elegance – is the Omphoy in Palm Beach. It holds 120 people max.

If you’re still dreaming of Hawaiian romance, but dreading asking your bridesmaids to fly to Honolulu in peak season, why not check out the Boca Raton Resort in our own backyard? Golf, beach, major spa treatments and lush landscaping await your guests. No, there won’t be any gnarly waves, but neither will there be gnarly airfare, and your guests can choose to stay at the hotel if they choose – or go home after the reception.

If you’re still looking for that getaway feel, consider a quick jaunt down to the Keys. There are several resorts, all within driving distance, that will still provide a tropical getaway for your friends and family without creating as much of a fuss as, say, a destination wedding in the Tuscan countryside.

All of this comes with the caveat that your wedding is not a burden. If your dream is to have the guests join you for a 5 day celebration in Lake Como, by all means go for it – those who love you most will make every effort to be there for you on your big day.

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