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FLORIDA JEWELRY BUYERS - Our 26 years and 2 generations of service and our reputation for integrity means you can rely on us for the best possible price for your vaulables.

Raymond Lee Jewelers has grown to be one of the top upscale jewelry boutiques in South Florida. We offer a complete line of fine jewelry including: Gold, Vintage Watches, Diamonds and other Jewelry
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SELL GOLD We pay a premium for 18kt gold and platinum. We also buy gold coins, gold pocket watches, gold rings, gold bracelets, and all kinds of gold in any condition.

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JEWELRY REPAIRS Expert repairs include but are not limited to, gold, platinum, silver, palladium, titanium, stainless steel and base metal. Some of the items that can be repaired include all jewelry, eyeglass frames, stainless steel watch bracelets, costume jewelry and much more .
Florida Jewelry Buyers

Certified Diamonds

Raymond Lee Jewelers offers the highest quality diamonds at discounted prices.

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Discounted Diamonds

Raymond Lee Jewelers has become one of south Florida's most consistently recommended sales and service centers for jewelry, DIAMONDS, and watches.

Jewelry Repair Vero Beach

 Raymond Lee Jewelers is Florida's Upscale Jewelry Boutique and Premier Jewelry Buyer

On the Southwest corner of W. Palmetto and Powerline Road MAP

Raymond Lee Jewelers, built in 1983, has developed into one of South Florida's consistently Highest recommended sales and service centers for watches, jewelry and diamonds.

Jewelry for Sale

If you are the buyer of fine jewelry, or have marketed jewelry, you could possibly be knowledgeable of how the field has evolved in recent years. It can be an interesting time to be trying to sell your jewelry in or near Vero Beach.

Quite a few factors drove to all these changes, the web is among them. Amongst all the selections be positive you know who you are selling your precious jewelry to. Do not be distraught by all the advertisings trying to purchase your jewelry for sale. We have been acquiring and selling jewelry since 1983. We are not brand new to this trade and once the gold rush is done we will surely have a store here. If you can offer Jewelry For Sale in Vero Beach or the immediate area - even scrap or dental gold – take it to Raymond Lee Jewelers.

For those with Jewelry For Sale in Vero Beach it is easier than you thought to sell your jewelry.

Vero Beach, Florida, Jewelry Repair Services

It's true that Raymond Lee Jewelers full service jewelry retail showroom is gleaming with the most magnificent jewelry diamond selection including Gold, Luxury Watches, Diamonds and Jewelry, but we also provide the following jewelry & watch service and maintenance.

Watch Repairs

Our watch services for those in the Vero Beach area include overhaul of movement (complete disassembly of the movement). The watch is then inspected for damage or worn parts, if required only genuine parts are used. The watch is then cleaned, lubricated & regulated to meet factory standards. Raymond Lee Jewelers replace all gaskets, and then waterproof and pressure test all watches back to factory specifications. There is a one year warranty on all full service watch repairs.

Jewelry Repairs

At Raymond Lee Jewelers nearby Vero Beach we pride ourselves on being able to offer the finest jewelry repair assistance in the area. Experienced jewelry repairs include (but are not restricted to), gold, platinum, silver, palladium, stainless stell, titanium and base metal. Some of the issues that can be repaired include all jewelry, eyeglass frames, stainless steel watch bracelets, costume jewelry and much, much more. It's true that items that were once considered to be beyond repair can be rejuvenated to a like new state.

We recognize that it can be uncomfortable leaving jewelry, gold or diamonds behind. Due to our laser welding technology, and the tempo it permits us to perform at, we are able to offer you high quality service while you wait.

Come and see one of Raymond Lee Jewelers custom design authorities. Whether you are trying to design an exclusively new piece or remodel an existing one, we can get the job done.


