Henri Daussi Engagement Rings

Henri Daussi Engagement Rings For Glamorous Brides

Henri Daussi engagement rings are among our favorites. Seriously, who could say no to their striking design, expert craftsmanship and, of course, those amazing DIAMONDS? How do we love Henri Daussi? Let us count the ways: Every ring is created […]

Diamonds By Raymond Lee Engagement Rings You Need to See

Diamonds by Raymond Lee engagement rings are taking over the internet! Since our grand opening this February, we’ve watched (and encouraged) our gorgeous Diamonds by Raymond Lee engagement rings to blow up on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, We Heart It […]

Solitaire vs halo

Solitaire vs Halo Engagement Rings: Decision 2016

Solitaire vs halo engagement ring – has there ever been a more contentious, mud-slinging debate? Oh… Well the good news is, given the choice between both of these options, any bride would be happy to choose one or the other. […]