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What is up with those old diamonds that you have kept away in the drawers? Don’t you think it’s about time you decided to sell them? That is a splendid idea as there are many diamond buyers in Boca Raton. They will be thrilled at the idea of helping you get rid of the unused yet precious items in the use. But before you do that, you need to follow the correct procedure that will have you benefit fully from the sale of the diamonds. In simple terms, this is not something easy to execute as it appears from the surface. The secret lies in the following details that should act as the guidelines from the start to finish of the transaction.

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Determining What You’ve Got

You need to be sure that the diamonds are actually valuable. Don’t rely on any hearsay as they are just speculations. There are many ways that can be used in the authentication and verification of the diamonds. The reliable resource party to use is a certified and qualified appraiser who will help bring the speculations to an end. In fact, it is recommended that you use the services of an appraiser that doesn’t take part in the buying and selling of diamonds. This will enable you get the honest opinion about your valuables.

Setting Your Price

This should be a streamlined process given that you have already found out about what you intend to sell. The quickest way of disappointing and turning away potential buyers is to set unrealistic price. For instance, deciding to sell the diamonds at a price higher than the market value. Of course, the jewelry might be of untold importance to you. But if you really need to do with some cash out of it, you have to use a reasonable price that will drive many buyers your way. Use the prevailing market trends to help you come up with a fair, suitable and convenient price.

Emotional Willingness

Most of the diamonds owned by people are probably an inheritance from their grandparents. If you belong to this category, then there must be a certain kind of special bond between you and the items. This is likely to arouse emotions when the time comes to say bye. To help you get over this, you need to premeditate on how life would be without the jewelry. It is true that the longer you hold onto to the stone, the harder it will be in future for you to part ways with it. The sooner you realize this, the better.

Considering The Available Diamond Selling Options In Boca Raton

There are many resellers for your diamonds. When they take possession of the jewelry, they will either sell it to the public or the jewelry industry. Whichever the case, you need to work with a buyer who you trust and one that will settle the deal within the shortest time possible. Above all, there is the element of trust. Take this advice seriously; if you have any reason to doubt the credibility of a given buyer, please cut short your links. Or else, you stand a chance of losing your diamonds. The following is a list of the options that can be of help in determining where to sell your jewelry in Boca Raton.


Pawnshops have a common feature of charging low prices for the sell of items. You have probably seen a couple of them in your locality, and you should also know what goes on inside. These are places are seen as the last resort by those who are in desperate need of cash. That is why they will buy the item with a view that there might come a time when you will claim them. As such, they offer a lower price so that you get them back at a higher price.


This is an option that might be beneficial especially if you have sufficient information about whatever you are selling. This is where the services of an appraiser will prove to be crucially important. The factors that will determine the resale value of the precious stone include carat weight, color, clarity and the cut. The bits that make eBay different are their listing fees, selling fees and the PayPal fees that you have to cater for. Please note that by them taking the diamond does not mean that the deal is closed. There is a possibility of the diamonds being sent back if there is no buyer or due to other specified reasons.


Craigslist gives you a chance to post an ad for free. This is a good idea especially if you are financially constrained and you can’t afford the various attached fees. You need to be prepared to deal with strangers who will see your ad and contact you for further information. To be sure of everything, you need to have a person that will protect you from all liabilities.


You can also decide to consign your diamond to a local jeweler to do the auctioning for you. It works well if you are in no particular hurry to use the cash. This is because the jewelries are enclosed in a case and made to wait till the appropriate time for resell. You are allowed to set the price for the diamond you want sold. The process will require documentation which states that you have willingly agreed to keep the piece of precious stone with them. There is a time frame that is set within which the item is to be sold. It that doesn’t happen, your diamond will be returned to you.

Diamond buyer

 This is just another of the many alternatives that are available. It is has some differences as compared to when you sell the diamonds with a jeweler. They are well placed to offer higher prices since they do not have many overhead costs. You can make use of the online testimonials, and reviews to give you a hand in making the right choice. A good and reliable diamond buyer has to belong to a bureau that is charged with quality assurance of the items that they deal in. The buyers don’t guarantee replacement value, but you will get more than what is offered by the pawnshops. You can rely on a diamond buyer to help dispose of your diamond within the shortest period. Due to their reliability and efficiency, diamonds buyers are the most preferred choice. They also pay attention to the needs of each particular customer by trying to get them the fairest price possible. They also don’t give great attention to miscellaneous fees which gives them an edge off the others.

After you have equipped yourself with the above tips, you can comfortably and confidently start on the process of selling diamonds. Whether broken, old, unused or unwanted, don’t just keep it in the side. It is much more useful to diamond buyers in Boca Raton, and the cash has a lot of uses in your pocket. The only thing is that you need to follow the correct procedure so as to avoid many complications. If the deal isn’t worth it, explore other available options that cater for your interests.

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