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Collateral Loans

Located near the core of Vero Beach Florida, Raymond Lee Jewelers has been established since 1983. As one of the nations largest estate buyers, Raymond Lee Jewelers recognizes that it is very important to provide our clients more than one alternative when it comes to making decisions about their diamonds, gold or jewelry. As well as being a primary jewelry buyer Raymond Lee is also a foremost jewelry collateral lender. Raymond Lee Jewelers and LoansOnJewelry.com understand during tough times we could all use some help. It is no longer necessary to sell valuables you cannot replace or are sentimental. Flexible collateral loans are now available.

LoansOnJewelry.com is America's and specifically Vero Beach of Florida’s premier jewelry collateral lender. Our loaning process is confidential and simple. Jewelry collateral loans are available on any of the following items including but not limited to luxury timepieces, jewelry, aircrafts, boats, precious metals, diamonds, and gold.

Appraisals On Jewelry

As the markets change, it is important now, more than ever, to update your insurance policies. A written jewelry appraisal is strictly for insurance purposes. The jewelry appraisal value is the price you should expect to pay to replace that item in the unlikely event that your valuables get stolen, damaged or lost.

Our in house jewelry appraisal expert is present to evaluate those items that are special to you and make certain that you are covered in the not very likely happening that your jewelry gets damaged, lost or stolen. Call Raymond Lee Jewelers of Vero Beach Florida’s Jewelry Appraisal Specialists today to schedule your appointment. If you are interested in selling your jewelry to Raymond Lee Jewelers of Vero Beach and would like more information about it, visit our jewelry appraisal site.

We Buy Wristwatches, Gold, Diamonds & Jewelry

If you're looking for the very best in Jewelry Diamond Ring near Vero Beach, you need go no further than Raymond Lee Jewelers. We feature superior quality diamonds and other gems of brilliant quality that will make any jewelry diamond rings sparkle. Our many locations extend a leisurely, convenient shopping experience. Whether you're trying to get the newest designs for your Diamond Ring, Raymond Lee Jewelers is able to help.

Quality is eternal. More and more brides are picking a stunning Diamond Ring in an estate setting. That's why we display so many estate-quality older pieces. Come witness the widest assortment of Vero Beach Jewelry Diamond Rings at Raymond Lee Jewelers.

A Center for Jewelry Repair in Vero Beach - or Anywhere in the Region

Take, for example, Raymond Lee Jewelers in South Florida (raymondleejewelers.net), which since its establishment in 1983 has become among the region's most consistently recommended sales and services centers for jewelry, diamonds, and watches. Beyond what would be known as a jewelry store, this is a center for Jewelry Repair in Vero Beach or anywhere in the region, whether you have a simple repair or a custom job Raymond Lee Jewelers is the place to bring it.

Jewelry experts such as Raymond Lee Jewelers also employ a full time watch maker in their stores for all your watch needs. Our watch makers are able to answer your questions and correctly diagnose why your watch is not working. They can also make the bracelet of your watch shine like new again. For all your watch or jewelry questions remember Raymond Lee Jewelers has certified jewelry repair and watch repair professionals.

Jewelry Repair in Vero Beach Have Come a Long Way

Jewelry Repair near Vero Beach and the district have come a great distance from the couple of of the merchants that peppered the vicinity not so long ago. Some operations could concentrate in slight repairs or battery changes. Raymond Lee Jewelers near Vero Beach can do it all. There is no repair to small or great for our certified watch and jewelry repair team.

If you do not believe it, just do a bit of research online and learn about the possibilities out there; you might be shocked by what scale Raymond Lee Jewelers near Vero Beach has to offer.

Buy Sell Jewelery

At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we buy and sell Jewelry Diamond Rings with the utmost integrity. You could certainly count on us to offer you an unprecedented sale price for your Diamond Ring or other vintage piece. Raymond Lee Jewelers - extravagant Jewelry Diamond Rings.

As well as being a leading seller and buyer of estate jewelry, Raymond Lee Jewelers of Vero Beach is also a leading collateral lender. Raymond Lee Jewelers owns and operates the following domain names: LoansOnJewelry.com, AppraisalsOnJewelry.com


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