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Most Expensive: A Gold Swimsuit to the Tune of $245,000

A stunning swimsuit produced from $245,000 in 24-carat gold threads has been getting its share of “ooohs and ahhhs” this season at various promotional events and fashion shows. The suit weighs in at 1.1 kg and is the product of an inspiration by Ginza Tanaka, the well-known jewelry designer and maker.

Ginza extended their concept by also creating a matching tapestry and shawl in the Kyoto workshop. Reports are that this dress version of the golden creation weighs in at 500 grams, making it available at a paltry $81,700.

Ginza Tanaka has earned two spots on the World’s Most Expensive Dresses List, and tops all of them for dresses with the greatest intrinsic value. This list includes such iconic dresses as Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday Dress” and Princess Diana’s “Miss Saigon Dress” created by Catherine Walker. The first of the two Ginza’s is considered one of the world’s most desirable evening dresses. It is also made of 1.1 kilograms of spun golden threads, producing a translucent look with an angelic-sheer shawl cover accompanying it.

Coming in at just a bit of a higher price tag, the intriguing “Gold Coin Dress” is constructed with more than 15,000 Australian gold coins. The weight of this garment comes in at a heady 10 kilograms and a value of $267,948. The dress was first shown at the Tokyo Fashion Week in 2007 and gained a great deal of attention to the then-newcomer Ginza Tanaka.

These creations have bought enough buzz to be worth, well, their weight in gold. Ginza set out to redefine trends in the luxury segment of the fashion industry. Tanaka has succeeded, also impacting the expectations in luxury jeweler market. In just a few short years his dress and follow on creations has earned Ginza a known position within the fashion industries.

Founded in 1892, the Ginza Tanaka name has long been known within Japanese circles. From its inception, the company has been known for innovation. Its founder, Kamekichi Yamzaki was the first jeweler in Japan to implement the 18 Karat gold and 24 Karat gold measurement system for establishing the quality of gold bought or sold. The company produced the commemorative medals for the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games and the Osaka Exposition of 1970.

With a major renovation of its Ginza location in 1990, the company adopted the name of its flagship and is now known universally as a leading edge designer and manufacturer of jewelry from many precious metals and stones. These include precious metal accessories, pearls and pearl creations, all types of jewelry, ground metal coins and ground metal, various artistic ornaments, and commissioned cups, medals and other fine items. The company was the first in Japan to manufacture a watch to global standards and its first was purchased by Emperor Hirohito of the Showa era. It now includes fine luxury watches in its offerings.

Ginza Tanaka is one company that has preserved a century-old tradition of fine products and services while updating it collections to help set trends in its industry.

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