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We Guarantee the best price for your fine watch.

Watch BuyerRaymond Lee Jewelers employs a proficient staff trained to evaluate and value all luxury watch and related commodities. A few of the brands we pay for include Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, Chopard. All payouts are made at the moment of transaction, and in person. If you are sending your wristwatch from out of state we deliver wire transfer or overnight check.

Our watch buyers are seriously trying to find Rolex timepieces. If you are in the market to sell your Rolex, Raymond Lee can help. Rolex potential buyers are available to pay for all models which includes but are not limited to, Rolex Submariner, Rolex GMT, Rolex Presidential, Rolex Pearlmaster, Rolex Masterpiece, Rolex Daytona, Rolex Yachtmaster, Rolex Milgauss, and much more. Premiums paid for Rolex timepieces with their official box and papers.

Patek Philippe is the most sought after luxury watch in the world. Our Patek Philippe wrist Sell Watches are actively seeking vintage and current Patek Philippe wrist watches. A few of the Patek Philippe models we are vigorously buying include things like Patek Philippe Nautilus, Patek Philippe Annual Calendar, Patek Philippe Travel Time, Patek Philippe Gondolo, Patek Philippe Moon Phase, Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar and many more.

Cartier is a world legendary watchmaker and jeweler. Our Cartier wrist watch and jewelry buyers purchase all Cartier merchandise. Whether your Cartier luxury watch is modern or vintage, Raymond Lee Jewelers will pay the most for it. Selling your Cartier fine watch has never been less difficult with Raymond Lee Jewelers. Some of the popular models we purchase every day incorporate, Cartier Baloon Bleu, Cartier Roadster, Cartier Santos 100, Cartier Tank Americaine, Cartier Pasha, Cartier Tortue and plenty more. Premiums settled for Cartier special edition and limited edition models.

Most of our clients are located out of the state of Florida. If at all feasible you are urged to pay a visit to our showroom in person. In the event this is just not practical or even possible, you have the option of shipping your wristwatches to Raymond Lee Jewelers for valuation. Please work with the forms and the instructions below to ship your wristwatches to our facility. If you will require more info before you ship, please utilize the contact form below and one of our watch buyers will get back to you very quickly.

Local watch repair clients are encouraged to visit our watch service facility in person. Our address is below. Visit our locations webpage for directions from your current location.

Shipping to Raymond Lee Jewelers via MY UPS

We recommend shipping via MY UPS. You can take advantage of these features:

  • Ship and track packages all in the same place.
  • Void shipments and store international shipping documents.
  • Save tracking numbers and addresses online.
  • Create and print UPS shipping labels from your computer.
  • Pay for shipping by payment card (I.E. debit/credit card), or charge to a UPS shipping account.
  • Access saved shipping and tracking information for up to 90 days.
  • Save shipping preferences, such as origin address, payment method, and more.
  • Request tracking notifications by e-mail, wireless phone, or PDA.


Selling A Watch - Use this convenient on-line form:

The best and most accurate way for us to answer all of your watch selling questions about your watch is for our watch makers to inspect your watch in person. However, general questions can be addressed by using this form.


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   Mail-in Instructions


1. Printing a mail-in form

We recommend the convenience and security of using My UPS, however, if you would prefer to mail in your watch here is some helpful information:

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer, click here to install it, then you can download a .pdf version of the sell watches form to print out and complete. We must receive printed copy of this form with your watch to give you an accurate estimate. We do not give estimates online.


2. Mail-in Instructions

We recommend the convenience and security of using My UPS, however, if you would prefer to mail in your watch here is some helpful information:

The Raymond Lee Jewelers watch buying center recommends that you send your watch to us via any method that allows you to both insure and track the package.

IMPORTANT: Do not ship your watch in its display box because packing materials will be discarded. After receiving and inspecting your watch we will mail, fax or email you a written estimate. All watches shipped out from Raymond Lee Jewelers watch buying center are subject to a shipping and handling charge.


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