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Cellini Rolex 50519 White Gold Black Dial Guilloche Watch Review

The Cellini Rolex is one of the finest classic dress watches from the world renowned brand. A gorgeous men’s luxury accessory this time piece embodies the attention to detail and fine craftsmanship that make Rolex the crowned king. The most recognized and high profile watch brand in the world Rolex is a statement watch. However the most popular collections are the Yachtmaster and Presidential watch series. Not to forget the Date Just, Submariner, and Daytona. Yeah Rolex is well known all around. Now when it comes to the more classic and exquisite dress watches the Cellini is a gem. Not as well known or popular as the other collections it has a totally different appeal and aesthetic design. The look of the watch is unlike the other series from Rolex. Also the Cellini Rolex has significantly different features from the signature Rolex watches. It is unique and it is refined. Intended for wear for formal occasions rather than sportier events this watch is a fine jewelry piece. A classic and traditional style the watch itself had its latest launch in 2014 at Baselworld. Well known for their refined elegance and simplicity the Cellini Rolex collection is minimalistic. Yet within each of the minimal details you have the deft touch of a master craftsman. Whether it is on the dial face or the edge of the bezel. To tie it all together, excuse the pun, is the black alligator bracelet. With visible delicate stitching and a gold buckle the bracelet rounds out the Cellini Rolex watches’ classic look. Comfortable and embellished these watches are fine examples of the keen eye of a watchmaking craftsman and true artist. Bringing together the Rolex know how with noble art. Inspired by the Italian Renaissance artist Benvenuto Cellini this watch model is sober and refined.

Cellini Rolex 50519 White Gold Black Dial Guilloche Watch

Now to the review! This particular Cellini Rolex is a white gold beauty with an off black guilloche dial. Exquisite details and fine craftsmanship are in every part of this time piece. A 50519 this Cellini is a date feature watch. An elegant feature on the right hand side of the dial this is not your average date window. A complementary round dial in a matching white gold applique it shows all of the odd dates of the month with scripted Arabic numerals. Matching this script are the seconds markers at each one of the corresponding hour markers. Also in a white gold applique. In the purest traditional style the round shaped watch comes in a classic 39 millimeter case. The refined lugs lead smoothly from the circular case with a swooping design towards the classic of classics, the black alligator strap. Overall a traditional and elegant watch totally refined. An elegant light weight watch it has a thin case as well. Assembled using only the finest materials in the world as is the Rolex standard. This watch has an infinitesimally calculated production. Each and every one of the movements and machinations are pre considered and perfectly fit. For an elegant and refined watch would be nothing if not for simplicity, and effortless function. The Cellini Rolex is the perfect watch for a refined evening. For a gentleman who enjoys the finer and refined pleasures in life. Whether that is an internal world of introspection or events closer to galas than sports arenas this is the watch for those occasions. An incredibly elegant style of watch it has detailing and gorgeous handcrafted touches that add a certain dimension to it. A je ne sai quoi that is the mark of Rolex. A luxury timepiece made with every detail in mind.

Rolex gold cases

Starting off with the materials that they use. Not satisfied to hand over a crucial part of their materials selection process Rolex goes beyond using the fined gold that the world has. Further than that they actually have their very own foundry. Now not only do they use this foundry to craft the cases of the fine watches that make a Rolex. The luxury watch brand also has developed their own unique metal alloys. These as you can imagine are patented. The gold blended alloys make them more resistant. Gold is one very soft metal and thus even for fine watches a mixture must be made in order for the case and therefore the gold to be more resistant to scratching. One such gold that absolutely requires a unique mixture is white gold. Firstly because white gold is not a naturally occurring metal it is by its nature an alloy. In order to achieve the glint and glimmer of shiny white gold we must mix pure gold with other metals. Something the Rolex foundry does better than almost any one else in the world. The combination of gold and steel as well as other fine metals creates a grayish color alloy result. This is when expert polishing and rhodium bathing truly make the white gold color of the time piece come to life. It is a smooth and bright surface that catches the eye. Still a classic style it is more subdued than the yellow gold cases of their counterpart. The sleek look of the white gold is perfect for this elegant and luxurious watch. It is stark contrast to the black dial. The one that has a trick or two up its sleeve too with a textured guilloche detailing radiating from the centre. More on that and other details.

