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Raymond Lee Jewelers: Reliable Jewelry Financing in Boca Raton

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Step 3: Choose From One Of Our Easy Payment Options.

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Get the jewelry you want with our incredible financing offers

Raymond Lee Jewelers pairs exceptional quality jewelry with unparalleled jewelry financing in Boca Raton. As one of the most established and biggest jewelry retailers in South Florida, we want to make sure our customers have different options to pay for the jewelry of their dreams. Get the jewelry you want with our incredible financing offers, which are all designed to make quality fine jewelry more affordable regardless of your credit standing.

Financing is available on all of our jewelry, luxury watches or handbags. We can also finance jewelry repairs and watch repairs. From low-interest long-term plans to our popular zero-interest for 6 months plan, we offer the flexibility to choose a financing plan that can accommodate the needs of almost anyone. Visit us in our showroom or call us during business hours at 1-800-329-4367. Speak with one of our financial specialists today about financing your next jewelry purchase!

Now You Can Afford Your Dream Jewelry

When you buy fine jewelry, you're making a huge financial investment that oftentimes becomes part of a significant life experience. That's why we believe you should have a choice when shopping and paying for jewelry. In both instances, Raymond Lee Jewelers can help. We know that in today’s rough economy, more people may find it difficult to afford buying fine jewelry. For this reason, we offer several excellent choices for customers who are looking to finance their jewelry purchase.

Take advantage of our quick and simple plans for financing jewelry, with customized schemes of payment. You chose Raymond Lee Jewelers for high quality beautiful jewelry. We let you choose how to make your payment. With any of our financing plans, you can spread out your payments into several easy installments. Apply now for jewelry financing in Boca Raton. You can get approval within seconds!

Highlights of Our Financing Plans:

  • Competitive loan amounts
  • Low interest rates
  • No hidden fees
  • No documentation fees
  • No prepayment fees
  • Simple and convenient processing
  • Flexible terms
  • Superb customer service

Let's Set Up Your Financing Account Today!

As most people know, it can be quite expensive to purchase fine jewelry, particularly engagement rings and wedding bands. The good thing is Raymond Lee Jewelers has a terrific lineup of jewelry financing available to customers. In addition to regular ways to finance a jewelry purchase such as credit card payments, PayPal and wire transfers, our payment options also include interest free and low-interest financing. Stop by our store and see how financing jewelry can be easy and hassle-free. We can set up your financing account in no time so you start shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry from our stunning selection of new and pre-owned diamond, gold or platinum jewelry or watches.

Enjoy Flexibility and Ease of Payments

You can enjoy great flexibility with our financing plans

From no interest short term financing to longer term financing with super low interest rates, you can enjoy great flexibility with our financing plans that are geared to suit any budget. Many of our customers choose our no-interest 6 months payment plan. Just complete your regular monthly payments within 6 months and you pay absolutely zero interest. When financing jewelry, make sure to explore and understand all of your payment options so you can select the one that is most suitable to your needs and budget.

It is also equally important to keep your budget in mind when deciding on a financing plan. While our financial services are meant to allow customers greater flexibility in their payments, it is crucial to determine from the start how much you can truly set aside on a regular basis. Being realistic with your budget is the key to make any financing plan work for you. Otherwise, you will only end up struggling even more with your finances just to make the payment. You can rely on our wonderful team of financial specialists to help you identify what financing option really fits into your budget.

Jewelry Layaway Program

In line with our goal to give every customer the chance to own fine pieces of jewelry, we also offer an excellent layaway program that makes a great alternative when in-house financing is not the ideal solution at the moment. It's also perfect when you already know the piece you want to purchase but you cannot afford to make the full payment, however, you would be able to make steady payments for the item.

How does layaway work? Once you've made your jewelry selection, you can get started with your layaway plan with just a minimal initial down payment that is equivalent to a certain percentage of the value of the jewelry. The down payment will serve like a reservation. Then, simply schedule either weekly or monthly payments. We will keep your item safe in our secure vault as you complete the payments.

Our layaway program is a straightforward way to make payments for an engagement ring, wedding ring or any other jewelry - no interest charges, no application or other qualifications. Ask us about this option today!

Always Working to Meet Your Needs

Raymond Lee Jewelers will work with you to set up the right financing plan for your special requirements. If you are not eligible for financing or you have unique circumstances at present, we can help you tailor a personalized solution to meet your exact needs. Please give us a call and let us discuss how we can help you make your jewelry purchase happen.

We'll be more than glad to work with you. Whatever your budget needs are, let us know about them and we'll do everything we can to accommodate you. You want our jewelry and we want you to have them. Whether you're buying for yourself, for a special someone or for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion like your engagement or wedding, count on us to look for ways to make your purchase easy on your finances.

Planning a jewelry purchase in the near future? Consider our low-interest financing plans or a layaway plan. Call us at 1-800-329-4367 or fill out the form below to send an inquiry about our financial services. You will be contacted shortly by one of our financial specialists. Let's talk about all your exciting financing options today!



Raymond Lee Jewelers complies with Florida state law stating we can legally charge up to, but not greater than, 25% interest per month equaling 300% APR. However, Raymond Lee Jewelers normally charges a fraction of that. We have the lowest interest rates in South Florida.

The implications for non-payment include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Interest payments for any months missed are due. If the loan is in default previous month's interest payments are void.
2. We will try to contact you via phone, email, or text message to try to collect payment.
3. There is no impact on your credit score for a defaulted pawn loan.
4. Monthly interest payments act as renewals, extending the loan 30 days when a full interest payment is made. There is no renewal fee.

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