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MCM: The Best 2014 VMA Men's Fashion

Yes, it does feel inappropriate and anticlimactic to discuss anything other than Beyonce. But it is still #MCM here at RLJ, and though Beyonce is basically literally everything, she is not a dude. So we technically can’t include her int he best 2014 VMA Mens fashion, as much as we’d like to. And we can’t include her twin backup dancer besties, because while their moves were sick their costumes were notsomuch. It’s the same reason we can’t include Riff Raff even though his and Katy Perry’s homage to Britney + Justin 4Eva made VMA pop culture come full circle. While the VMA’s are no Emmy’s (which, obviously we’re live tweeting), they do offer a more out of the box/completely off the wall red carpet. So we don’t get treated to impeccably fitted Tom Ford, but we do get to see edgier, more individual styles on all of our Man Crushes this Monday.

Sam Smith – Gold Medal

So cute. Look at those baby blues! They perfectly coordinated with new BFF Katy Perry’s denim ensemble. The “Stay With Me” singer went more formal, donning a three piece navy blue Gucci Signoria suit – tieless – over a crisp white shirt. Sam accessorized with mismatched cross earrings, one in black metal, the other in white. He went black on black on black Calvin Klein for his performance that evening.

Nick Jonas – Silver Medal

It’s weird enough that Helena Bonham Carter could’ve been his date just as easily as girlfriend Olivia Culpo. But his Vivienne Westwood ensemble – complete with chain for the sewn in waistcoat and combat boots – doesn’t disappoint and totally works with Nick’s overstated style. Any time we see a guy add more flashy accessories, in this case the gold buttons, chain, and a white Rolex Datejust (possibly on a Jubilee bracelet, it’s hard to tell from the close ups). How do these guys not look sweaty?

Jason Derulo – Takes the Bronze

And if you didn’t sing his name in an auto tune voice you’re doing it wrong. Here, Jason does white right. Clearly taking one of his last opportunities to wear all this stuff before Labor Day, Derulo piled on the white hot fashion. His outfit is from the Gentleman Collection by David Thomas, while his many, many jewels are from Jason of Beverly Hills. By our count he’s rocking a white rosary, a white metal/diamond chain, and a third chain piled on there. Not to mention his fleur-de-lis lapel pin and wallet chain. The VMA’s: big for wallet chains. He’s also rocking a Rolex Datejust, though his appears to be an Oyster bracelet with a gray dial. The white & bling doesn’t stop there though, Derulo paired this over the top ensemble with silver & rhinestone Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers.

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