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    Custom jewelry design at Raymond Lee Jewelers is one of the premium services we offer at our flagship West Boca Raton showroom, in addition to our custom jewelry design work at our East Boca Raton showroom. For over thirty years we’ve been South Florida’s destination for designer estate jewelry, pre-owned luxury watches, and important diamonds. But our estate selection is only a fraction of the work we love doing. Our full service jewelry and watch workshops enable us not only to repair your most prized possessions, but to create them.

Custom Jewelry Design

    Our custom jewelry design service is centered around the most important factor: you. The very first step in creating your dream piece of jewelry involved a one-on-one consultation between you and our jewelry designer. At this first meeting, we encourage you to hold nothing back. Tell us your wildest, most whimsical ideas, bring inspiration photos, textures, metals, or other pieces of jewelry. We value an open communication with you and ultimately the more you can share with us, the more we’re able to match your completed piece perfectly to your vision. After this meeting, you’ll have the first sketch of your future jewelry piece.

    From there, our designer will polish and finalize the sketches and submit them to you for another approval. Upon agreement, our team of experts begins to source the very best raw materials for your custom jewelry design – be it platinum, gold, antique diamonds, or precious gems. Our design team partners with our diamond experts to choose only the best stones that fit your budget, and we work exclusively with conflict-free diamonds. Once we know the exact cost of raw materials, we’ll submit the quote for your final piece to you for approval.

Custom Jewelry Design

    The next step brings your jewelry design into this dimension. Using computer Aided Design (CAD), our jewelry designer will create a 3D model to review with you to ensure the piece functions and looks exactly as it should. Once you give us the go-ahead, we create a wax model with the exact dimensions of your final piece based on the CAD model. This way you can hold the wax model in your hand, see the architecture of your piece, where the stones will go, and make any final adjustments before the final design phase.

    Our master jeweler will build the exact replica of the wax model in the precious materials of your choice. In our on-site, state of the art workshop, our jewelers have access to the best and most precise tools, and they can flex their creative muscles along with their time-tested trade expertise. With a combined five decades of jewelry experience, you’re getting the very best.

Custom Jewelry Design

    Upon completion, the ring undergoes our quality control process, which includes inspection by our team of jewelers, experts, designers and – most importantly – you.

    Depending on the intricacy of your design, the entire custom jewelry design process takes between 2-6 weeks. And no matter your budget, our team will work with you to make your dream piece of jewelry a reality.

Custom Jewelry Design

    At Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we’ve built a reputation on excellence. Our flagship showroom may be a South Florida jewelry mecca, but we’re known worldwide for our selection, skill, and service. We value your high opinion more than any of the treasures in our store or vault, and it’s why our custom jewelry design service’s number one goal is to make your jewelry dreams come true. Contact us today to find out more about our custom jewelry services.

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