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The Most Famous Blue Diamonds

The Most Famous Blue Diamonds

As blue as the deepest sea, or has blue as the sky, this could be the way you may describe the Premier Blue Diamond. It weighs 7.59 carats and it is sold exclusively in Kung Kong.

This diamond by far is the rarest in size and in color. It is expected to make the world’s record, as the biggest diamond for sale, per carat. The Premier Blue Diamond is flawless in color and in design. It is up for auction, and will be among the luxurious selection of diamonds in Hong Kong.

The New York Times describes the diamond as being the size of a button. However, it is said to be the world’s most exotic diamond. The diamond rarity has to do with its round shape and brilliant color. Sotheby’s made the best choice, when they placed deputy chairman Chin Yeow Quek over the details of the auction.

Deputy Chairman Asia is in charge of the international jewellery auction, and claims that there has not been a diamond so round and so perfect and so blue, to come through the auction ever. There are at least 15 world famous blue diamonds in the world.

  1. The Hope Diamond is by far the most precious and most famous blue diamond in history. It is also said to be “cursed”, and will bring bad luck to its owners. The diamond is named after its original owner Lord Francis Hope, and is valued at $200,000 to $250,000,000, and weighs in at 45.52 carats.

 4. The Wittelsbach Diamond is the second’s diamond weighing in at 35.56 carats. Its owners were German, before the diamond made its way to the United States. At an auction in London the diamond sold for $24.3 million dollars.

 3. The Idol’s Eye is a legendary diamond with a history, of belonging to the eye of a statue, which is located in a temple in Benghazi. The diamond weighs in at 70.21 carats, has 9 facets instead of eight, the value of the diamond is unknown, but in 1973 it sold for $1,100,000 dollars.

 2. The Koh-I-Noor diamond or the “Mountain of Light” as it is referred to, comes with a saying attached; “Whoever owned it, ruled the world.” The diamond original carats were 186, but were cut by Prince Albert to 105.602 carats. The diamond has never been sold or brought, and many have lost their life to obtain it.

  1. The Orlov Diamond looks like an eye and was originally taken from the temple in Srirangam. It is believed to be a compliment diamond of the Idols eye. The diamond is said to resemble one half of an egg, and weighs over 189.62 carats, and is valued at more than $400,000.

Other diamond in the midst that are blue and famous are the Cullinan I or the Star of Africa Diamond, the Petra Blue Diamond, the Heart of Eternity Diamond, the Millennium Star Diamond, the Excelsior Diamond, the Tereschenko Diamond, the Sultan of Morocco Diamond, the Blue Heart Diamond, the Blue Empress and the Blue Magic Diamond.

Blue diamonds are limited and very valuable. It is the mixture of boron element and the binding of carbon, which gives the blue diamond its unique and flawless color. These diamonds are not a dime a dozen, they only come around, once or twice in a life time.


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