Tacori engagement rings

Tacori Engagement Rings Inspired By Celebrity Rings

Tacori engagement rings are already celeb-worthy, with several Hollywood leading ladies calling a Tacori ring their own. Ellen Pompeo, Nicolette Sheridan, and other famous celebs call themselves Tacori Girls! But even if you’ve got a major crush on a celebrity […]

Tacori Engagement Rings

Tacori Engagement Rings by Collection – What Makes Them Unique

Tacori engagement rings are gorgeous beyond measure, that much is obvious. The brand prides themselves on their commitment to beautiful design, Old World style, modern luxury and handcrafted details. The California design studio, where every Tacori engagement ring setting begins […]

Tacori Engagement Rings

Tacori Engagement Rings Our Insta Community Loves

Tacori engagement rings officially stole our Insta community’s hearts. Ever since we started posting our favorite Tacori settings, our fans made it unanimous: they can’t get enough! Thanks to Tacori engagement rings‘ handcrafted details, luxurious designs, and Gorgeous, Very Sexy (G […]

Top 10 Engagement Ring Designs Our Insta Fans Adore

Today we’re showing off the top 10 engagement ring designs on our Instagram for the last month. Did you know we’re insta-famous? Sometimes, all that fame has a downside, but mostly it’s pretty great. We try not to let it […]

Girard-Perregaux: one of the oldest watch brand contenders

Oldest Watch Brand Round Up – Part III

We’re back with more additions to our world’s oldest watch brand list! Our original post focused on the household names – watch brands we all know and love. Of course, we included a few more obscure names that stood the test […]

Round Brilliant Diamond Facts, History & All You Need to Know

If you’ve been following along with our diamond shapes guides, welcome back! If you’re new, welcome! So far we’ve covered pear shaped diamonds and Old European cut diamonds. Today, it’s about time we got down to round brilliant diamond facts. History […]

Cushion Diamond halo engagement ring

Top 10 Engagement Ring Designs by Henri Daussi

Happy Wedding Wednesday! We’re here to love on one of our favorite designers. Our top 10 engagement ring designs by Henri Daussi radiate luxury. This gorgeous design house got its start in diamond cutting. Related: Our Favorite Cushion Cut Wedding Rings […]