Boca Raton Jewelry Store Announces Our Month of Love Winners!

This month we saw an outpouring of love usually reserved for the hours we spend swooning over our colored jewels case. But the love our Facebook fans share for each other surpassed even our love for our fabulous estate jewelry in our Boca Raton jewelry store. We saw over 54 couples declare their love for each other on our Facebook wall, and hundreds of thousands of you voted for your favorites in our Month of Love Engagement Ring Giveaway! All of our couples had sweet love stories, perfect chemistry, or a bond that withstood everything and anything – we couldn’t get enough of reading their love stories. But in the end, there could only be one winner (well, two, because we’re softies). Meet our winners below!

1st Place: Erika McKenzie

Erika and her boyfriend Matthew ran away with the competition, accumulating more than 23,000 likes on their entry photo. Erika’s heartbreaking story, below:

“This is me and my boyfriend Matthew. We’ve been together since we were 16. To say we’ve been through a lot would be an epic understatement. We happened to meet on a random summer night through both of our best friends. We fell in love instantaneously. I always knew he would be the man I married.

4 months ago on September 23rd (just 3 days before my own birthday) our daughter Alessandra Rose passed away. But our heartache started long before the day she was called home. When I was just 17 weeks pregnant, she was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal defect, Trisomy 18 or Edwards Syndrome. It’s caused randomly at conception by copying the 18th chromosome 3x instead of just twice. It can happen to absolutely anyone at no fault of their own. Trisomy 18 is a very scary thing. Statistics sadly state that 90+% of the babies die before birth. That doesn’t even include the ones that are aborted, which is probably already >90% of those that know about trisomy 18 before birth.

The doctors gave up on my daughter and offered me a medical termination. I chose to give my daughter a life of love for as long as she had. I treated my pregnancy as if my daughter were already here. I read her bedtime stories, took her for ice cream, went on vacations and shared her with the world. I continue to share her any chance I get. Feel free to look at her video:

When our peanut passed, our worlds were turned upside down. I had just finished nursing school, and Matthew was just about to start police academy. He has been my rock throughout our crazy trials and tribulations. I really would’ve fallen apart without him. He is hands down the best man I’ve ever met and I love him with my entire heart. I know how badly he wants to be able to propose so that we can truly start our lives together.. this ring could be the beginning of a beautiful new horizon after the terrible storm we have been weathering.

Thank you for allowing me to share Matthew, Alessandra and I’s story. Please “like” to vote! And please share! Thanks so much!! ♥”

We are so thrilled for Matthew and Erika, and we only hope that this ring will allow them to start a beautiful future together after the pain they’ve endured. And because we fell in love with too many of our couples to give away just one engagement ring, we spread the love to our 2nd place couple too.

2nd Place: Jessica Smith

Jessica & her handsome man in uniform entered nearly half way through our contest, but that didn’t stop our fans (and theirs) from voting by the thousand! With more than 5,600 likes, Jessica’s entry was an outpouring of love and support for a couple who faces adversity on a daily basis. Says Jessica:

“My wonderful boyfriend and I have been dating a little over 1 year. Since we live in the South, we have faced a lot of prejudice. I went through several years of loneliness until I met him. Most of my friends got married and began having children while I was at home most Friday nights waiting to meet the right man. We met at college through a volunteer service with my campus job. We faced strong criticism for at least the first 6 months of our relationship. I personally lost several family members who refused to acknowledge us and other people who were very important to me. Regardless, he stood by me and helped me forgive these people who didn’t accept him. He has shown me love and forgiveness in so many different ways. He was with me when I had surgery last summer, when I graduated from graduate school, & when I began my first grown up job. We want to get engaged this year but alot of my family still refuses to acknowledge us. He is in the military & in graduate school so we aren’t quite established enough to get a ring or plan a wedding since many family members will probably not be helping. I want this because I want to show him I’m as sure of him as he is of me. And that regardless of naysayers, we have a beautiful, blessed future. Thanks for reading our story!

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”— Nora Ephron”

We just adore both of our winners (and really, all of our amazing entrants) we can’t wait to hear their proposal stories as soon as they receive their rings! Thank you to everyone who participated, everyone who voted, and congratulations to our winners!

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