Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Gifts

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With a bridal shower, bachelorette party, engagement part and the wedding itself, you might be wondering where to come up with more wedding gift ideas! When you’ve exhausted the registry (or it’s been depleted by early bird gift giving guests), it’s time to look elsewhere. And what’s a better way to pay homage to a new marriage than with a cute nod to the couple’s new titles with Mr. and Mrs. wedding gifts?

Mr. and Mrs. Cocktail Glass Set

These Mrs. and Mr. tumblers from  Furbish are a cute and kitschy way for the happy couple to share a toast.

Send the newlyweds off with sweet dreams on their customized Mr. and Mrs. pillowcases.

mr. and mrs. mugs, wedding mugs, mr mrs mugs, mr. and mrs. wedding

These adorable mugs from Mugsleys on Etsy are the perfect thing for sweet and cozy newlywed mornings.

JOnathan Adler Mr and Mrs salt and pepper, jonathan adler mr and mrs muse

Let the couple ad some spice to their new marriage with these funky Jonathan Adler Mr. and Mrs. Muse salt and pepper shakers. When you’re calling your new husband by his official title, even asking him to pass the salt is fun.

Kate Spade Say Yes Mrs earrings, kate spade mrs earrings, mrs earrings, wedding

It is the bride’s day after all…give her a little something extra with these sweet Mrs. earrings from Kate Spade. Also, brides, totally acceptable to give them to yourself as an early wedding present. You’ve earned it!

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