The black guilloche dial

The black dial itself is an elegant piece of fine craftsmanship. With visible details and careful craftsmanship the result is a dazzling dial that sparkles to the eye. Embellished with a classic “Rayon flamme de la gloire” this is a dial detailing exclusive to the Rolex Cellini watches. Radiating from the centre of the dial the textured motif radiates mirroring the fluted first bezel tier. The accented dial features white gold applique stick hour markers as well as seconds markers within the inner part of the markers. Further the date dial showing all of the odd days of the month show the days to come as well as the days gone by in the calendar month. An almost identical miniature dial within the dial the date feature is located at the three o’clock hour marker. Finally at the top of the dial we have the Rolex crown logo followed by the brand name and Geneve, the world’s Swiss watch making capital. At directly the opposite end of the dial we have the Cellini cursive collection name. Balanced and elegant this watch features only the classic functionalities of a luxury watch. Bearing witness to know how and tradition the dial comes in either the black color like this one or a white dial. Since this particular case is in white gold the black dial helps to accentuate the metals shine. As well as the hour markers and date feature. Whereas a white dial might make readability a bit difficult. Simplicity and elegance are a signature feature of the Cellini Rolex watches. However with every bit of craftsmanship that you would expect from a Rolex there are delicate adornments as well. Beyond the dial which lies beneath scratch resistant sapphire as is the norm with Rolexes there is a two tier bezel.

The elegant two tier bezel

From the guilloche dial to the two tier bezel. The Cellini Rolex collection of watches is all about the detail. For the two tier bezel that is perfect. The first tier of the bezel is a domed and smooth polished white gold circle. Meanwhile the second tier is a fluted delicate distinction. Together the two of them add a depth and dimension to the watch itself. While the first tier of the bezel is domed it does not protrude from the watch. So you do not have to worry about excessive material. Again the Cellini collection is one of the most elegant and refined watches around. Further the delicately fluted second tier is the perfect lead in for the fluted crown. Adjusted to be shaped almost like the base of a flower bud the crown sits snugly against the case. Meanwhile the upper outer edges of the crown radiate away from the case making it easy to manipulate and adjust. Not that you need to adjust it all that frequently since this watch features automatic movements. The textured fluting of the crown also makes it easy to grip. So although smaller than more modern or sporty watches this delicate detail on the 39 millimeter Cellini is easy to grasp and use.

Cellini Rolex collection

The Cellini Rolex collection fits comfortably. It is a light weight and extremely well engineered watch. So that it is neither heavy nor overly light. It has a substantial size at a classic 39 millimeters as well as an equally balanced weight. Further visually the watch is also balanced. It has an impeccable array of detailing stemming from the center of the guilloche dial to the edges of the second tier of the bezel. Finally the smooth swooping lugs and elegant choices in materials and color combinations make this a fine luxury time piece. An ideal night time watch it is a dress time piece adequate for events and dinners. The black alligator strap adds to the classic and traditional look and feel of this watch. High quality and finely made it is an ode to the Rolex know how and the controlled design of the brand. There is of course no better way to know if a watch is right for you though than to actually see and touch the piece. An intimate accessory a time piece is more than just to keep track of time. An extension of yourself, your ideals and your personality this is a watch of impeccable taste. For those wishing to see it first hand and experience the meticulous details and balanced weight, comfort and feel we recommend visiting one of our boutiques. Our luxury watch experts and craftsmen are available to assist with any questions that you might have. As well as welcome you to our expertly designed spaces. For an experience worthy of a Rolex drop by. 

Where to buy a Rolex Cellini? Diamonds by Raymond Lee

When purchasing a fine watch like the Rolex Cellini the most important thing to take into account is who you are doing business with. The main matter is quality and of course expertise. You want to be certain that the person across the table from you knows their stuff and in the event that you need assistance with your fine time piece they will be there. We have over thirty years of experience in the luxury watch and jewelry industry. A family owned business we are deeply involved and committed to taking care of our clients. Not just when you come in to make your purchase but throughout the life time of your piece. Proud of our contributions to our South Florida community we are deeply involved in the community. From taking care of our clients, hosting events and sponsoring charitable initiatives we are driven by a true life passion. We offer full service on all of our products as well as customization. All of our staff are highly trained specialists and experts. They of course have access to all of the latest technology and engineering facilities necessary to truly take care of the work they do. It is a family tradition and our pleasure to continue to carry on this legacy. If you are searching for the perfect watch to add to your collection or a gift for a special someone in your life Diamonds by Raymond Lee is the place to go. We have a wide curated collection of unique time pieces. From the well known and loved watch collections to the special limited editions that seem elusive. We consistently search for and bring back to South Florida our unique finds including classic luxury time pieces to the more sportive and athletic styles. Always form the finest brands.

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