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We Guarantee the best price for your fine jewelry.

Raymond Lee Jewelers, well-known since 1983, is one of the largest Sell Jewelry in the US. Our graduate gemologists shop plenty assorted types of jewelry items, too. This jewelry can include estate jewelry, modern jewelry, designer jewelry, signed jewelry, diamond jewelry, gemstone jewelry and a great deal more. Raymond Lee Jewelers welcomes private patrons in addition to jewelry trade professionals to set up appointments with our experienced Sell Jewelry.

Watch Buyer Estate jewelry comes in numerous different array of pieces and Raymond Lee Jewelers has the customer base to sell just about all estate jewelry items to. Our estate Sell Jewelry pay for entire estate collections almost daily. Raymond Lee Jewelers just may be the most aggressive estate jewelry buyer in the country.

Well made antique jewelry is becoming more and more valuable. Raymond Lee Jewelers is paying out more for antique jewelry because of this. Our antique Sell Jewelry are shopping for all kinds of antique jewelry.

Designer and signature jewelry is the best selling category of jewelry. Our buyers are, with open arms, waiting for the chance to purchase your designer jewelry. Jewelry from famous designers such as Cartier, Tiffany and Co., Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels, David Webb, Oscar Heiman and others are in high demand.

Raymond Lee Jewelers handles the purchase of all shapes of jewelry items, too. No dollar cost is too great or too small. Our full service workplace also purchases many other jewelry relating items inclusive of luxury watches, loose diamonds, mounted diamonds and much more. Feel free to peruse our online store to check out all of the services Raymond Lee Jewelers presents.

Clients are prompted to stop by our showroom in person. There are plenty of private offices on location. All workplace tools and equipment are in each and every office on location. There is a full time armed security guard on premises.

Shipping to Raymond Lee Jewelers via MY UPS

We recommend shipping via MY UPS. You can take advantage of these features:

  • Ship and track packages all in the same place.
  • Void shipments and store international shipping documents.
  • Save tracking numbers and addresses online.
  • Create and print UPS shipping labels from your computer.
  • Pay for shipping by payment card (I.E. debit/credit card), or charge to a UPS shipping account.
  • Access saved shipping and tracking information for up to 90 days.
  • Save shipping preferences, such as origin address, payment method, and more.
  • Request tracking notifications by e-mail, wireless phone, or PDA.



Selling Jewelry - Use this convenient on-line form:

The best and most accurate way for us to answer all of your jewelry selling questions about your jewelry is for our certified Sell Jewelry to inspect your jewelry in person. However, general questions can be addressed by using this form.


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   Mail-in Instructions


1. Printing a mail-in form

We recommend the convenience and security of using My UPS. However, if you would prefer to mail in your jewelry, here is some helpful information:

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer, click here to install it, then you can download a .pdf version of the Sell Jewelry form to print out and complete. We must receive printed copy of this form with your jewelry to give you an accurate estimate. We do not give estimates online.


2. Mail-in Instructions

We recommend the convenience and security of using My UPS. However, if you would prefer to mail in your jewelry, here is some helpful information:

The Raymond Lee Jewelers jewelry buying center recommends that you send your jewelry to us via any method that allows you to both insure and track the package.

IMPORTANT: Do not ship your jewelry in its display box because packing materials will be discarded. After receiving and inspecting your jewelry we will mail, fax or email you a written estimate. All jewelry shipped out from Raymond Lee Jewelers jewelry buying center are subject to a shipping and handling charge.


  Raymond Lee Jewelers Sell Jewelry
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Raymond Lee Jewelers complies with Florida state law stating we can legally charge up to, but not greater than, 25% interest per month equaling 300% APR. However, Raymond Lee Jewelers normally charges a fraction of that. We have the lowest interest rates in South Florida.

The implications for non-payment include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Interest payments for any months missed are due. If the loan is in default previous month's interest payments are void.
2. We will try to contact you via phone, email, or text message to try to collect payment.
3. There is no impact on your credit score for a defaulted pawn loan.
4. Monthly interest payments act as renewals, extending the loan 30 days when a full interest payment is made. There is no renewal fee.